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Chapter One:


Allen stared out the classroom window with a bored expression; his elbow propped up on the desk so his head was leaning against it for support. His hazel eyes blinked softly as he noticed the first signs of snow fall, a smile began to form on his soft, pink lips as he watched. It was the beginning of winter and the temperature had dropped drastically over the past couple days, and the buildings' heater system had broken down three days before the winds picked up. Feeling a small draft around him, the 15 year old boy wrapped his coat tighter around himself; his teeth grinding tightly, trying not to shiver too much. His hands were covered by white gloves to keep his fingers warm while his snow white hair was covered by a black beanie.

Allen's gaze turned away from the window and looked towards the front of the class, where his chemistry teacher was still talking. Allen had tuned out from the beginning of class. He didn't really like science all that much, but as long as he was passing the class, it wasn't all that bad. His lab partner was never there, and his best friend was a table behind him with his lab partner, which happened to be the teachers' little sister, and Allen's partner's girlfriend.

Allen glanced behind him to see Lavi snuggling his face into his bright orange scarf, his hands shoved into his coat to keep warm. Leanlee was shivering next to him, unconsciously moving closer to Lavi to steal his body heat. Lavi had known Lenalee for years now. In fact, he was the one that introduced Lenalee to her current boyfriend, Kanda Yuu, which so happened to be, Lavi's other best friend. Allen came second to Kanda. Lavi loved them both, but had known Kanda for far longer than Allen. Lavi wasn't completely sure if Kanda even liked the girl, but as long as he treated her correctly, and didn't abuse her, Lavi would stay out of their relationship.

Lavi caught Allen's gaze and smiled softly at the boy, though his smile was covered by his scarf. Allen noticed Lavi's cheeks move though; he assumed that he was smiling at him, so he smiled back.

"Allen! Lavi! Please stop flirting with each other and pay attention! This is going to be on your midterm!" Komui Lee yelled out suddenly, making Allen turn around so he was facing the board, his face turning into a nice shade of red. Some of the students in the class snickered; others rolled their eyes in disgust.

"Brother!" Lenalee protested, giving her brother a dreadful look, making Komui cringe and rub the back of his head as he continued to teach.

Allen looked down, hiding his face in his coat; his blush growing from the embarrassment. Everyone knew Allen Walker was gay; that he preferred men over women. It wasn't a secret anymore, thanks to Lavi screaming it out loud in Homecoming a couple months back. Allen had been depressed for almost a month after that, feeling like everyone glared down at him every time he walked by. He felt like when everyone looked at him, they looked at him with disgust and anger. Lavi had helped him, apologized like crazy and held him when he wanted to cry. Lavi would pull him out of class when someone made a comment about Allen's sexuality and told him it was okay; told him he was there for him.

Lavi didn't care about Allen's sexuality in the slightest. He liked Allen, but honestly, what's not to like about him? He's cute and innocent, honest, pure and simply adorable, and he's wickedly good at poker, scary even. Allen had features that resembled a girl, but at the same time he looked muscling, if you ever see him naked or half naked at that. Allen had soft, pale skin and hazel eyes. His hair was a bit odd considering that it was white and he was only fifteen, but it made him look much more…

"Hey, Moyashi," Allen glanced to his right to see Kanda standing by their desk. A glare was directed to the white haired boy as Kanda narrowed. He was wearing his usual black coat and his long black/blue hair was tied up in a high pony tail. Under his black coat was a navy blue turtle neck that was made to look like a second skin on Kanda. Surprisingly enough, the Asian wasn't as cold as the others in the class.

"What, BaKanda?" Allen asked, snuggling more into his jacket, ignoring the glares from the other male.

"You're sitting on my seat, Moyashi." Kanda growled out.

Allen looked down in confusion, and then finally realized he was sitting near the window. In other words, he was sitting in Kanda's chair. "O-Oh." Allen stuttered softly in embarrassment. Allen pushed the chair back before saying, "I'll get up—"

"Don't bother, Moyashi. My seat's already been infected with you sitting on it." Kanda harshly spat out before pulling out the chair that was originally Allen's and sat down. Allen, who was about to get up, clenched his jaw and sat back down on the chair.

"Never would have taken you to be a germ-a-phobic asshole, BaKanda." Allen said, his good (well somewhat good) mood easily vanishing with his lab partner appearing. Kanda only grunted in response and narrowed his eyes at the front of the class as Komui continued to teach.


As the end of the class grew closer, the students began to grow inpatient. They watched the second red hand tick by slowly with anticipation. Lavi stared at it, biting his lower lip softly since his fingers were currently inside their warm mittens. Part of him was anxious to leave the classroom, but part of him knew that when he left, he was going to get an earful from Kanda. Nothing was worse than to chuckle and pretend Kanda didn't scare him at times, when clearly, Kanda would terrify both human and demon alike.

The bell finally ran and Komui dismissed the class. Lavi stood up and grabbed his bag as Lenalee and the rest of the class followed suit. Lavi swung his bag over his shoulders and stepped back, allowing Lenalee to walk out before him, then followed her slowly. Both of them stopped by Allen's and Kanda's desk to wait for the two who usually took their sweet time to pack their things, even though Kanda never has anything out.

"Come on, Kanda." Lenalee said, a smile planted on her soft lips. "You promised to take me out today."

"Tch." Kanda stood up and grabbed his bag, pushing his chair in and walked to Lenalee. He wrapped an arm around the girl's waist. He leaned down and placed a hasty kiss on her lip. When they pulled away, Kanda had left Lenalee panting and red. "Let's go." Kanda said and the couple made their way out of the room.

Allen stayed frozen in his spot, his arms gripping his bag tightly as a strong pain began to throb in his chest. He sighed and shook his head to get rid of the aching jealousy. He sighed and walked to Lavi, putting a fake smile on his face. "Ready to go, Lavi?"

The older male smiled sadly, knowing far too well when Allen was faking his emotions. He could read anyone like an open book. He knew that Allen had a crush on Kanda and had this crush for nearly three years now. It pained Lavi to see his friend so hurt, but they both knew Kanda didn't swing that way, and they both know for a fact, that Kanda hated Allen. Lavi wished he could do something for Allen, anything, but for now, he could only play along with Allen's game.


With that simple yet short answer, Lavi took Allen's hand and lead him away from his desk, and from the class. He knew Kanda and Lenalee would be busy today so hanging with them would be impossible unless he wanted to be decapitated. And with all honestly, Lavi would much rather keep his head in place.

When they stepped outside, both Allen and Lavi were welcomed with a freezing slap in the face. Allen shivered and moved closer to Lavi and sneezed. The only downside in winter for Allen was that he always got sick. Lavi noticed this and wrapped an arm around Allen's small frame to keep the boy warm.

"Maybe you should wear my scarf." Lavi stated as they walked down to the parking lot. Lavi's house wasn't far from the school. It was exactly three blocks away and happened to be the biggest house in the neighborhood. Lavi lived with his grandfather, who was part of the Bookman Clan, which made Lavi the heir to the fortune.

Allen looked up at Lavi; pure astonishment covered his red face. "No way! You need it, Lavi!" Allen yelled at the redhead. Lavi chuckled and patted the boys head.

"Don't worry 'bout it, Allen. You need it more." Lavi said softly, watching the soft white smoke touching his lips as he spoke. He stopped them from walking and removed his arm from around Allen. He reached up and unwrapped the long orange scarf from his neck and placed it around Allen's neck, wrapping it a couple times around it so it wouldn't be too long and the boy wouldn't trip and fall face first into the snow. Lavi smiled despise how cold his face now felt.

"Thank you, Lavi." Allen said softly even though he felt bad for taking Lavi's scarf. The older man was visibly shivering slightly from his upper body. Lavi grinned as they began walking again.

"There's no need to thank me, Moyashi." Lavi grinned as he saw Allen's left eyebrow twitch in annoyance.

"No, not you too, Lavi!" Allen cried out in frustration. His red cheeks getting redder from the anger he was feeling, and the cold wasn't helping. Lavi laughed and grinned at the small white haired boy. He loved to tease him.

"If Yuu could call you that, so can I." Lavi smirked at Allen, who only glared at him with those innocent hazel eyes. "Don't glare at me, Allen." Lavi pouted slightly and stopped when they were in at the schools gate. "Damn, looks like this is where we part." Allen looked around and noticed where they were at last.

"I should give you your scarf back." Allen said as he began to remove the scarf, only to be stopped by Lavi's hands.

"Nah," Lavi smiled down at Allen. "Keep it for now." Lavi's warm smile seemed to melt the snow around them as he leaned down and kissed Allen's forehead. "I'll see you tomorrow, right? Seven sharp?" Allen nodded, feeling his face warm up from the kiss.

"Yeah. Say 'Hi' to Bookman for me." Lavi nodded then waved as Allen turned and began to walk down the street opposite to his. Allen, once he was far away from people he knew, snuggled himself into the scarf and breathed in deeply. His smile dropped and he hid behind the scarf. He didn't want to go home so he could just clean the house all over again because his Master was such a dirty pig he couldn't do it himself. Even so, his Master brings home rich whores almost every day so the place was bound to get dirty. And to top it all off, his Master was hardly there to begin with.

Allen wished he didn't have to go there, he wished he could just go to the park and wonder around. He wondered what Lavi did when he got home. He wondered how his grandfather treated him. He wondered how Kanda was; wondered what he was doing and where he was. But every time he thought of Kanda, he thought of Lenalee, and every time she appeared in his thoughts, he wanted to do two of these two things: Kill Lenalee Lee, or kill himself because he knows Kanda Yuu will never be his.

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