Okay this is my first Harry Potter Fic. I have been wanting to do one for a long time now and this idea has been in my head for while and i decided to go with it and write. Please excuse any grammar mistakes. Also i tried to write in a french accent i am sooo sorry if offends anyone! i didn't intend for that to happen. this is a Bill/OC story. I have always had a soft spot for him in the book but anyway...I do not own Harry Potter.

"Au revoir Mama!" I said as I hugged her in good-bye. "Mon bébé! Mon enfant! Quelle est la taille que vous avez grandi! Il est déjà de votre dernière année! Oh je me suis promis que je ne pleure pas!"My mother cried in French. She grabbed my face and kissed me. It was my last year at school and she was beside herself with the fact that I would be living on my own after this year. My mother was a beautiful woman.

She had long blonde hair that curled loosely and was pulled into a soft bun with loose strands that framed her soft delicate face. Long delicate lashes framed her warm brown eyes. Her cheeks had an ever-present rosy twinge to them, as did her lips. It made me wonder where my own looks came from because I surely did not look anything like her. "Mama, you act like I am dying," I chuckled.

"Do not mock me," she said as she wiped away a stray tear. "I would never mock you!" I cried indigently shooting her a cheeky grin. She patted my cheek affectionately. "Ah my little flower, what am I going to do with you?" she sighed. My smile softened and I hugged her tight again. "I'll miss you," I whispered into her ear before letting her go and walking over to the carriage that would take me to my final year at Beauxbatons.

I finally found the room that held my schoolmates. "Ah Danielle!" I smiled up at Pierre Roberts, one of my few friends at school. He towered over me with his tall and lanky frame. His shaggy blonde hair hung over his eyes and I could see his light freckles splattered across his nose. " 'ow zee weather up zere?" I asked teasingly. "Ha Ha, you are so funny," he rolled his eyes. "I am being serious! I zink you grew another 3 inches!" I laughed.

He chuckled and ruffled my hair. "Zat's what my mother said too," he laughed. He motioned for me to take a seat across from him and I gladly sunk into the soft cushioned seat. "So are you excited to go to 'ogwarts?" he asked with a gleam of mischief in his eyes. "Of course I am!" I said. "Zis tournament sounds interesting," I added. "Do you zink you will enter?" he asked. I shook my head, "I 'ave no interest whatsoever," I said.

"And why is zat? Is zee fearless Dani afraid?" he asked in mock about our summer breaks. The ride was a tad bit longer because instead of going to Beauxbatons we, and the rest of the 6th and 7th years, were headed off to Hogwarts. After a few hours a wave of excitement passed through the train and all of us had rushed to the windows to get a first look at the famous Hogwarts castle.

We were just rounding the corner when it came into sight. It was magnificent. There were multiple different towers that seemed to touch the clouds and they had a well-groomed quidditch pitch. I looked down and noticed that we were descending and we were soon going to be landing. I braced myself for the impact by grabbing onto Pierre's arm.

We landed with a hard thud and if it weren't for Pierre I would have fallen. Before I could blink we were all rushing for the exit to get outside. Madame Maxime of course was the first that stepped out of the carriage then we all piled out in a graceful line. I looked at all of looks of apprehension on the faces of my classmates and couldn't help but laugh. I glanced back at Pierre and groaned at the sorry state of his hair.

"Pierre fix your 'air," I scolded. He rolled his eyes and ignored my comment. I glared at him and pulled him down to my level. I tried to get the hair out of his eyes and style it with my fingers but it was no use. I finally let out a groan of frustration. "Why is it zat your 'air never cooperates," I asked. "Why is it zat you always try to fix my 'air?" he shot back.

I huffed and crossed my arms and turning around, facing the castle I took in all of the tall walls and different bridges. A man with a long white beard, a crooked nose, and half moon spectacles stepped forward greeted Madame Maxine. He must have been Dumbledore. I looked behind him to see a bunch of kids standing and watching us with peculiar expressions.

I chuckled and elbowed Pierre, nodding towards the Hogwarts students. "Zey look like a enthusiastic bunch," he joked eyeing the looks of excitement on all of their faces. A sound distracted me and my head snapped over to see a large dark lake with a ship emerging. I watched in awe as the ship got bigger and bigger. Soon a tall man wrapped in a large white coat exited the ship along with a young man who looked to be my age.

The young man had a stocky build and a hard face. I heard a gasp behind me and turned to raise my eyebrow at Pierre who was standing with his mouth wide open. "Everything all right Pierre?" I asked. "Do you know 'oo zat is?" he asked me incredulously. I shook my head. "Zat is zee Viktor Krum!" he explained. I simply nodded my head. Honestly, what was so amazing about a boy who looked like he never smiled in his life?

I followed the swarm of students walking into the large doors. Immediately we were being pushed up against by the over eager Hogwarts students. They were overwhelming us with questions. My eyes got wide as I tried to avoid any kid who looked like they wanted to jump me. We entered, what I assumed to be the eating hall. I looked up at the ceiling and gasped at the sight.

Candles were floating above our heads and the ceiling was replaced with a dark blue sky. When I finally came back from staring I realized most of my classmates had went and sat at a table with blue and bronze banners hanging above them. I rolled my eyes at the predictable manner of my peers. Of course they would go for the table with the colors that reminded them of home.

"Our we going to sit down?" Pierre asked with a small smile on his face. "Lets not sit at zat table," I said nodding to the blue table. He chuckled but nodded in agreement. I glanced around and saw three other tables, one yellow and black, another silver and green, and the last table gold and red. "Let's sit at zat table," I said walking toward the red table. I could practically feel Pierre roll his eyes at me, "Any particular reason?" he asked.

"Well yellow and black remind me of a bee, and you know I don't like green, besides zey look a bit nasty," I shrugged as I headed off to find an empty seat at the red table with Pierre behind me. I spotted a spot big enough for Pierre and I to squeeze into so I dashed off to claim it. "Is zis spot taken?" I asked quickly remembering my manners. A boy with bright red hair turned to me and his face quickly turned a deep shade of pink.

His mouth was open in shock and he seemed a bit stunned. "Are you all right?" I asked worriedly. "Ignore him, and yes you can sit down," I turned to see a girl with brown bushy hair talking. I smiled kindly at her and in relief sat down, Pierre next to me. "Danielle Bernard," I smiled as I reached my hand across the table to shake hers, "but call me Dani," I added.

She returned my smile, "Hermione Granger," she said shaking my hand, "And that idiot is Ron Weasley," she said nodding in the direction of the red haired boy next to me. I turned to the boy next to Hermione and stuck my hand out to introduce myself. "Harry Potter," he said. Pierre nearly chocked on the water he had just drank. I rolled my eyes, "Excuse my friend 'e is a bit daft," I said.

Pierre nudged my shoulder playfully. "Pierre Roberts at your service Madame" he said taking Hermione's hand and kissing it. I laughed as a blush crept up her cheeks. Pierre smiled charmingly at her before he turned back to Harry. "So your ze 'arry Potter?" he aked a bit stunned. "Well of course 'e is why else would 'e say zat?" I rolled my eyes. "Oh hush Dani, no one asked you," he shot back.

Hermione and Harry were watching us banter back and forth with a look of amusement in their eyes. Ron was still gaping at me and it was getting a tad annoying. "Would you mind not ogling me?" I asked finally turning to him. This sudden acknowledgement sent Ron into a stream of incoherent thoughts. "Oh—I, um—didn't mean too, just, you were, uh…" he spluttered.

This made Harry and Hermione burst out laughing at Ron's response. I smiled softly at him, he had no clue what he was doing, poor kid. I was about to ask about the different tables when a sudden movement at the front of the hall interrupted me. Madame Maxime entered the room and out of habit I jumped up to my feet. Pierre standing along side me.

A few students laughed at us but I ignored them and didn't sit until the headmistress took her seat. "What was that about?" Hermione asked with intrigue. "We stand up whenever a teacher or superior enters ze room. It is a sign of respect," I explained. She nodded her head in understanding before Dumbledore began to speak.