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Author's Note: This story takes place before Off Limits, essentially before Juice and Milla became Juice/Milla. I decided to use a little bit about what I know about Theo Rossi to influence some aspects of Juice's character. Some of the stuff in here may conflict with some aspects of other stories but stories tend to evolve with time.

Juice Not JC

"Good one JC. Now try the right hook." I nodded at Lumpy as the old man coached me. I'd been in Charming for one month and so far I'd kept to myself. As a Puerto Rican from Queens I tended to stick out like a sore thumb. According to Lumpy we New Yorkers had a way of holding ourselves that was different from the subconsciously laid back way that these Californians did. I didn't know how much I believed that but I did notice that there was something that made me stick out to these people and I wasn't sure it was simply being Latino.

I delivered the right hook and Jim went down and tapped out. It was my third fight and third tap out of the day and I wanted more. I was a physical person and I needed this release, it wasn't a simply way of relieving tension with me, it was my way of life. It's also the reason that I wasn't in MIT or CalTech right now. I could do the work, hell I could make any database or system my bitch but I couldn't curb my goddamned temper. As I removed my sparring helmet and gloves I noticed Lumpy walking to the door. There were three men who needed no introduction in this town. They were Sons and that meant that Charming, a town had never had a more accurate and misleading name, was under their thumb.

I watched the interactions and felt a longing in the pit of my stomach. These men had everything, hot women, good money and most importantly a brotherhood. What they had was stronger than anything I'd seen, even the gang I'd been part of in the old neighborhood was nothing compared to this. One of the guys saw me staring and didn't take his eyes off me as he asked Lumpy something. Lumpy looked over, said something and then waved me over. I wasn't the smartest person in the world or even in the room most of the time but I knew better than to ignore an order that had obviously come from a Son.

"Tig this is JC, he's my best fighter and has a hell of a left hook. We're working on his right." Lumpy clapped me on the back and the Son nodded

"JC huh, where you from kid, haven't seen you round?" The Son, Tig, asked as he and the other men assessed me.

"Queens, came here following a work lead, decided to stay on." The "work lead" had been a hacking job that was paying for my apartment and gym membership.

"Long way to come for work. Listen we're having a party Friday night, could use some new blood. Why don't you come? You could show off your skills in our ring, we don't use gloves." He grinned when he saw my face. Bare knuckle was my style, there was no doubt I'd be there so I nodded. "Good, we'll see you Friday kid."

He and the other two walked off while Lumpy ushered me back in the ring. He was right I needed to work on my right hook.

Friday night came and I found myself at the Sons of Anarchy clubhouse with a hot chick on my lap. I wasn't a Son but she didn't seem to care as she got me brews and talked dirty to me. I hadn't gotten laid since I got to Charming but it looked like my dry spell was over. As her hand was going lower on my chest Tig, the Son who invited me, came up to us stared me down.

"I see you're enjoying our hospitality kid. Now's the time to see how tough you are." I looked at him in confusion as he took the chick from my lap and hoisted me up. I could do nothing but follow as he led me out the doors and I saw the ring. I nearly salivated at the thought of a fight and he looked back with a knowing smirk. As we got to the ring he turned and put hands on my shoulders.

"I've got some money on your ass so you better win this. We're putting you up against one of our Prospects from Tacoma, see if he has what it takes. Think you could take him?" He jerked his head to the other side of the ring and I saw this kid, couldn't have been older than eighteen, all scrawny and too long limbs I felt myself smirking.

"Yeah I can take him." Tig nodded and I took off my shirt as he called one of the hotties over to take it. She gave me a sultry smile and I suddenly got the crazy idea that maybe, just maybe I could get a threesome out of the deal. From the looks I was getting from her blonde friend that had sidled up the "maybe" turned into a definitely.

"Get in the ring." One of the other Sons, this one with an accent, said and I nodded and scrambled through the ropes. I stood at the corner loosening the muscle in my neck and back while I practiced some of my footwork and the scrawny kid stood stock still, not knowing what to do. I almost felt bad for the beating he was about to receive but the desire to beat someone proved stronger. Soon enough we were touching fists and the fight had begun.

It was over in the space of about three minutes and I couldn't say that I was disappointed. He'd put up a better fight than I'd expected. The rest of the night turned into a blur after that. I woke up the next morning hungover on the pool table between a blonde and a redhead and life was great, especially when things started coming back to me, mainly the reason I was naked on a pool table between two girls. As I placed a kiss on the blonde's shoulder and got up off the pool table the clubhouse door opened and I saw the most beautiful woman I'd ever seen come in. Her dark eyes went wide when she saw me standing naked by the pool table and she instantly averted them.

"Sorry, so so sorry." Was all she said before she backed up and went out the door. I looked at the women on the pool table and suddenly didn't feel as good about myself. Talk about a horrible first impression. I hastily grabbed my boxers and jeans from the floor and put them on, my shirt was a bit harder since I couldn't find it. As I was searching I heard the clubhouse door slam open and an irate Son came through. He was older than most of them and had a President patch.

"Who the fuck are you and what are you doing in my clubhouse?" His features were dark and angry and I couldn't answer. It turned out I didn't have to when Tig's tired, hung over sounding voice came from the floor by the bar.

"That's JC, Lumpy's fighter. He's good." I felt pride but outwardly cringed at the way he pronounced my nickname.

"Juicy…You let people call you Juicy?" He asked and I saw amusement in his eyes.

"Juicy, we bet our money on someone named Juicy?" The Son called Chibs said and anyone awake enough and sober enough to know what was happening burst out laughing. I laughed along with them, not even bothering to correct them.

After that morning in the clubhouse I was Juicy, whenever a Son saw me in the gym or at the store they'd make a production out of patting my back and making sure everyone around me knew the nickname. I just grinned and bore it, I always seemed to be the butt of jokes. I found myself spending more and more time with the Sons. I'd work in the garage or hang out in the clubhouse. I was also a regular fighter in the ring. According to Tig they'd made some money off my skills.

One day I was talking to Tig about my fight on Friday, he liked to give me tips and advice about fighting and I pretended to listen. There was nothing he could tell me that Lumpy or my coaches from Queens hadn't taught me. As he demonstrated a right side jab I glanced over his shoulder and saw her again. "Her" being the woman who had come into the clubhouse the morning after my first fight. I'd been hanging around so much, not just to be part of the group but, in hopes of seeing her again. She was even more beautiful in the bright sun with her black hair tied in a messy ponytail wearing a pair of cutoffs and a tank top to combat the heat wave we were having. She had a messenger bag slung over her shoulder as she purposefully walked into the clubhouse. Before she got in I tapped Tig on the shoulder and nodded my head in her direction. He looked annoyed to be interrupted but looked toward her and smirked.

"That's Clay's little girl Milla. If you're thinkin' about tappin' that I'd stop it right there. She's his angel and he'll kill anyone who fucks with her and he's not alone in that sentiment." He chuckled and put me in a headlock. As he applied pressure to my throat I saw her, Milla, walking out to her car, minus her bag and she looked over and waved at Tig, giving him a bright smile. I felt a surge of envy and tried to get out of his grip but he kept me in place as he waved at her and she got in the car and drove off. Once she was gone he let me go and led me into the clubhouse where Clay was cursing a blustreak.

"God fucking dammit." He looked at the bag in front of him with disgust and took a shot.

"What's happening brother?" Tig asked as he took the seat across from Clay and put his feet on the table.

"Fucking computer. Milla needs some money to get a new laptop, it's gonna cost me a grand all so she can do her damn homework. She doesn't even know what's wrong with it and the tech guys at that money pit of a school aren't doing a fucking thing." He poured himself another shot and I moved forward, "What do you want Juicy?"

"I could fix the computer for you, it's sorta my thing." I shrugged and he and Tig assessed me before they gave each other a look.

"Though brawling was your thing?" He poured himself another shot before he handed the bottle to Tig.

"So's computer stuff. I'm a tech guy. Let me take a look at the computer, if it's gonna cost a grand anyway, why not let me take a whack at it. Who knows it may save you money?" I shrugged and he reached to the messenger bag and handed it to me.

"Don't fuck up." It was all he said before I took the computer to the back and worked my magic. There was only a script error in the startup script so I just had to bypass the initial script and rewrite a few lines of code. How those IT dumbasses made it through the day, let alone helped people was beyond me. Once the script changes were made I restarted the computer and it was working like a dream. I decided to snoop around a bit and looked at her music. Her collection was impressive, she seemed to have a bit of everything but her collection of metal was what caught my attention. I didn't know many women who listened to Cannibal Corpse, but she obviously did. She also had a lot of pictures, most of them were her with one Son or multiple and the Old Ladies. There were also some really hot pictures of her at a beach somewhere, I sent myself one of the pics before I shut down the computer and brought it to Clay. He looked at me, then the bag and sneered.

"Couldn't fix it?" He asked sneer still on his face.

"Actually it's ready to go. All the files are intact and I also cleaned up a virus that was attacking her hard drive." I handed the bag to him and he gave me a considering look.

"What else can you do with a computer?" He asked as he poured a shot and handed it to me. I smirked and knocked back the shot.

"Anything I fucking want." Tig laughed and clapped me on the back before he pulled a chair out.

"Listen, we need some blood around here, more bodies at our table and we could use someone who can do this tech shit and actually knows how to fight. We want you to Prospect for the club." Tig poured me another drink and I thought about it. I'd be a part of this world, be a brother and get some of that respect that these guys all got around the community. I'd also have a better chance of seeing that hottie, Milla, around and that was the deciding factor.

"Yeah man, I'll Prospect. Who's sponsoring me?" I took the shot and Tig grinned.

"That'd be me princess and you're not Juicy anymore. My Prospect won't have a faggy nickname. You're Juice now." He decreed before he clapped me on the back and Clay did the same.

"We'll take it to vote at Church on Friday but I don't see anyone sayin' nay. Get ready for the hardest year of your life boy." Clay squeezed my shoulder and walked out with the Messenger bag held in his hand.

Tig clapped me on the back again and gave me an in depth tour of the clubhouse, showing me everything that made the clubhouse a home to the guys and I stood in awe in front of the blue panhead that used to belong to the club founder. Tig saw me staring and threw an arm over my shoulders.

"We're going to a dealership tomorrow and getting you a new bike. Can't have my Prospect riding that heap you have." I grinned and said nothing. "Also we're gonna have to move you into the clubhouse, can't have you thinkin' you using the money to pay our dues on rent."

Clay had been right, this was turning out to be the hardest year of my life. I was working in the garage and in the clubhouse nonstop. If I thought I had a moment to myself it was usually shot in the ass if one of the Sons needed me for something. I wouldn't have changed any of it though. I had seen Milla around during the eight months of my Prospecting but never for more than a few minutes and I never got that chance to speak with her. That all changed one day when I was working in the office.

Gemma had been having some trouble with her computer and I volunteered to fix it. Tig was on the warpath and I would do anything to get away from my sponsor. As I worked on the script I heard the door open.

"Hey mom, I need you to sig-" I looked up to see Milla and my heart started hammering in my chest. She was gorgeous, her hair falling in her face as she stood in the doorway in a tight t-shirt and tight jeans which helped to show off her great legs. Her dark brown eyes were wide as she took me in before she smiled.

"Uh, hi." I said then instantly yelled at myself, yeah that's how I greet this woman who'd been in my head for months.

Hi, I'm Milla, Gemma and Clay's daughter, and you are…" She asked and I had to smile, I knew who she was. I also knew that she liked horror movies, symphonic metal and Bronte novels.

"I'm uh Juice, the new Prospect. You're Milla huh, you're different than what I was expecting." I didn't know where that came from, she was exactly what I was expecting. But it worked she gave me a wider smile.

Yeah, I don't exactly fit the tough, image that mom and dad put out do I?" She ducked her head and it was so cute.

"No you don't, but it works." I smiled wider and she sat at the chair by the desk. My heart was beating faster being so close to her.

"So, Juice huh. What did your Momma call you?"She asked as she moved closer and I had to flex my fingers to keep from touching the hand that was now resting on the desk.

"Carlos, but I don't answer to that name. I answer to Juice though."Where the hell were these answers coming from? I was sounding like the retard Tig constantly accused me of being, but it was worth it when she giggled. The script finished running and I saw some gaps in the code so I quickly put them in and waited for the scripts to go through.

Clay came in soon after and I was forced out of my seat and sent to the bathrooms. As I cleaned the toilet I heard yelling and got to the door in time to see Milla driving out. Clay looked pissed and I decided I'd rather clean toilets than get in his way.

Three days later my life changed forever.