"I play the Yomi Boat," Silvia put out her first trick on the waves above them. "And I place two cards face down and end my turn."

The landscape around them was already the deep ocean. It looked like the duelists were standing in the coral as they fought. Mako had the home advantage but Yugi knew that Silvia had made a new deck for this tournament. He was curious to see what tricks she was going to use.

"I summon the Giant Kraken from the ocean depths," Again Mako's Sea Stealth technique came into play as the monsters hologram was not appearing. "I also play the permanent spell card Gates of Coral! This prevents you from playing any air or lightning elemental monsters!"

"What?" Silvia's eyes widened as her powerful deck had its power cut down.

"Silvia can't use her dragons!" Yugi was now suddenly worried about his friend.

"Who would have thought that Mako had such a good card," The Pharaoh tried to remain calm. "But we must have faith in our friend's skill as a duelist." Yugi nodded nervously in agreement.

"I play two cards face down and end my turn." Mako was ready for anything, or so he thought.

"I play the Egyptian Guard Dog in defense mode," Silvia summoned a blue Jackal like monster. "And I end my turn."

"How foolish!" Mako laughed. "We are under water! Your monster will drown!"

"Look again Mako," Silvia pointer up at the water's surface. "Have you forgotten my Yomi Boat so quickly?"


The Guard Dog was standing on the Yomi Boat, dry and safe.

"Yes!" Yugi punched the air. "As long as that boat is up Silvia doesn't need to worry about the fields' effect!"

"Clever," Yami smiled. "She understood the sea fields' effect just like the forest."

"Tch," Mako continued to play. "I summon Man-eater Shark! Attack the dog my ally of the sea!"

"Activate trap card!" Silvia revealed her face down card. "Scarab's Feast! Your monster is now sea food for the dangers of the desert sands!"

A wave of midnight black beetles surged up from the sandy ocean floor. The insects enveloped the shark and devoured it as both cards vanished.

"Those little bits of bait ate my shark!" Mako was furious.

"It's your own fault for caging my dragons," Silvia's eyes narrowed. "Normally I'm a dragon user, however, your spell card Gates of Coral prevents me from using them. So you've forced me into the darker side of my deck…my Egyptian themed cards. Every desert was once an sea, now I'll show you why the sands take over all water!"

"We will see Little Eel," Mako watched her closely, no longer playing with fake bait. "The time to fight you for real is now. I place one card face down and end my turn."

"Silvia's quite harsh in battle without her dragons," Yami spoke up from within the puzzle. "The only other person whom we've seen uses Egyptian cards was Odion. So why does Silvia use hers?"

"I think it's her way of carrying her family close." Yugi took a guess. "I remember that it was the tomb of some Egyptian God that took her family from her. Silvia, being the only survivor, probably feels responsible for what happened."

"I play the landscape spell card Nile Waters," Silvia changed the scenery to that of the Nile river, revealing the location of the ocean duelists' monsters. "And I switch the Guard Dog to attack mode. Now that your Kraken is revealed he can attack. Go, a thousand fang strike!"

"Activate spell card!" Mako flipped a card. "Kelp Net! This card strengthens my Kraken!"

"Reveal trap card!" Silvia played hers as well. "Judgment of Anubis, this God of Death has taken your strength and added it to my monster!"

The Kraken let out a squeak as the Dog tore it apart. Silvia seemed to always have a back-up.

"I summon Leviathan!" Mako brought out his best card. "Now reveal face down cards! Tidal Rage and Shark Skin Armor! Grow strong my sea serpent! Time to real in the catch! Too bad I can't attack right now so I'll wait and summon my Flying Fish in defense mode."

"I play the Scorpion of Desert Sands in defense mode," The jade scorpion rested on the banks of the river. "I also place two cards face down and end my turn."

"Attack, Leviathan!" Mako destroyed the scorpion in one hit. I play Swift Current to make my monsters even stronger and end my turn."

"I play Mummy of the Servant in defense mode and I switch the Guard Dog to defense mode," Silvia sighed as the linen wrapped zombie staggered onto the field. "I play Ancient Crypt and place one more card face down and end my turn."

"What is she doing?" Yami blinked, confused by Silvia's change in tactics.

"I've seen this before," Yugi watched his friend as she dueled with trust. "She's getting ready to summon her most powerful Egyptian card."

"Giving up so soon?" Mako laughed and grinned at Silvia. "I expected more of a fight from you my shark girl! Flying Fish get rid of that boat!"

"Now activate trap card!" Silvia sprung her biggest plot. "Live Burial!"

A mummy hand dragged the fish into the ground.

"And that triggers my summoning ritual," Silvia's cards turned face up. "Within the Ancient Crypt is this, Ancient Cauldron! I send my Guard Dog and Mummy into the Cauldron! Now the Yomi Boat takes it into the Crypt's doors!"

The stone doors opened as the Boat of the Dead passed through then slammed shut. The flames in the torches turned black.

"The Crypt that took my parents from me was not that same as this one," Silvia spoke to Mako. "But I cheated death that day, so this is my curse to carry. Now…summoning card, Call of the Jackal!"

The black flames transformed into the Jackal hounds and then flowed into the cracks of the stone doors. A howl was soon heard as the doors opened.

"Let us see who is stronger!" Silvia glared at Mako. "Your Sea God or my Death God! Come forth, Anubis!"

Two black hands emerged from the flames and pushed the doors even more. The menacing Jackal headed God stepped out and stood next to Silvia, his sword in his hands.

"She can summon Anubis?" Yami was as stunned as Mako.

"And Bastet to." Yugi muttered. "But it's hard to do. The summons takes a long time. To Silvia, however, it's worth it."

"Whoa," Mako stared at the Egyptian God. "What a big catch…too big!"

"Your rod has snapped," Silvia put a hand over her hip. "It's over Mako."

The Jackal and Sea Serpent clashed and the serpent vanished. Silvia blinked and looked again. Mako had put his hand away, the duelist sign of an honorable surrender.

"If this was just a glimpse of your power," He told Silvia as the holograms disappeared. "I don't want to lose the whole boat for one fish. A good fisher man has to know when to cut the line."

Approvingly, Silvia nodded and put her cards away as well.