Ok so this story popped into my head after seeing DHP1, and I couldn't get it out. Hope you enjoy, if not so be it

Harry couldn't believe the number Hermione had done on his arm, but again it was Hermione so he was use to her performing the impossible. Only the night before he thought his arm would fall off after Nagini had bite him at Bagshots. He sat up realizing he still felt a little weak in the knees but needed to speak to Hermione, needed to thank her for all she had done for him. Quickly looking around he realized she must still have been outside keeping guard over him, and so he quickly jumped to go relieve her. True he was a little upset that they had to leave his wand in Godric's Hollow, but between that and Voldemort he was happy to live. He quickly found his coat and then proceeded to head outside.

He found her leaning against a tree silently reading "The Life and Lies of Albus Dumbledore" not even noticing him coming towards her till he spoke. "You've outdone yourself this time Hermione," Harry said looking around at the campsite and their beautiful surroundings covered with snow. She was a little startled at his sudden presence when he sat across from her but it passed quickly as she laid the book down.

"The Forest of Dean, mum and dad use to bring me here every summer when I was little. it's the same as it was then, the trees, the river, everything like nothings changed," Hermione said with a distance in her eyes. Harry's heart ached at the look on her face as she continued, "Not true of course everything's changed. If I brought them here they wouldn't recognize anything, not even me."

"Hermione, I'm grateful for everything you've done for me over all these years. I know I've never really said so before but I just wanted to make sure you knew how much I appreciate all you've done. And I'm sorry for all you've had to give up for me as well. I can never repay you for all you've done for me over the years. I wish I could have been a better friend to you, and found a way to keep everyone I care for safe," Harry said trying to smile as best he could.

"Harry I don't regret doing any of what I did over the years for you and would do it again in a heartbeat if I had to do it over. You're my best friend, my only friend now actually, and you needed me and couldn't just let you go off and try to fix everything on your own you know. You wouldn't have lasted a week without me, and if Ron was still here even less than that. I just wish that we didn't have to be in this situation in the first place, you know? It just seems so unfair us having to do this on our own with no clue of anything, finding these Horcruxes of his I mean," Hermione stopped and looked at the forest around them, "Maybe we should just stay here Harry, grow old together."

"How could we possible ever even imagine doing something like that Hermione? I mean how could we live with ourselves if we just up and abandon everyone and everything out there to Riddle's rule," Harry asked perplexed and slightly disturbed by his friend's comment. "We'd willingly abandon the lot of them to cruelty, torture and despair of Tom and his Death Eaters simply because we got fed up with fighting and decided to call it quits?"

"Harry, I wasn't being serious you know me better than that," She said jokingly but then a thought hit her. Why not, why couldn't they just hide and live as normal a life as possible. What was going to stop them. "But then again just what do we owe them; the wizarding world i mean, Harry? I mean from what we saw at the Ministry a few weeks ago, no one is standing up for what's right anymore. They are just letting what's happening happen without a challenge and doing nothing at all to try and change it. I think they are waiting for you to fix their problems instead of doing anything themselves. Which is funny if you consider about two years ago you were disturbed and delusional at least according to them. So why couldn't we just ignore the lot of them and stay here?"

"Hermione what about the people we care about i mean think about your parents, the Weasley's, Remus and Tonks, everyone? Do we abandon them to old Tom and his ways as well? Do we condemn our friends to lives of fear and hiding because we don't want to try and fight anymore. I mean that doesn't make us sound any better than most of wizarding world right now in comparison does it," Harry asked?

"My parents are safe and for me that's more than enough. As for Lupin even if we did manage to win he'd still be persecuted the rest of his life and have to hide away. Just because You Know Who is gone doesn't mean all his stupid laws would vanish overnight. And plus I'm sure hiding away is a lot better for him these days with Tonks now at his side. And as for Ronald, he can go to hell for all I care for how he abandoned us," Hermione almost shouted. " I would feel bad for the rest of them though but they are purebloods and You Know Who wouldn't kill them. Harry think about it we are the only two really trying to do anything to take him down. The others they are just countering him, not taking the offensive."

Harry sat there just thinking of what she said and the more and more he thought about it the more sense it beginning to make to him. They did seem to be the only ones trying to make a real difference, and even Ron had backed out on them because it was too hard. Thinking of Ron brought up another concern of Harry's and this was the hardest to think past. The only thought that worried him was Ginny, and how he didn't think he could abandon her. At the same time a new thought entered his head; one he hadn't even considered before right now and the more he thought of it the more it made sense. In a matter of seconds his greatest worry was gone and his thoughts had spun his world around. Hermione seemed to read his face well and knew what his concern was but was a little confused when something new hit his face, anger. Whatever it was he was thinking about had just hit him and had royally pissed him off it seemed.

"I can't believe it. She couldn't, she wouldn't," Harry said now seeming to get madder by the second. "How is it I never noticed what was going on before right now. Not once in four years that we went to school with her do I even look at her with even the slightest interest and suddenly I have the urge to kiss her and the overwhelming want to be with her. It also just so happened to be in the very year that Slughorn introduced all years to the concept of love potions. Damn it to hell, I even let her fed me over the year and during the summer, how could I be so blind. She must have been lacing everything I've eaten for over a year now and I'm willing to bet dear old Molly helped"

Hermione was shell-shocked by his accusations to say the least but it made sense when she thought of it. Harry had never showed any interest at all in Ginny and then it seemed like out of the blue it was all he could think about. Hermione thought she was going to be sick at the thought of all that Ginny had done to him. She had been the one encouraged Ginny to try and make him notice her. She had been the one who supported her and helped her try to get his attention and now it seemed she had drugged him to get him.

"The overwhelming feeling to punch Dean every time I saw them kiss when on the train ride home the year before I thought nothing of it. The uncontrollable want and desire to run up and kiss her no matter who was watching. She's been slipping me love potions all this time, nothing was real. I mean sure I worry about her but the more I think about it the less I care about the situation. The future I hoped and was fighting for is a lie, I haven't a doubt in my mind about that," Harry continued sounding more and more depressed as he continued.

"I have nothing in my life again. I thought I had someone who cared and loved but like most things it was another lie," Hermione heard him say and it killed her to think he thought that. She looked to see him crying, to see him it a state of depression. She panicked and she quickly hurried up from her seat and went and sat at his side putting an arm around him and holding him tightly. He looked up at her with tears pouring and she nearly lost it, the look he had was that of utter defeat.

"Harry, you are never ever alone, no matter what happens down the road you will always have me at your side I promise. Unlike Ron I'm not going anywhere anytime soon so you are going to have to deal with it. Your stuck with me Harry," She said with a faint smile. He forced up a little smile as he looked up at her, and without thought and a knowing of why he leaned over and kissed her.

Hermione was frozen in place as Harry's lips touched hers, but soon kissed him back with all she had. Neither thought of if it was wrong, or what not it was what felt right at that moment and neither wanted it to end. But like all great things it did, and they pulled apart and just looked at each other with a smile. "Let's stay Hermione, screw the world they can help themselves I've got all I need right here in my arms" and with that he kissed her again.

"Ok Harry, we will from now on Harry it'll be just you and me. This should be fun don't you think, but let's move further back into the woods so we are farther off the beaten path We don't want Snatchers or worse Ron coming along and finding us now do we," Hermione added looking into his eyes. How could she have been so blind as to what was in front of her this whole time she thought. The same thought was passing through Harry's head at the exact same moment.

They quickly packed and started to move further into the woods never even aware that a third person had just entered the woods. But it mattered not to them because try as he might Ronald Weasley could not find them. It wouldn't be until a few months later that he would come across them and when he finally did he was in for one hell of a shock. And if given her one, Hermione was going to make sure he suffered for leaving them

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