Commandant 1# of fanfiction: Thou shalt not question the plot bunnies. They may be bloody brilliant, like here.

Inspired by a friend's ABC's thingamabob, I said to myself: "Self, I should do one too, but not of this couple". Then, the bunnies struck. BAD. It was like watching a Viking hoard invade my imagination... Thus "26 Hours in a Day" was born. So I hope you enjoy and leave reviews on the way out :). They would be greatly appreciated...Seriously. Yes, this is Trustshipping (SetoxIshizu). Seems totally illogical, and yet at the same time...Well, if you don't like this couple, then why are you reading lol?

The expression goes "clothes make the man", or woman in this case. Possibly

He never understood why she went around in the garb of her ancestors. He always said that the past should be forgotten, and that including clothing. She always said that it was honoring tradition, but there is always a time for the past to be discarded, like said clothing.

But yet...

He would never admit it to anyone, let alone himself, but he found it alluring. It was a mystery to him, she was a mystery to him. Like a puzzle to him, so he could solve it. Including why she still managed to dress in those 'traditional' clothing.

Women always used clothing as their tools to lure men in, Kaiba learned over the years. Mai used it very well, which would explain why she had the mutt follow her like a love-struck puppy. Tea, while she wouldn't say it outright, used it too, though not to sch an extreme as the blond. And even Serenity, with her demure outfits and demeanor, managed to draw men in like flies to honey. Kaiba never sprung for the women that had to have some body part hang out somewhere, which screamed 'look at how insecure I am'! Or worse, 'I'm single!'. He thought it was vulgar and disgusting and uncouth. Why they dressed like that, he could never fathom; then again, he could never fathom the female mind really.

Ishizu however, was different. She didn't need skimpy clothing or bright colors. She had a quiet confidence that radiated from her being, how she held her carriage, her head held high and ocean blue eyes bright with intelligence. She had no need for the clothes of a modern age, for she was herself. And despite that her 'clinginess' to the past (which he frankly thought she didn't need), he found it attractive and captivating.

But he was Seto Kaiba and he would never, ever think anything like that.

Which would explain why he would never admit his feelings for her.