Allen was frozen in place, his cold hands gripping the coat that hugged his body tightly. His mind had gone blank, his body numbed by the cold. Small snowflakes began to gather on his head, blending in with the color of his hair; they collected on his head, shoulders and school bag. Allen couldn't help but notice it doing the same with Kanda; the man's hair was covered in white, his black coat was too.

The man that stood in front of him seemed to have the same reaction to their unintentional meeting; both of them frozen like status as the cold wind brushed their hair back. Both wide eyed and full of shock at seeing each other after so long. That's when Allen's mind began to race again, all thoughts made up only about the Asian man he had so desperately wanted to see for the past week.

All he could think about was Kanda. Kanda's deep eyes that only gazed upon him. The dark locks that fell around the Asian's face and back; Allen just wanted to run his fingers though Kanda's hair, knowing how smooth and soft it would be since Kanda took such good care of it. He wanted to feel Kanda's strong arms around his waist, pulling him closer to the strong chest he knew laid beneath all the clothing thanks to changing in the locker room. He wanted to feel Kanda's lips on his; on his neck again, and everywhere else they could possibly wonder to. He wanted to touch Kanda's bare chest, wanted to feel just how strong the man really was. He wanted so much more—so much more!

Kanda on the other hand, wanted nothing more than to just beat the living shit out of the boy in front of him. The British prick had cost him his girlfriend—even though he really didn't love her, or like her. Lenalee was just an excuse to get out of the house so he didn't have to deal with his so called 'father' and 'brothers'. She was just an excuse to go out Friday nights; an excuse to pretend to be happy. But this thing in front of him had shattered all that—he really didn't care that he wasn't with Lenalee anymore, but it was such a pain in the ass to have to deal with her brother, and his 'father', both questioning him about what happened. Lenalee had agreed on not telling them that she had caught him making out with Allen, because well… that's just disgusting. Why would he ever do that? It was probably the alcohol he never drank that made him act like that.


With the sound of Allen's voice, Kanda snapped. He quickly began to walk over to the Brit. Once in front of him he noticed that excited look on the younger teen's face; that just fueled his anger even more. Allen opened his mouth to say Kanda's name again, but before a single sound left the younger teen's mouth, Kanda had already punched Allen across the face; it happened so quickly that Allen didn't have time to react. The punch made him lose his balance, and the moment he hit the floor, he was being dragged into the alley by his hair. Allen squirmed and thrashed around, kicking his feet and trying to pry Kanda's fingers away; the grip was too strong—to tight—almost ripping Allen's hair by its roots.

"You've been a pain in my ass for long enough." Kanda hissed, throwing Allen down on the dirty snow covered floor. As Allen tried to sit up, Kanda brought his foot up, kicking Allen down again and stepped on the boy's chest, pressing his boot down on it.

"K-Kanda! S-Stop! I-I can't breathe!" Allen grabbed Kanda's leg in an attempted to push it away from his chest only to receive another kick to his face. The hit shot hot pain down Allen's spine, a small painful whimper leaving his lips as Kanda took a step away from him, no longer pressing his foot down on Allen's chest. The Brit rolled over to his stomach, holding his chest as he pants in an attempt to breathe again. He stood up a bit, using his knees to support him and the dirty dumpster that was next to him to help him stand.

Kanda walked over to him once Allen was on his feet again, grabbing Allen by his throat and slamming him back against the wall. Without hesitating he brought his fist up to Allen's face and began to punch him. And punch him. His sight went red, all he could see was his target—Allen. All he could hear were the sounds of muffled screaming and crying coming from the smaller male. He felt Allen's blood on his face—felt it on his knuckles. It wasn't until he heard Allen laughing that he stopped.

Kanda pulled his hand back, letting Allen drop down to his knees, coughing up blood. The boy's white hair was splattered with blood; his face was cut up from where Kanda's knuckles punched hard enough. Blood oozed down his cheeks and face, covering that odd scar he had and probably making new ones. Tears were streaming down his cheeks, mixing itself with the blood and making a dirty mess on Allen's pale cheeks, but he was laughing. His busted lips were spread wide as he laughed, holding his chest with one hand and gripping the dirty snow in the other. Kanda stood there, watching in confusion as he began to come to his senses, catching his breath slowly.

"I…" Allen began; the laughter dying down and the tears were all that remained. A muffled sob escaped Allen's lips as the salty tears got into his wounds, causing him to wince in pain. "I never… did get the chance… to thank you… for saving me…"

Those words caught Kanda by surprise, all his anger and rage suddenly just vanishing. The look Allen was giving him was that of a boy who was filled with guilt—filled with guilt and admiration for the taller male. Allen's hazel eyes closed and the boy's body fell forward, face first into the snow; his body limp. For a moment Kanda's mind made him believe that Allen was dead, that is until he heard a small moan from Allen.



Kanda walked over to Allen, kneeling down and rolling him onto his back. Allen's eyes were closed, his face smeared with blood, tears and snow. Kanda bit the inside of his lip and sighed, looking at the entrance of the alley, hoping to see someone who would take care of Allen; he saw no one. With a heavy sigh he looked down at Allen again, and then put his arms under the boy's body, picking him up and pressing Allen against his chest. Allen didn't wake up; didn't protest. Then again why would he? He always wanted to be this close to Kanda.


Kanda reached his house about half an hour after beating Allen in the alley. He was still carrying Allen in his arms and couldn't reach into his pockets to find his keys so he knocked with his foot. Kanda didn't know what had willed him to take the Brit to his place instead of just dropping him off somewhere and calling Lavi, or the hospital to come pick him up. He supposed it was a guilty conscious, then again, he can't explain all his actions half the time so he let it slide. The door was opened by none other than his foster father, Tiedoll, who just looked down at him both baffled and curiously.

"Yuu what ar—"

"Shut up." Kanda snapped as he pushed pass Tiedoll and into his house. Tiedoll closed the door behind him and Kanda could feel the man's stare on his back—which just annoyed him all the more.

"What on earth happened to that poor boy?" Tiedoll asked as he walked closer to his foster son, wanting to see the damage on Allen's face clearly.

Kanda grunted a responds, narrowing his dark eyes at his father. He quickly made his way up to the stairs, climbing them two at a time and turning the corner to walk down the hall and to his room. He kicked the door opened and closed it behind him with his foot, dropping Allen down on his bed.

Allen didn't move.

Kanda didn't know why, but fear started bubbling up in the pit of his stomach as he watched the Brit just lay there—he wasn't even sure if Allen was breathing or not; he was pale, covered in cuts, bruises and blood. Kanda didn't think of anything except the fact that he might have killed Allen—he didn't care about going to jail or what others might say—just the fact that he might've killed Allen—his Allen—troubled him.

Pushing those kinds of thoughts aside, Kanda went to his bathroom and grabbed the first aid kit from under the sink. He walked back to Allen, sitting next to him on the bed and began to slowly clean his wounds, observing the boy's features. He wiped the blood off his forehead, easily noticing the pentagram scar on it, the gash coming down over his eye and to his cheek. The Asian male felt a bit… stupid to not have noticed this sooner. Then again, why would he even waste his time paying attention to this boy? The one who's been obsessed with him since god knows when.

With a sigh, Kanda began to remove Allen's coat, then his vest and shirt. That's when something else caught Kanda's eyes again—Allen's arm; the red, deformed arm that he always kept hidden from everyone. On the hand a cross was imbedded on it—a green crystal like cross. It looked like someone had stabbed it into his skin and never removed it, so skin grew over it and it just became part of Allen. The boy's fingernails were black, and Kanda doubted it was from nail polish. It seemed that the nails were just naturally that color. Part of his was completely disgusted by the whole thing, but another side of him was curious. He wanted to know what had happened to Allen's arm—to his face. He wanted to feel the skin on that arm, to see if the skin was rough or soft—even though by the looks of it, it'll most likely be rough.

He just wanted to touch the boy. Wanted to touch him and kiss him again.

With a frustrated growl, Kanda got up and threw Allen's clothes in a corner of his room. He patched the boy up, grabbed some of his old clothes and dressed him, not really bothering to remove Allen's pants or shoes. He let Allen sleep on his bed and walked out of the room, quickly walking downstairs.

Now he just wanted some peace and quiet, but once he reached the bottom of the stairs and saw Daisya, his foster brother, he knew that wasn't going to happen. He sighed and ran a hand through his hair and began walking to the door.

"Hey, Yuu. I heard you brought a kid home who was all beat up!" Daisya called from his spot on the couch. The man stood and walked behind Kanda, walking with him to the door, actually expecting a conversation out of the Asian. "I bet you did it to him and felt guilty after right?" Daisya's face lit up when that got a reaction from Kanda. "I was right, wasn't I?" The teen laughed and put both hands on his hips, leaning in so Kanda could smell the make up the teen was wearing. "So who is he?"

Kanda glanced back at Daisya, and before the teen had a chance to ask another question, he opened the front door and slammed it shut behind him.

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