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The month passed by quickly. Almost too quickly for my tastes, but I didn't know how to stop time. Enki declined to take first go, as he'd almost gotten hit by a stray fireball while watching Hiei and I. I said I was sorry for singeing his arm.

Yomi took his spot. He fought well, rather a lot like the fox.

"The fox and I were in a band of thieves together, Lady." Yomi chuckled as he sent punches at my face.

"Kurama tells me nothing of himself, Lord." I shot right back, returning kicks for punching.

Yomi flipped and dodged as if he could see. "Kurama is the reason I am blind."

"He what?" In my shock, I neglected to mark his position, and took a foot to my head for it.

I sat up and shook my head. Hiei was between Yomi and I, growling.

"Lady Feochadan, are you alright?" Yomi asked me. He was nervous, and, surprisingly, worried that he'd really damaged me.

"I am just fine, Yomi, thank you for asking. Hiei, you can help me up now." I replied.

Hiei turned and hauled me up. "You are hurt."

I rolled my eyes. "Not badly. Ease up, oni-san." I turned to Yomi. "I'm sorry, you shocked me. Now I think our match is over, and I'll have to go and be fussed over for the rest of the day."

"It is fine, Lady. It is always shocking when I tell those who have only met the red head. I betrayed him, and I was punished. He could have killed me, but I lived, and learned and the experience has made me who I am today." Yomi chuckled.

"You should have waited, goat." Hiei growled.

"Go, coddle your woman. I will not fight her again." Yomi smiled and walked away.

I allowed Hiei to be all growly and possessive for all of two minutes. "Seriously, Hiei? He's halfway home by now."

"He knocked you out, onna. You know how I feel about that." Hiei grumbled. He crossed his arms and moved away slightly to pout. I could still feel worry in him.

"Yes, love, I know. Sometimes accidents happen." I wrapped my arms around his shoulders and nipped at the mate mark on his neck.

"When is your next meeting with Nathair?" He moved his head to get me to stop.

I giggled at the power I still had over him. Not that I'd use it for evil, mind you. Well, ok, only the naughtiest kind of evil. "Not till tomorrow dear. What did you have in mind?"

Once again, he was interrupted by something wanting a fight. It was creepy as hell, like a spider on steroids. And its legs were just as disproportionately spindly.

"What do you want, Rogan?" Hiei growled. He pushed me back a pace.

I rolled my eyes.

"I want my match." The spider demon announced. "I am scheduled for the fight after Yomi."

"She is done sparring for the day." Hiei growled.

"Seriously, Hiei?" I gave him a look.

'You are injured, shut up and let me handle it.' I could feel the glare he was giving me.

"I demand my fight." Rogan stomped a spindly foot.

"Excuse me, my territory, my fortress, my damn rules. I am not fighting again today." I growled. The thing seemed determined to piss me the hell off.

"The lady has spoken, come back tomorrow." Hiei said and turned away.

The spider demon hit Hiei in the head and sent him sprawling. "You will not get in my way, imiko."

I saw red. "Nobody hits my mate when his back is turned." I threw a jolt of lightning at the bastard. "And cowards get put down."

I threw myself at the spindly-legged thing. At least, I hoped he was the one in the middle. My vision doubled, then tripled and back again. My head spun.

The spidery bastard caught a few hits, and took a beating before managing to throw me into the wall of the main keep. I couldn't move, too many hits to the head, and far too dizzy.

I saw Hiei charge the spider demon. He roared his challenge and his blade flashed. It was seriously trippy to see him fight in a kaleidoscope effect.

In the end, the spider turned tail and ran as fast as his remaining unbroken legs could carry him.

Hiei picked me up. "Onna, you will be the death of me one day."

I wrapped my arms around his neck and leaned into him. "I'm good with that, so long as we don't have to watch each other die."

A few weeks later, I was finally allowed to move around the keep on my own. I gathered up some coinage, and started out for the market. The anniversary of the fight with Niroth was in a day or so, and I wanted to wear something new and Makai style formal to the dinner we were planning to celebrate. My oni-san could be quite the romantic when he put his mind to it.

I didn't even make it to the gate. Hiei was waiting for me in the courtyard.

"There has been a summons from Koenma." He said. "The brat has asked for you specifically."

"That never sounds good." I sighed. "Lets go then."

The rest of the detective gang were already waiting for us in Koenma's office.

"Ah, good. I had meant to see you again under better circumstances, but, here we all are." The young godlet paced over to a screen on the wall. "There has been an incursion to the Human world. The target may, unfortunately, be very familiar to you, Pyro."

I growled at the image we were shown. Three demons trailed my only remaining friend from my life before demons. I hadn't seen her since they attacked us in a park about six months before I'd gone into demon protection.

"When did this happen?" Hiei sounded angry as well.

"It is happening as we speak. For once, I can get you there in time." A portal opened to the left of the godlet.

The boys ran through.

I caught an idea bug. "Koenma, this may take a while, and I haven't got anything stashed still as far as human cash." I handed over my pouch of coins. "How long will this help me take care of her?"

Koenma took the pouch to his desk and dumped it out. "Quite a while, actually." He reached in his desk drawer and pulled out what looked like a wad of hundreds.

I took it. "Damn, that's a lot of Benjamins. Thanks."

I jumped down the rabbit hole and hoped there was still a fight when I got there.

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