Bella's POV

I was sitting at my mothers...I said I'd be back two months ago, I just couldn't push myself to do it. I missed Edward, I couldn't help it. I know I shouldn't, but I did.

..Three Months Ago...

Everyone was on a hunting trip, I was bored and lonely at home, I figured going over to the Cullen's wouldn't be a problem... They were to be home any hour...

I figured they would've heard my truck pull up if not smell me...

I could hear the moaning from outside. I went inside; right in the main entrance was Rose, with my fiancé. Having sex on the piano. They continued for a few seconds before realizing they were being watched.

"Oh, fuck, Roseee" Edward moaned.

I threw up a little in my mouth, before running full tilt out the door. I almost made it to my truck when Edward came running, in nothing but boxers.

"Baby, it's not what it looks like" Edward pleaded. Since when the fuck did he call me baby?

"I seen all I needed to see Edward" I took my engagement ring off and handed it to him.

I've never been so devestated and disgusted in my entire life.

"Please fuck off Edward" I snapped. What a joke.

I tore off, leaving a nearly naked Edward in the drive way.

I was stopped in the middle of the road by three vampires. Alice, Jasper, and Emmett. I instantly felt terrible for Emmett, he was probably just as devestated as I was, if not more. They'be been married 70 years. How could Edward and Rose be so fucking heartless.

"I'm so sorry Bella, I should have seen them doing that" Alice was sobbing "I don't know how they got around my visions"

I hugged Alice, this was not her fault.I was to mad to cry.

"Oh Alice," I began "Honey, don't blame yourself. Those assholes deserve each other" I said, nothing but truth behind my words.

"I have to leave guys," they all looked shockd. "I promise I'll be back, in a month"

They didn't stop me. Alice probably seen that I'd be okay, and I can imagine the emotions poor Jasper had to feel coming off me. Emmett never said a word, he probably felt the exact same way I did. Completely and utterly betrayed.

"I love you guys, tell Carlise and Esme the same.." I felt my tears threathen to spill "I'll see you guys"

And here I was, a fucking vampire, sitting in Arizona. I was ready to go home. I was ready to face everything. I told myself I only missed Edward because all my senses and feelings were hightened. I'd get over it when I got closure, closure was exactly what I needed. I needed to tell him that I didn't give a fuck about him, I also felt the need to rip Rose's throat out. I silently thanked whoever turned me. I was strong now, very strong. I think it was one of my gifts.

I was on the airplane now, I wasn't sure how to approach the Cullen's. Alice wouldn't have seen me turning. My other gift was shielding. It's why Edward never heard by thoughts all those years.

I zoned out for the rest of the flight, trying to avoid the stares from those around me.

Emmett's POV

It'd been three short months since Bella caught my brother in bed with my wife. The paper work had finally been finalized and I was a single man. Rose and I had been over for about 10 years, it was just sex. I gues s I just never realized how bad it was until I was slapped in the face with it.

My family and I, excluding the assholes in the house, were very worried about Bella. Her future disappeared a week after she left for her moms. Alice felt blind. Carlise told her not to worry, that Bella needed time to heal, and when she wanted to be seen, Bella would allow it.

She said she'd be back in a month, well three months and still no sign from her.