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Bakura was having a very boring day; he was currently sitting in geometry wondering why mortals would ever need to use this stuff."Card games are what matters in life." He thought. The only reason he took control of Ryou's body was because he thought he could cause some trouble, that apparently was not happening. There was then a knock at the classroom door. A man with a bushy beard and a very angry facial expression talked to the teacher, Miss Whatshername.

"Ryou, will you please go with Mr. Kubo." The teacher said.

Bakura nodded and grabbed his things, "What did you do now, light?" He thought with unnoticeable smirk.

"N-n-nothing!" Ryou replied from his soul room.

Bakura had to hold back form laughing as he followed Mr. Kubo to the counseling office. "Miss Sue would like to speak with you." He said and disappeared around a corner. Bakura sat down at the desk, wondering if there was anything worth stealing here. Before he could decide on what to take, a short brown haired woman came in.

"You must be Ryou!" She said with a grin that almost made Bakura sick.

"Yes, that's me." He replied with a small smile, just like Ryou.

"I'm Miss Sue, the guidance counselor." She greeted.

"If you don't mind me asking, what is this all about?" Bakura asked.

"Don't worry you aren't in any trouble and your grades are excellent, it's just that we noticed you don't participate in any extracurricular." Miss Sue explained.

"Is that all? Well I'm sure I can go find something to join." Bakura said, he really didn't like to have to pretend to be his light.

"I'm so glad you said that because I would like you to write for the school's advice column!" She said happily, clasping her hands together with joy.

"Wait, what? I don't think th—"Bakura tried to argue it; the last thing he needed was to have to give advice to these mortals.

"So it's settled! You'll start tomorrow! Thank you so much, here let me write you a pass for your next class." Miss Sue said with a smile.

A/N so here is a very, very short intro to the story. So Bakura has an advice column, please review and drop a question if you want Bakura's advice.