SMSTSS 15: Tron Upgrade Edition! – By DS Wynne

Disclaimer: SM, R1/2, ST, Tron, OWoD and other properties belong to their respective owners.

Note: This is a three-part story.

Special Note: This story takes place before movie "Tron Legacy" (but will refer to past related properties).

Part 3

After taking a break, the programmable trio continued on their way to the I/O port, where they hope to contact the outside world. Unfortunately, Flynn and Usagi (who decided to use an alias in the same manner as Flynn) were caught in a blast from a patrolling tank, destroying their light cycles in the process.

"Flynn!" Tron yelled. "Bunny!"

"Get out of here!" Flynn said, as he pulled an injured Bunny out of the wreckage. "We'll catch up!"

Tron was hesitant at first, but nods his head before rolling off to escape the patrols.

Meanwhile, Flynn sneaks off with Bunny before the tank patrols could confirm the hit…

A short time later, Bunny wakes up.

"Wow, what hit me?" Bunny said, as she rubbed her head. She then looked at her body, and then at a grinning Flynn.

"You okay, Bunny?" Flynn asked.

"You didn't molest me while I was out, huh?"

"No, I didn't!" Flynn said, as he raised his hands.

Bunny arches an eyebrow.


"Humph, what a shame," Bunny said with a hint of disappointment. She then sits up and sees what appears to be a command module.

"Where are we anyway?"

"I'm not sure," Flynn said, as he looks around. "We ended up in a junk pile of some kind…"

"Hmmmm," Bunny said, as she touches a panel…

Suddenly, the command module began to glow alive with activity.

"Hey, what did you touch?" Flynn asked.

"I don't know," Bunny replied.

Flynn arches an eyebrow.


"Well, let's see what we got…"

Upon full activation, Flynn and Bunny realized that they had found a recognizer, a hovering vehicle that Kevin had originally designed for one of his video games, which was now being used by the MCP for nefarious purposes (like patrolling the grid for escape programs). In fact, the patrolling tanks, which had been after the pair, were also designed for the same game from which the recognizer came from.

"Okay, just like the game," Flynn said, as he took the steering mechanism.

Just then, a floating, white polyhedron suddenly appears.

"What the hell is that?" Flynn asked.

"Aw, it's so cute!" Bunny replied.

"Yes!" said the object, as it changes color to yellow while changing shape.

"You're from around here?" Flynn asked.

"No!" said the object again, as it changes color to red while changing into a different shape.

"Let me guess: you're a bit, huh?" Flynn said.

"Yes!" the bit said again.

"Ooh, can we keep him?" Bunny said with excitement.

"Fine, you get to feed him."

"Yes, yes, yes!"

"Oh, thanks Kevin!"

"Yeah, whatever."

The pair managed to arrive at the IO Port, where they met up with Tron.

"Flynn!" Tron said with excitement, as he hugged his fellow programs. "Bunny! You two made it!"

"In spite of ourselves," Bunny said.

"What's the deal?" Flynn said, amazed that the female program that was standing next to Tron looked like Lora…

"Well, my friend Yori was able to get me to see Dumont, the guardian program of this place," Tron said.

"Hello," Yori said.

"I wonder if programs can have 'relations'," Bunny mused to herself quietly.

"Great, two more renegades to deal with, said an older looking program, as he sat on his throne.

"Man, you look like my old boss," Flynn said.

"If that's the case, he would have told you to get lost," Dumont said. "I could be derezzed just by letting you all here without authorization."

"Please, Dumont, Tron needs to contact his user," Yori said.

"And I have to contact…mine," Bunny said.

"You have a user?" Flynn asked.

"Just, go with me on this…"

"What are their names?" Dumont asked.

"Alan-One," Tron said.

"Um, Ranma…One," Bunny said.

"Then, go and contact your users."

"You go first," Tron said, as he turns towards Bunny.

"Um, okay, but…how do I get into contact with my user?"

"Use the data disc from your back to establish a link," Dumont said.

"What kind of program are you?" Yori asked.

"Disorientation," Flynn offered.

"Gee, thanks," Bunny said sarcastically, as she enters the temple. She then steps unto the dial and removes the data disc on her back. She then raises the disc overhead, as it is caught in a beam of light…

Meanwhile, back in the real world, SELMA gets into contact with Usagi's program.

"Sir, I think I found Usagi, but…"

"But nothing," Ranma said. "Put her on."


"Ranma, are you there?" said Usagi through SELMA.

"Usagi, are you okay?" Ranma asked.

"I'm fine, I guess," Usagi said. "I have something to tell you…"

Usagi tells Ranma what has happened to her and Kevin Flynn thus far.

"Yep, you're in the Virtual Web alright," Ranma said. "SELMA? Translate Usagi into a visual mode."

"Affirmative," SELMA replied.

Usagi then appears, as she was before being digitized.

"Ranma!" Usagi said, as she attempted to hold her beau, only to go through him. "Umm…"

"SELMA, boost the power," Ranma said.

"Affirmative," SELMA replied.

The power boost turns Usagi's image into a hard-light hologram.

"Oh, thank goodness," Usagi said, as she hugged Ranma. "It was awful…"

"But you're okay, right?" Ranma asked.

"Yes. In fact, we're attempting to shut down the MCP from the inside."

"Do you need any assistance?"

"No, I think we got it covered. So, we'll be okay."

"Got it. Anything else?"

"Um, yes," Usagi grin. "Switch me back to projection mode."

"Um, okay. SELMA?"

"Complying, sir," SELMA said, as Usagi becomes more opaque in appearance.

"Okay, now what?" Ranma asked.

"Here goes: Ranma, you must journey to the Dagobah System," Usagi said in a haunting manner. "There, you will learn from Yoda, the Jedi Master who instructed ME."

"First, you never learned from Master Yoda; I did," Ranma said drolly. "And secondly, we're wasting time."

"Right, I'm off!" Usagi said, as she poised in a sentai style. "Cheers."

And with that, Usagi fades away.

"Why am I with Usagi again?" Ranma said, as he rubbed his forehead.

"Because you like my 'cookies', so to speak?" Usagi said, although not visualized.

"Just GO! Sheesh..."

After Tron contacted his user, Alan Bradley (aka "Alan-1"), Tron and his companions snuck on a solar sail simulator, and began the journey to the Master Control Program's primary systems.

"I have a feeling that we will defeat the MCP after all," Yori said to Tron. She then turns towards Flynn and Bunny.

"So, you're users, huh?"

"Yeah, we are," Flynn said with a sigh.

"So, this is all part of a plan?" Tron asked.

"Not exactly," Bunny said. "We wanted to stop the MCP from above, but caught up in a trap set by the MCP."

"So, you came down to our world," Yori said.

"Not by choice."

"You both are so strange," Tron said. "But, we welcome the help…"

After a few mishaps with pursuing recognizers, forcing a change in the path that the solar sail boat, the programs get caught in a trap set by the MCP chief henchman, separating the programs…

"Well, well, well," Sark said, as he looked at Bunny, Flynn, Dumont and Yori. "It looks like you've been captured after all."

"You won't get away with this, Sark!" Dumont said.

"Soon, you and your fellow I/O programs won't care whether or not I will 'get away with it'," Sark sneered. He then turns towards Bunny and Flynn.

"And you two are not special," Sark said. "You're nothing more than programs."

"And you should have been erased," Flynn replied.

"You lie!" Usagi said. "I was told I was special! BWAAAAAAAAHHHHH!"

"See?" Flynn said, as he comforted Bunny. "You made Bunny cry."

"Enough!" Sark yelled. "After I take Dumont, you will be locked in this cell while my carrier is derezzed. Good-bye!"

And with that, Yori, Flynn and Bunny were alone.

"What are we going to do?" Yori said.

"We use our ace in the hole," Flynn said, as he turns towards Bunny. "Bunny?"

"Yes," Bunny said, as she brings out Bit from pocket space. "Bit?"

"Yes!" Bit said.

"Fine Tron."

"Yes!" Bit said, as the sprite goes through a vent…

"So, what's next?" Yori asked.

"We crash the party, of course," Flynn said. "Come on…"

Soon, Flynn and company arrive at the main control panel. Just then, Bit arrives.

"Did you find Tron?" Bunny asked.

"Yes!" Bit said.

"Where is he?" Flynn asked.

Bit doesn't say anything.

"Oh, yeah…"

"I see Tron down there!" Yori said. "But he's fighting a giant version of Sark!"

"Allow me," Bunny said, as she takes her data disk from her back.

"What's that for?" Flynn said.

"Who says that Tron can't use TWO data discs?" Bunny said, as she squats down to the floor. "Here goes-!"

Bunny throws her data disc, which slid into Tron's hands.

Tron looks at the disc, and then up at the falling carrier.

"Thanks!" Tron said, as he looks up, while he prepares to renew his attack against Sark.

"Okay, he has your disc," Flynn said. "Now, we need to steer the command carrier directly over the MCP, and end this madness."

"We also need a way to get out of here, Flynn," Bunny said.

"I've already figured that out, Bunny," Flynn said. "We shut down the MCP, then we get to go home."

"I hope you're right, Kevin," Bunny said.

Soon, the pair gets into position.

"Are you sure this is the way?" Yori asked.

"It is," Flynn said. He then goes over and kisses Yori.

"What's that for?"

"For luck," Flynn said.

And then, Bunny hugs Yori.

"Take care of yourself," Bunny said gently.

"You, too," Yori said.

And, with, Flynn and Bunny jump out of the command carrier, and down into the MCP's lair…

Sometime later, Ranma and Usagi are having lunch down in the cafeteria room of ENCOM.

"And that's what happened," Usagi said, as she sipped her tea. Once we took out the MCP, thanks to Tron using his data disc to disrupt the MCP, while he used mine to defeat Sark."

"Yeah, I put in a data stream that would strengthen your chances at victory," Ranma said. He then turns towards the floating object.

"And that thing over there?"

"Bit is okay," Usagi said, as she turns to her new familiar. "Aren't you?"

"Yes!" Bit replied.

"But don't worry. I'll just house him in my SELMA unit to hide him…"

Ranma just shook his head in reply.

Just then, the new ENCOM CEO stops by the table.

"Greetings, programs!" Kevin said.

"Hey, Kevin," Usagi said.

"Hey," Ranma replied.

"Um, Bunny, you got a moment?"


"I think I'll get 'seconds'," Ranma said, as he gets up. "I'll be back…"

Once Ranma leaves, Kevin turns towards Usagi.

"Look, I want to thank you again for helping me prove that Dillinger had stolen my games," Kevin said. "And, I want to thank you by offering you a job in research and development."

"I get to work on that digitizer technology?"

"Yeah. With that technology, a whole new world is open to users and the general public."

"Okay, but I get to set the hours."

"No problem."


"Um, you want to get some coffee, so I can discuss the details with you?"

"Um, sure," Usagi said. "But this isn't a date, is it?"

"Only if you want it to be."

"Then, I'll take that challenge," Usagi said with a smile.

And so, that was that.

The years come and go, and the relationship between Kevin and Usagi grow stronger, resulting in the birth of their son, Sam. They never married, since Usagi still had feelings for Ranma. And, she was quite libertine when it came to relationships. So, in terms of parental arrangement, Kevin was left to raise their son, although she was very much involved in the lives of Kevin and Sam. Meanwhile, the Grid continues to evolve, becoming more sophisticated as time went on. Kevin and Usagi continued to explore this sector of the Virtual Web, and elsewhere. It was during the course of events that Flynn mysteriously disappeared in the early 1990s. By the end of the 1990s, a disruption of the space-time continuum caused by the so-called Week of Nightmares of 1999 caused a "White-Out Event" that forced a cataclysm on the Virtual Web. Entire sectors, including the Grid, were either destroyed or lost. Later, in 2003, thanks to Alan Bradley's son Jethro, a computer programmer for internet security, discovered that the original Grid was not destroyed, while investigating a hacking scheme from fCOM, a rival computer company set up by Dillinger (former CEO of ENCOM). Nevertheless, he, after going into the digital web, discovered that there were two Grids: one that was rebuilt and the original one (although the original was harder to get to, since it was now the OS of the Hallow Bastion, a kingdom within the realm of the Kingdom Hearts).

However, the story as to the final fate of Kevin Flynn did not end there…

"Honey, I'm home," Usagi said, as she brought in her son's groceries. She knew that her son's recent publicity stunt, proclaiming that Kevin Flynn was alive, would have deterred him from eating properly. Ranma liked Sam, but felt that Sam didn't want to have a step-father. In fact, Sam pushed away many of the male figures in Usagi's life. He simply wanted his father Kevin back, and was willing to give ENCOM bad publicity as a means of acting out his frustration.

"I hope you're not too beaten up to eat some of your mother's home cooking-"

"Mom, I believe Dad is alive," Sam said, as he startled Usagi.

"Oh!" Usagi said, as she nearly dropped her grocery bags onto the floor. "Sam, you've startled me…"

"Alan stopped by, and told me that Dad sent me a message…from the Grid," Sam said. "What's that?"

Usagi sighed, knowing that denying her son his birthright was no longer an option. And if Kevin was alive in the Grid, there was a reason why he waited until now to make contact with the so-called "real world".


"Sam, we have to talk," Usagi said. "And then, you and I will find your father…and his legacy…"


Author's Note: That's it for the prequel for the upcoming "Tron Legacy" movie. Later!