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"I officially hate girls."

That was the first thing Tristan heard when his roommate walked through the door of their dorm. He looked up from the magazine he'd been reading to look at Duke. He seemed extremely annoyed.

"And why is that?" the dual-brunette asked dully. This was a conversation they had nearly every day. He knew Duke would go back to flirting with girls tomorrow, even though he seemed especially steamed this time.

"I'm getting so sick of every single girl throwing themselves in my lap. Literally!" the ravenette huffed.

"Literally?" Tristan repeated, confused.

"Yes, a girl in math actually crawled onto my lap. It was horrifying."


"Yes. I'm through with all girls." For right now, at least.

"What about Mai and Tea?"

"Let me make myself clearer; I'm through dating girls."

"You do realize that would make you gay, right?"

"So? Pretty much all of our friends are."

Tristan turned this thought over in his head. Great, he thought, first my best friend, now my roommate. I can't get a break.

Duke's voice startled him out of his thoughts.

"Jeez, Tristan, I know you like that fact, but you don't have to fantasize!"

Hazel eyes glared at the Dice Master. "I'm not gay, Duke." He got an idea and smirked a little. "But I know you'd like it if I was."

He was fairly shocked (not that he'd show it) when Duke just shrugged. "I might, but you've been pining for me for way longer."

"Yeah right." Tristan countered. "You've been crushing on me since the day we first met."

Their argument went on for a good fifteen minutes before Duke decided it was getting dull. Before his roommate could react, the jade-eyed teen pressed his lips against the other boy's. An inevitable make-out session ensued.

When the two finally rested for a minute, Tristan felt the need to rub this in face.

"You admitted first, seeing as you kissed me first."

"Shut up and kiss me, you idiot."

And that's just what they did...until Joey walked in on them. The blonde ran out screaming, "I knew it, I'm tellin' Kaiba...and everyone!"

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