The City of New Vegas, the glittering jewel of the Mojave Wasteland, sits silent. Today, there are no clamouring drunken revelers trying to walk steady, no beaten gamblers spitting bitter curses, and no NCR military police yelling out at a clumsy pickpocket. The entire city sits in silence, in grim tribute to its new ruler.

Inside the towering Lucky 38 casino and virtual palace, a single man looks down on the city from the top floor penthouse. He has mildly pale Caucasian skin, blasted back chocolate hair, and a mustache that could only be described as "Machiavellian." His choice of clothing was a jet black business suit with a red tie, and a pair of authoritarian sunglasses shielded his eyes from the rising Mojave sun.

His name is Seth, last name withheld, and while he was once a humble courier, he is now the ruler of the entire city, that now sits silent, in testimony to his deeds.

The sound of a single rolling tire caught his attention. "High there boss!" greeted an robotic voice that was offered great praise, but didn't make the speaker sound snivelling. It was Yes Man, the one reprogrammed securitron, and the reason that Vegas has a new master. "I got those reports you asked for, and may I say that I feel MUCH better now that you purged that useless "assertive" program from me. I was such an idiot! You're the only one who can run Vegas right boss!"

Seth's face donned a tiny smirk. He had been a tad panicked when he realized his cheerful robot slave was no longer going to obey his every command, but as a Robotics Expert, it proved to be as simple fix. Now Yes Man was totally obedient, and served as the cornerstone of Seth's new empire. Although the robot's primary code matrix and programming network had been installed into the Lucky 38's computer grid, where it controlled every securitron in the Courier's vast army, and small subsystem existed inside this specially modified unit, which served a the Courier's assistant, bodyguard, talking calculator, and rolling encyclopedia.

"Did you send out the messangers?" asked the Courier as he took the aft-mentioned reports.

"I sure did boss! We should receive our replies in a few days!" Yes Man responded.

"That will be all Yes Man." Seth spoke. The robot rolled away with another praise-filled remark, but the Courier wasn't listening. He looked over the papers which confirmed his beliefs: Everything went exactly according to plan. Seth closed his eyes and leaned back, for he was now truly the master of New Vegas.

His total victory now confirmed, Seth took a moment to mentally review his rise to power. After surviving Benny's attempt to murder him, he learned what he needed to from the townsfolk, and then helped Joe Cobb and his crew conquer the town, then helped the Powder Ganger's boss Eddie with some small problems. They were the first of many successes. He then traveled south to Primm, and installed the hard line Sheriff Meyers as the town's guardian. A brief run in with Ceaser's Legion in the ashes of Nipton left him impressed with the slaver's ruthlessness, but earned his scorn for their technological stupidity.

In Novac, he sacrificed a hapless lunatic to a greving sniper's wrath, and gained his first follower: Craig Boone. Manny Vargas's terminal proved laughably easy to hack, and the two continued North. Double crossed Great Khans gave up Benny's location, so Seth was generous enough to get the NCR to let them go. Finally, he reached Vegas.

Before entering The Tops, however, the Courier accepted an invitation from Mr. House, and became aware of the true scale of things. Realizing this was about more then just revenge, the Courier heard Benny out, then decided to take his scheme as his own. Mr. House was quickly eliminated, and Seth claimed the Lucky 38 as his own.

By now, the Courier had gained other followers: Veronica, the disillusioned Brotherhood of Steel member. Rose of Sharon Cassidy, the vengeful, washed up caravaner. Raul the Spainish gunfighting ghoul, the mysterious Arcade Gannon, and the unusual incomprehensible robot ED-E. With their support, Seth prepared the Wasteland for his accession.

When he learned the Powder Gangers were coming under attack, he and Raul rushed to their defense, fighting off the NCR and cementing the Courier's support for the ex-cons. With Veronica's help, Seth claimed HELIOS ONE and its deadly ARCHAMEDIES super-weapon as his own. Cass then assisted him in slaughtering both the Van Graff's (who were absorbed by the Garret Twins, people Seth was on excellent terms with) and the Crimson Caravans (who formed an integral part of the NCR supply line). When the King's conflict with NCR squatters reached a boiling point, the Courier brought down ARCHAMEDIES on the side of the King's, cementing himself as the hero of Freeside. When The King requested Seth seek treatment for his cyber-dog Rex, the Courier left ED-E with the Followers (further earning their trust) and set out for Jacobstown.

Doctor Henry was able to treat Rex with the brain of a Fiend Dog the Courier had collected during his extermination of the uncontrollable junkies, recognizing that they would cause nothing but trouble for him. Before leaving the Super Mutant refuge, this time with Lily in tow, Seth slaughtered the NCR mercs and unleashed the Nightkin into the wastes, ensuring the NCR would have one more front to fight.

REPCONN was a bloodbath. Having decided to earn the respect of the small town, The Courier unleashed the now unmediated Lily on the sight. Her fellow Nightkin never suspected a thing until she was ripping their arms from their sockets, and the Ghouls proved no match for the Courier's laser weapons.

Turning his eyes back to The Strip, Seth assisted Mortimer in returning the White Glove Society to the old ways. Seth knew they would support him, as he too had tasted the sweetest meat of all...

Next came the Omertas. After discovering their plan to attack The Strip, The Courier launched his most devious plot yet. After selling out Cachico, he supplied Troike with his missing weapon shipment and Clanden his Chlorine gas. He then took Boone with him to Cottonwood Cove and later Fortification Hill. Having laid his ghost's and conscience to rest at Bitter Springs, Boone carved a path of destruction through the Legion camp, until even Caeser himself could not escape his sights.

In an odd reversal of fortune, The Courier had Benny tied down an at his mercy. Rather then kill him however, Seth untied Benny and allowed him to flee. After all, without Benny, Seth would never have discovered the true importance of the Platinum Chip and would have blindly delivered it to Mr. House. The two men parted on friendly terms, and the massive trail of Legion blood and guts Benny had to wade through to leave definitely discouraged him from returning to cause trouble. After upgrading the Securitron Army, The Courier returned to the Omertas and informed them the support for their little plan had evaporated. Instead, he made them an offer: Support me when the time comes, or I'll sick the upgraded Securitrons on you.

Seth's plan wasn't actually too diffrent from Caeser's, the only differences were that the Ultra Lux was to be spared, the NCR Embassy to be hit first, and the Monorail to Camp McCarren to be seized. Intimidated by The Courier's murder of Caeser in his own base, and sensing opprotunity in a Vegas that would still accept tourists, they accepted.

All that was left were the Boomers, Great Khans and Brotherhood. Veronica gave Seth access to the bunker, having decided to sever all ties to the organization after an unfortunate incident involving the Followers of the Apocalypse, and the Courier brought the whole bunker down on top of them.

The Boomer's were impressed by Seth's scientific knowledge and general helpfulness, and a full alliance was established between them and The Courier's Vegas.

Finally, the Khans. Being on friendly terms with the Mongolian wannabes (having rescued a group of them in Boulder City, a drug runner at Cottonwood Cove, and convinced Samuel Cook's Powder Ganger's to join) it was easy to convince Papa Khan to break ties with the already damaged Legion. When the Khan leader consulted the Courier on how to solidify their legacy, Seth offered them a new partnership: once he gained control of Vegas, he would supply the Khans with all the guns, food, medicine and explosives they need to conquer Wyoming and other northern lands. Seeing no other option, they accepted.

Finally, the battle for the Hoover Dam erupted shortly after President Kimball's assassination. The Boomer's bomber annihilated the NCR forces, while the Remnants and turncoat Khans began slaughtering the Legion, while the Securitrons blasted both sides. Legate Lanius was killed by The Courier and Arcade, and General Oliver was thrown off the Hoover Dam by Yes Man. This was hardly the end for the two leaderless factions however.

During the Battle of the Dam, the Legion force at Nelson, bruised but not beaten, launched a desperate attack on Novac. When they arrived, however, three people stood against them, Craig Boone, Manny Vargas, and surprisingly, Victor. The Securitron had been reprogrammed for loyalty to the Courier shortly before the battle, and the combination of his heavy firepower and the ex-snipers' pinpoint accuracy proved to be too much for the Legion, who fled without causing a single casualty.

The King's used the battle as an opprotunity to attack any remaining NCR forces in Freeside. Raul and Rex had been sent by the Courier, and together, they drove out ever last squatter from the slums. The Followers sealed up their Fort for the duration of the fighting, but have agreed to provide medical treatment to the Courier's human minions. The Atomic Wrangler also agreed to a protective contract.

Despite heavy losses to their leadership, the Fiends launched a desperate attack on McCarren during the battle, both sides suffered heavy losses, but the fighting took a surprising turn when the Boomer's took to the field, using their Grenade Launchers and Bazooka's to blow away both sides, who had mixed together into a brutal melee. The Courier told them that any Boomer's not at the Dam were free to attack the airport and steal any airplanes they could. Overwhelmed by the thought of having numerous aircraft from which they could rain high explosives, they Boomer's set foot outside their secluded enclave for the first time in many years and captured several aircraft and boxes upon boxes of spare parts.

When the Omertas attacked The Strip, Veronica (her power armor filter keeping her safe from the gas) shut down the monorail, leaving the NCR trapped at McCarren to face certain death. As agreed, the Omertas spared the Ultra Lux, and reduced the Embassy to rubble.

That was yesterday, and the city still sits silent into tribute to its new leader's ruthless cunning. The Courier wanted more then just The Strip, however.

He wanted the entire world.

OK, so I felt a little ripped off by the fact that at the Independent ending, you don't get to become the new King of The Strip because Yes Man is suddenly more assertive. So this fanfic will basically be about my character (Seth) and what he will do now that The Strip and its Securitron Army are at his command.