Mint chocolate chip ice cream.

After flipping through a grand total of eleven women's magazines, Donna was experiencing a rather intense degree of second-hand hunger for all the insanely skinny models, and all she could think about was rolling her tongue all over a nice big bowl of mint chocolate chip ice cream. A cone would be also be perfectly acceptable – as long as it could hold a ridiculously large scoop or two…or six. Or eighteen.

But, did this planet even have ice cream? She reasoned that it most certainly should, seeing as the land was called Midnight, and everyone knows that frozen dairy desserts make the perfect midnight snack. Well, everyone from Donna's century anyway. Maybe twenty-seventh century folks munched exclusively on healthy, organic-y things - like sugar-free gelatin or dried apple slices.

However, Donna was slowly becoming an optimist, so she decided to leave the hotel's spa in search of a frozen fix. Perhaps the concierge would know where to direct her.

On the way to the lobby, Donna got a bit sidetracked by a grand hallway display of modern art. There was a 3-D watermelon-scented painting, a 4555-carat diamond headband, a full-size wax replica of a Hippogriff, and even a translucent sand castle. After scratching the abs of a scratch-and-sniff Jude Law (the XXXVII) wax figure, Donna turned around and came face-to-face with a piece of art that she could have sworn had magically appeared: a stone creation of an angel.

Donna stared at it, perplexed by this particular piece of "art". Puh-lease - an angel statue? Why would that belong amongst the grandiose display? Those were in twenty-first century gardens everywhere. No more impressive than a gnome. L-A-M-E.

Donna Noble suddenly felt quite bored. So, she blinked.