Pre-Series. Dark. I was just in a dark mood and someone had to pay.

Crossing The Line

There are certain lines that John Winchester will not cross; there are others, he will happily skip across.

John Winchester killed his first man today.

His ten-year-old son came home from school with tears running down his face.

Bruises on his jaw.

And a sore throat.


His little boy flinched away from him when he asked what was wrong; almost disappearing into the plaid of his older brother's shirt.

His fourteen-year looked at him, barely concealed fear warring with devastating anger; demanding that he make it better.


Someone had hurt their baby…

Someone had to pay.

It took an hour to get the story out.

An hour of cajoling.

It's okay, Sammy…




Do you want to grab some burgers?

Then one simple 'please' –

Please, son. I need to know.

And Sammy told it all.

Through stops and starts.

Through sniffles and tears.

About a monster with kind eyes -

And scrapes on his knees -

And hands in his hair.

John promised new jeans.

Kissed both his boys on the tops of their heads.

Watch out for your brother, Dean.

Then left without another word…

John Winchester killed his first man today and he'll do it again tomorrow if he has to.

The End