Hello all, I am SteelAgainstIvory (obviously). I have decided to write a quick, little note, simply because certain people misunderstand the fic I have created. For those not paying attention, I mean Colpo di Fulmine, my JokerxBatman noncon. Let me begin by stating out right:

Rape is an act in which one party forces a second party to have sexual intercourse against the second party's will. Rape in today's society, is a crime. Those who are tried in a criminal court case and convicted are sex criminals. Rape is much like murder. It is considered offensive and is disapproved of. Whether or not I condone or condemn the act is irrelevant to the story. If the reader does not approve of rape, I have no desire to convince them otherwise. Rape is damaging to the victim. It is horrendous. These are things no one can deny, and in writing Bruce Wayne's character, I have portrayed the awful feelings a person can experience in such a situation.

If you believe I have it wrong—by all means, you have a right to your opinion, and even a right to craft another story with what you believe is a more accurate description of what Bruce would do in said situation… I merely ask that you reframe from telling me I am wrong. Simply said, I am not.

As for the Joker in this portrayal, some people have missed the point. This may be my own undoing. Being the first non-con I had written, I wanted to get the idea out of my brain as soon as possible. The sole reason for the creation of this story was, in fact, because I could not write anything else until I let out Colpo di Fulmine. Once finished, I had it beta'd, then posted it. I had written it; why not let it roam free on the fanfiction (dot) net site? I admit I am a fan of a dominant Joker. There is no shame in this. Why should I be ashamed? I simply cannot see him in role of the "bottom". My story is not written to divulge my pervy fantasies (as odd as that may be to some), but because once the story is in my brain, it must get out. If not, I'm doomed to Writer's Block. So, I wrote the story. The concept is in no way bad, and I would argue, rather interesting. Why would I not write this story? Plus, if I had written Colpo di Fulmine only for top-Joker, how is this a terrible reason for writing the fic? If you do not like the fics in your genre, make your own fic. It is as straightforward as that.

Now, that being said, I would appreciate it if in reviews, there would be no more quotes from the movie. I get it. You've seen the movie. You have interpreted a line or two of dialogue. Amazing. You have done what everyone else in the world does. Honestly, dialogue is misleading. Words can be twisted by the actor's choice in inflection, subtext, body language, and tone. Do NOT take a quote and tell me what it means in regards to a character. It is one quote, on a computer screen, out of context in the world in which it is said. Again, you may have whatever opinions you want, but if it does not matter in my story, it is useless. Trust me, I take special care to keep the Joker and Bruce in character (as they are portrayed in the setting). However, that does not mean the way I view the character is the way you view the character and vice versa. I could argue several points brought up in reviews (and win), but it does no good.

Next, and mostly importantly, the genre. I have labeled it as a ROMANCE. "How the heck is this romance?" you might ask. The answer: Colpo di Fulmine is a sexually graphic piece of writing. The story is about the non-consensual sex. Sex will happen in romance. It is merely a natural flow in the set-up of the romance genre. The couple will eventually have sex. It may not be stated directly, but if the two characters marry at the end, or have children, the act of sex will be or is involved with those concepts. As for HURT/COMFORT, Bruce Wayne is raped. He is not angsting over the rape—he is merely raped… Does one not understand rape is usually painful? If I could have only HURT, I would. Unless the fanfiction (dot) net site includes a NON-CON as a genre heading, what else can I put for the genre? If I were to leave it GENERAL, the wrong type of fan would read it, and I might become barred from my favorite thing in the world. Also, it is certainly not a general story.

So, dear readers, why is the sex nonconsensual? Because, I am a cannon fanatic and a realist. Put away your fangirl obsessions and logically deduce the characters by the strict rules of the Nolanverse. Would Bruce Wayne really have sex willingly with the Joker—top or bottom? Plainly said, Bruce Wayne is too moral, too upstanding. His duty is to catch the Joker and put him in Arkham/prison and for a long time. The Joker, on the other hand, a person can argue left and right about what he would do and why. The truth of the matter is in the doctrine of the unstable character as depicted in The Dark Knight. In my fic, Joker raped Bruce Wayne because he had the opportunity to do it, and did it, simply because it was what he wanted to do at the time. He needs nothing else, but that. Feel free to think otherwise, but, I'm sorry, it doesn't change anything I have written.

On a similar note—because I am sick and tired of it—if you disapprove of rape, don't read it. Why would you read it is you dislike it? I don't care if JokerxBatman is your OTP, you are an idiot and I have every right to tell you so. For example, I hate spiders. I would not jump into a pit of full of tarantulas if I noticed a penny at the bottom. If I did, please call me an idiot. I will definitely think twice before repeating that action.

As for the non-con fanatic, read Colpo di Fulmine if you'd like. It does not matter to me. I merely ask that people not make hasty judgments on the fans of non-con. The fact of the matter is this is a fictional story in which I am not profiting. There are people who enjoy non-con. Why? Non-con is a taboo. Non-con is a way presenting a new side of a pairing. Non-con can be sensual. Non-con is the oldest form of romance. Debate me if you would like, but I am speaking factually. Marriage and rape use to be synonymous words (wiki the Rape of the Sabine women for a better understanding). Bride-stealing was common for many centuries. Until the 1970's, rape did not exist in the English language. The 1980's, the victim—not the assailant—was the one under question for the action (Was the victim drunk? Were they too flirty? Were they dressed provocatively? How many sexual partners had they in the past?). You can pick up a Harlequin Romance novel from the '40's to late '60's and even a few in the early '90's. In ninty-nine percent of the readings, the "hero" in the story rapes the virgin heroine. He leaves her bruised and battered, all because he loves her. Once she realizes that, she falls in love with him as well.

Rape, or non-con, is a primal part of the human culture. It may be dark and demented, and slowly we are realizing it is an awful thing for a human to face; but nonetheless, it is embedded into our cultures in subtler and subtler ways. If we refuse to examine the action, the characters behind it, and the taboo of violating another human being humanity is doomed to repeat its mistakes and not understand why. For non-con fans, it is not so much the act of rape, as it is the symbolic plucking of innocence for the victim. In the saddest, romanticized way, non-con is that fantasy of being owned by another person forever. A person has lost a bit of himself or herself to another. They can never walk, talk, or think, without some lingering reminder of that other that invaded their body. It can be destroying, especially destroying a person for any other human contact. They are never independent again. The assailant, likewise, is the epitome of a fantastical taker. They win, and keep, and enjoy… its vampiric, in a way. They swoop down on the innocent, capturing the body, thus engraving and owning the innocent in the most powerful manner possible.

In the pitiful, selfish heart of a man or woman is the animalistic desire to be owned and to own another. The longest stories, the best stories, the most classic, and the most popular is the romance. What is romance? It is exclusively having another and to be had in return. Romance does not necessarily mean the stereotypical love everyone equates with hearts, and chocolates, and flowers. Romantic love can be very dangerous, very scary, and very cruel to one or both parties. This is what makes something like the story of The Phantom of the Opera so influential. It all comes down to whether we—the readers, watchers, and listeners—are able to make the connection.

My dear readers, I am in no way trying to change your opinion on rape, or what it does to the victims. More often than not, they are victims of unfortunate circumstances, being at the wrong place at the wrong time. A true rapist is an opportunist who is thrilled by dominating him or herself over others. It is a terrible thing to have occur. It is illegal for moral and physical reasons. I only ask for you to understand those whose fantasies or attraction lean toward the non-con. It has nothing to do with rape per say, but rather the romantic elements that is buried within our ancient and primitive pasts. Should I refuse to delve into the darker territories of the human heart, I am not really a writer. That is what I consider myself. A writer.

I write for the love of it. I write because I want to. I write because there is an idea in my mind that should be laid out on a table and examined with the carefulness of an autopsy. I write to see certain types or fans (and more general fans) become happier. I write because I am good at it. I write because I always have and forever shall. I write to satisfy my soul, my friends, my family, my mind, my body, my beliefs, and my uncertainties. I write. I am a writer.

Last, I shall say this, and if you disagree or think it rude, I do not care. If you like my story, or any story, I will be more than pleased to hear about it! I encourage it!

If you do not like my story, I donotwant your reviews. Period. If you did not like Colpo di Fulmine I obviously did not write it for you. In fact, I did not write it for anyone but me. So, all truth be told, do not critique me. I beta my stories through three people, I know all my issues with the English language, and I critique myself enough as it is. Do not tell me I am wrong, or my characters are off the mark, because I don't want to hear it. If you tell me something akin to, "Too bad, that is what reviews are for," then I will tell you quite curtly:

"Well, then. Go f-ck yourself."

The people who take reviews too seriously do nothing but make me angry. I do not spend hours typing away at a story to have it be bashed because someone else on the web does not view the characters, the actions, or even the plot in the way I do. I write it, hoping it will be enjoyed. If it is not enjoyed, I do not care. All the reviewer who critiques my work does is end up digging their own grave. My betas and I spend an hour discussing how the reviewer is wrong, that they missed the point, and how now on my review page I have several long paragraphs of a personal vendetta against the subject matter of a story they could have easily skipped over, because really, you are not so special that you need to review each story that has ever been graced by your eyes. I don't care, and no else really cares either.

"If you don't care, SteelAgainstIvory, what is up with this note?" someone may wonder. My answer: Because I am so done with these idiotic reviews. Hopefully now I will have some peace. In all the many years I have been writing, suddenly, everyone starts to point out the supposed shortcomings of something or other. I can guarantee you, I am well aware of what I am writing, and I am very proficient at what I do.

If anything I said has been offensive to you, I cannot apologize. I did not mean to be offensive, but doubtless, someone, somewhere, is now upset. Let me say; get over it. It'll happen. A wise woman once told me, "You got the same clothes to get happy in that you got mad in."

With that last sentiment, please feel free to comment me, enlighten me, or ask me for clarification, but if you don't like it, I do not care. I stand by Colpo di Fulmine, the genre headings, the pairing, this note, and everything in between. If you are not mature enough to handle that, you have no business reading my fanfiction.

Thank you for your time, and I hope you have at least considered the note educational.