Kaiba never liked charity dinners; they always made him dress in formal clothing that made him feel like he was suffocating. He much preferred his long coat and his usual garb. He hated charity dinners even more when they were held at places at oh, the Egyptian exhibit at the Domino Museum. If someone had told him that the formal dinner was being held at this 'abominable' place, he would have never shown up.

But since no one did, he was stuck here. He could have left, but that would have been in poor taste, especially after donating a pretty chunk of change for the host charity. He didn't have a problem with giving away money; he had millions of it anyway, what was a fifty thousand check here and there? They also did make such wonderful tax write offs in April. He was sitting out away from the crowds, his back to them, out on the balcony that was part of the museum's banquet hall. It was used for catering and hosting business events and here it was to be used no different. The cool crisp night air gave him some relief, but not much

"You know, I would have never you, Seto, to show up here of all places," Ishizu greeted. He didn't turn around to greet her; he remained staring out into the night sky.

"Well, if someone had told me that it was being held at the museum, I would have never shown up."

"Maybe someone remembered that you had antipathy towards museums," she retorted. As she said this, Seto had the nagging suspicion that she was behind that comment.

"Was it you?"

"You know, it is considered polite to face someone when making accusations like that," Ishizu countered and Seto detected an unfamiliar undercurrent to her voice. Flirtation maybe? He wasn't sure.

And so he did and as he did, his mouth went dry at the sight. Ishizu was wearing a dark blue dress, with silver beads trailing down one side and curving about in a shimmering waterfall. The dress was a spaghetti strap, but she covered her bare shoulders with a shawl of a lighter hued, almost gossamer fabric. Her hair was down and she wore minimal makeup, just enough to highlight her dark blue eyes and lips. If he didn't have manners, and if wasn't in a public place, his jaw would have dropped to the floor, so to speak.

Now, Seto had always considered the color blue to be a good, noble color. He liked it, for it was the color of his eyes and the eyes of his dragon. But after that night, blue was to be Seto's favorite color, for life.

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