I'm going to ohayocon tomorrow and cosplaying as Bakura so I thought I'd update today. I love you people and your reviews. Keep them coming!

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Scenario Question: Say you have this friend who has the task of turning a vehicle around in their yard to load for an outing. She just received her learner's permit and her brother is told to stay inside for his safety. He doesn't listen and decides to play runway attendant. Anyways, this friend has two choices; hit the solid cinder-block shed or her baby-brother (He was like 14 at the time). What would you do? And how would you explain your choice to your guardian?


For Bakura and Marik:

I pulled the most awesome prank ever! I got this guy back for scaring me. He made the mistake of telling me that he loved Reeses Pieces and was scared of spiders. I used a plastic spider and hid it in a bag of said candy. When he saw that I was eating his favorite candy, I took the opportunity to pour some into his hands, making sure that he got the spider as well! It was priceless! One second, he was like 'Ooh free candy!', the next, the candy was all over the floor and he was like three feet away. What was your greatest prank, and do you have any suggestions that won't hurt anyone physically?


Dear PhantomBrat,

That's a tough scenario. I'd probably hit the shed rather than risk injuring a younger sibling. I'd try to explain the situation as best as I could to my guardians, hoping that they'd have a bit of understanding that I was trying to protect my brother. Good question.


Dear whoever the hell answers

Remind me to shoot the fanbases later. with a grenade launcher... or a flat out nuke. also, what do you think of a show that recently came out that has everyone going nuts over it?

-Talow Rosine.

Dear Talow Rosine,

Can I help shoot some fanbases with a grenade launcher? While I like some and admit I am a part of a few, others are just annoying. Also I don't watch TV, I play children's card games so I'm afraid I don't know what show you're referring to.


Dear Ryou and Bakura,
I'm a psycho but I can't get my family to be glad of who I am what do I do? Also here is some advice for you Ryou in case someone bullies you.
1: Call me and let me 'HUG' them
2: Rip their throats off and cut them in half until their corpses are shredded in pieces, (and probably go to their houses and murder their families)
3: Talk it out (if however they don't listen do the same as 2)
How would you two react with a fem. Bakura?
Here have gummies!
Go die,

Dear Animechick9000,

Try to talk to them about your feels, communication is key. As for your advice to me… well Bakura likes it but I don't really have any bullies anyway and I'm very passive so no ripping people's throats out. A "fem. Bakura"? Well if he was a female I'd hope he'd be maybe gentler? Not the evil spirit I have to deal with now.

Thanks for the gummies,


Dear Ryou and Bakura,
Sherlock is an amazing series and you guys are awesome for liking it.

For Ryou,

How are things with you and your yami? Have you guys gotten together yet? I've heard all about you guys on the net.

For Bakura,
How many people would you put in your list of people you want to kill right now?
Karein the awesome one

Dear Karein the awesome one,

Things are as normal as they can be with my Yami, he still tells me that he hates me and I'm a worthless brat but I think he cares somewhere inside. There's stuff about us on the Interent?


Dear Karein,

Too many to list.


Hi awesome ones ( Marik if he's still here),

This year has been pretty good, but then there's school which was shit.
There are twenty-six people in my class and I can get along with only about five of them.
My name's meanings are princess and spiritual, and because of this I get picked on a lot, even though it's obvious the former is not a fitting name for me (if I am able to cosplay a Norse god in the form of an insane 10 year old with purple hair and red eyes, HELL NO its not!) and come up with stupid nicknames and then call me a dumbass( one of the idiots actually called ME a dumbfu*k in class!) and there are two nicknames the main dickhead calls me;
Myer (that's how he pronounces it) Shananay(from the year before and Shane Dawson inspired) princess turtle-face, -last at one point a narutard brought a bunch of Naruto fanart he d
school and after a while he pointed to a picture of Itachi and said I was him so I shouted, across the table from him

"I'M NOT A WEASEL!" and the main dickhead started calling me one for about a month till I got him confused in ICT because i mumbled a quote from something he didn't understand. Also, I started calling a guy fluffy (to try and piss him off because he wouldn't leave me alone) and some guys who were my friends at the start of the year started saying I was calling him that because his 'drapes' (we'll call em that, kay?) were fluffy...thing is I can't stand the guy and now they won't leave me alone...also, I am (seriously) a bit of what i'll call a Closet Fangirl of all 3 Bakurae (is that the plural for it?) and the character i can apparently cosplay [WHY DO I ALLWAYS LIKE THE SLIGHTLY INSANE ONES!? Ryou, help me, you understand me, right?] and people always call me crazy because I'm a lot different to others, but if I am like how I was in grade 1 (yeah shit started happening to me by the time i was 8...) I'd be at the same Innocence level as Ryou and way too naive for my own good. (a bitch tried to tell me she was a cheetah ,bear, Hyena ect. but that's where I draw the FUCKING LINE!)
People call me crazy, I tell them I'm insane, and without my friends I've made through cosplay, I probably would be on the verge of it. Life Sucks , I know that and apparently NO ONE IN MY RA DAMNED CLASS DOES!

Dear KuroHikari,

People are incredibly stupid, you humans have to be the dumbest lot I've ever met. The people you described in your letter are a shining example of why I hate the world. Being different is good, it's fun and crazy and you can't let idiots like that make you feel down. Keep being who you are and if all else fails I'll hunt them down. (A/N: cosplaying is amazing! Yay for a fellow cosplayer!)


Dear Florence,

I need a topic of expository writing. :D Do you have any good ideas? My teacher prefers topics that are not about death. :P I tried to give some ideas but, they all included death so she said I couldn't use them.


Dear Skye,

The evils of writer's block, unicorns, why ducks will one day take of the universe, or children card games. I don't really have any useful idea that doesn't involve torture, death, and blood. Lots of blood.


Dear Flo & Ryou

Congrats on the prohabition, and if I may, I have some suggestions, then some questions.

First, unicorns are awesome when they are really unicorns not sickening fakes. Try making Ms Sue's unicorns more real by turning them black with fangs. And have considered public humiliation. Break their spirit and then their bodies.

Second, some fangirls out there do have common sense, and those are the most dangerous, so you may want to stop lumping all fangirls together and then insulting them all. As for reasons why they exist, I know a good one. Sexual repression, only way they can let it out with all the sheeple out there.

And now for questions. First, know any ways to intimidate people withOUT causing harm? After all, I do love my annoying little brothers.

Second, do you Yugi-oh people have to monologue ALL the time. It gets old and SOOO predictable [though you do do that the least of all of them].

Third, how do you make bombs out of household materials.

Fourth, can I have the Millennium Scales? I want to summon and release some pretty creatures on the sheeple.

Anyway, good luck, and have fun with Ryou,

Dear Roeherno,

Thanks for the suggestions, I didn't read them but thanks for the thought I suppose. As for your questions:

First: Be mean, emotionless and just glare at people. That usually works for me.

Second: Yes, it's unfortunately in our contracts though the friendship freak over does it.

Third: Google it, I don't want to reveal my secrets.

Fourth: No.


Dear Bakura
How many different methods of killing can you do at the same time? I mean you are the supreme overload of killing so I'll bet it's a lot. I would love to see it but meh.
Dear Ryou, have you ever considered just giving in and becoming a psycho like the rest of the world, it could be fun. Here's some cream puffs. Or is there an angel/devil forbidden thing going on?
Dear Marik and Melvin bugger off, we're here for Bakura and Ryou not you.

Dear BlazeSnow,

Seven is the most I've done at one time so far.


I've thought about it maybe once but I like being the good guy. It's who I am and I don't want to change. As for Marik, he ran off somewhere so I wouldn't worry about him. Thanks for the creampuffs.