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1. Only one chapter is left after this one, the epilogue will be contained within the final chapter.

2. Yes Neville is dead dead, no I will not change it

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Harry wasted little time rushing past the Great Hall as screams were coming from deep within the castle Harry had figured Voldemort was the cause. He ran past without much attention being paid to those around him until he reached the fourth floor of the Grand Staircase. Harry stopped for a moment looking about trying to figure where Voldemort had run to this time, and took in the vast damage that had piled up around him. While most of the stairwells were still intact the damage was obvious and severe as several parts of the walls were laying across lower level stairs and the sun could be seen settling down behind the far hill side through the massive hole that had been blown into the side of the tower.

Harry looked all around at the Death Eaters fighting hard against both students and teachers. Snatchers were battling with all they had against the Order, but none of them had even dared to approach Harry when they saw him run past. Either the fear of their Lord if they were to rob him of the chance to kill the boy, or of him himself for the spectacle he had put on just moments before seemed to halted them in their tracks. Harry stared for only a few seconds but to him it felt like an eternity as he watched all the innocent people fighting, the people he had wanted to abandon to what Harry had called "their fates". He had to end this, but his sight turned sharply towards three familiar faces nearly the entrance of the castle.

Harry watched Snape as he struggled to avoid being hit while dragging in a badly bleeding Lupin and leaving him at Tonks. She immediately focused on Remus as Snape turned and charged out the door and back into the fight once more. Harry felt the guilt wash over him knowing that everyone who was fighting and dying now were doing so because he panicked at the sight of Hermione being threatened. He could have ended it all but instead he toyed with Voldemort and when Harry thought Hermione was in danger he freaked and it caused his initial strategy to fail. It was the same reason he had almost lost everything back in Malfoy Manor when Lucius had caught him off guard and Harry refused to let happen ever again.

Harry steeled himself looking down one last time on the families fighting and continued on, resolved to end this nightmare the wizarding world had been living in for close to fifty years. Harry darted up the stairs following the screams knowing that the monster had to be stopped and that doing so would likely kill the fighting spirit of his forces as well. He turned as he heard again another scream above him and it hit him. He took off past everyone blasting Death Eaters as he ran towards the seventh floor now knowing just where Voldemort was heading. It made sense when he thought about it because Voldemort was afraid, he wanted to see for himself if what Harry and Hermione had alluded to was correct. He was headed straight for the Room of Requirement to see if his Horcrux was really gone.

Harry slowed as he reached the corridor just around the corner from the room and with his wand at his side he walked slowly around the corner and saw the doors wide open. Voldemort was standing in the middle of a giant room filled of ashes and still burning embers and not much else. Voldemort was staring off into the emptiness when he screamed loud enough to wake the dead. He turned to charge out when he finally took notice of Harry standing with his wand pointed at him covered in ashes and debris. Voldemort's eyes filled of rage and shaking shot spell after spell at Harry but Harry just blocked or rolled out the way every time. Voldemort may have a experience but had still had his youth, being young and spire is what had kept him alive this long.

"Do you know what you have done? Everything in my life was built towards the goal of taking control of this world and making it so much better. Wizards should not have to fear the filth of this world and I was going to lead us into a new dawn. I was to make the muggle world quake in their boots, to put them down like the beasts they truly are," Voldemort screamed still trying to hit Harry.

"No Tom you weren't, you were going to take power and use it for your selfish means and ruin the lives of good innocent people. You would have been the king of a pile of dust upon a dirt rock and not much else. I would not and could not allow that to happen, not after everything you have done, and not just to me. You are a murderer, a sadist, a monster plain and simple Tom, and a throne was never waiting for you after this war, but a coffin is" Harry calmly told him walking slowly now.

"You know what's really funny Tom about this whole thing is that you and I, I once thought we were so much alike. Both orphans, both outcasts, both capable of speaking parseltough, and wanting nothing more than to be accepted, but Dumbledore was right you and I aren't products of our environments, but of our choices," Harry said, "Look at me I've been accused of every crime in the book; from being responsible to Cedric Diggory's death to being the Heir of Slytherin, been raised to believe I was worthless and a freak who never deserved love. Yet here I am standing tall between you and the people you believe are responsible for your grand worlds problems. The world isn't the problem Tom, you are."

"You know nothing of me boy," Voldemort spat hating hearing that name.

"I know that you are the son of a muggle and the witch that ensnared his mind with a potion, yet you blame him for her wrong doings. You were hated in the orphanage you grew up because of the horrible things you did to people, yet you blame them for hating you for it. You hate my continued survival though it is your decisions that have lead to this moment Tom, yet you blame me for what is simply your fault. Simple fact you blame others for your own failings because if you accepted that you screw up you would also have to admit you aren't perfect and you'll never do that," Harry smirked.

"You think you know me so well don't you boy, Dumbledore thought so too and look how he ended up. All you had to do was walk away Potter, you were free. I couldn't find you, and honestly I wasn't looking for you. Sure I wanted you dead, but you were out of the picture, with your mudblood. You could have walked away and I wouldn't have cared. I would have killed you on sight sure, but I have learned having you out of the way is just as effective," Voldemort said, "Why did you feel the need to come back?"

"I could never have walked away and been able to live with myself knowing what you would do to people, and you damn sure wouldn't have let me go. So don't even try to say otherwise Tom, the fact is this was going to happen no matter what. It isn't a prophecy that binded us together, it was your inability to stay out of your own way. Your death is your fault ," Harry said coldly rolling his wand in his fingers knowing Voldemort would more than likely strike any second now.

"You think you can kill me boy? You are nothing compared to me, I have defied death itself on more than one occasion. I will rule this world and make the people quake at my presence. But even if I cannot kill you as you say; if any of what you spout is true then I swear I will do everything else to make you wish I could. I will torture every single one of your pathetic friends, I will destroy everything you hold ear and dear, and you will lay beaten and broken as each Death Eater gets a turn at your mudblood whore, as she begs and screams for you, then for death…" Voldemort was prepared as Harry lashed out violently. The two fought in the corridor, and with each spell more of it crumbled about. All the fighting around the two stopped as all fighters ran from the destruction around them.

"I WILL NOT LET YOU TOUCH HER," Harry bellowed turning more and more violent as his anger grew near out of control. His magical aura was pouring out of him at such rate Voldemort could feel it as if it was a constant mist hitting him. Voldemort turned with the spell on his lips, the same that was on Harry's at that very moment, and the two beams of green sped towards each other and collided with force. The resulting blast knocked both men from their feet and tore the corridor asunder. Most of the tower's roof and side wall had been blown away and those who had been close by were killed on impact.

Voldemort slowly was trying to pull himself from the rumble of the tower that had crashed down around him. As he broke free and stood he looked on hoping Potter had been crushed but to no avail, as he saw the boy limping forward. Anger was a thing of the past in Voldemort's mind as worry had finally began to make its way inside his head. If he the greatest wizard of all time couldn't manage to kill a simple child, and if the boy was telling the truth about everything then what could he do?

Harry looked at Voldemort standing feet away with a curious expression, and it hit him quickly what it was. He could only smile at the thought that after all Voldemort had seen and done. After all the man had tried to stay alive and destroy anyone who got in his way that he was truly scared for his life.

"You're afraid," Harry laughed slowly moving forward wand at his side.

"I AM NOT AFRAID I AM LORD VOLDEMORT, AND I WILL NOT BE DEFEATED BY SOME CHILD WHO FEELS DESTINY MADE HIM IMPORTANT," Voldemort bellowed launching curse after curse but soon realized he made a huge mistake.

"Destiny made me? Destiny? THIS IS YOUR FAULT TOM, EVERYTHING THAT HAS HAPPENED IS YOUR OWN DOING. YOU KILLED MY PARENTS, YOU TRIED TO KILL ME, YOU USED MY BLOOD TO INSURE YOUR SURVIVAL, YOU..YOU MADE ME," Harry screamed moving closer to Voldemort who was slowly backing toward the edge of the building where the wall had been blown down. Harry deflected every single spell Voldemort could launch at him and dodged those which he couldn't.

"YOU DID THIS TO ME, ALL MY LIFE….YOU MADE ME TOM, AND NOW I'LL UNMAKE YOU," Harry shouted charging Voldemort tackling him over the edge. Harry about half way down reached out and grabbed hold of him and quickly began to appartate out of the nosedive and aimed them both towards the Great Hall. When he thought they were close enough Harry let go and Voldemort went crashing through the windows and rolled to a stop in the middle of the hall. Harry seconds later landed on his feet through the very hole Voldemort had created.

Voldemort was on his hands and knees trying to get up, and saw his wand just feet away and moved to grab it. But as his hand grabbed hold and he went to lift it a foot came down on the tip and a loud crack was heard across the hall. Lord Voldemort, the self-proclaimed greatest wizard ever, had just had his wand snapped and was unarmed. Harry stood tall over him smirking before removing his foot from the broken wand, and walked a few feet away. As Hermione, Ron, Snape, Luna, and the others ran in to see what was happening Harry addressed everyone around him.

"This is Tom Riddle, a madman who thought he was a god. He believed himself better than all others, and that muggle-borns weren't worth letting live let alone teaching. He was wrong, and now he is finished," Harry stated to all those standing around. "A great deal of the so called "Pureblood" families are now gone thanks to him; The Malfoys, The LeStranges, and sadly The Longbottoms. And soon so will end the Slytherin and Gaunt lines as well as their last descant lay crawling across the floor."

"Potter…the things we could achieve together…we could change the world," Voldemort coughed but Harry just stared down at him. Voldemort knew then it was in vain, all his plans, everything had failed, but he wouldn't give Potter the pleasure of breaking down. If this was to be his fate so be it, Potter was detined to anyhow it seemed. "Do it then Potter, do what destiny says must be done."

"No," Harry said just blankly staring at him and Voldemort and the crowd reeled back at this statement.

"What no you mean No? The prophecy states…" Voldemort said but was cut off.

"I know what it said, Dumbledore told me, but I won't give you the satisfaction of knowing you were right. I'm going to prove that the only reason this happened is because of your choices and not some half baked prophecy. I'm going to prove to you that your fate is your fault," Harry said turning towards the crowd and nodded.

Voldemort could hear footsteps and heard some people gasp but his vision was fading in and out at this point. If he was honest with himself he wasn't sure he wanted to know who was moving towards him, coming to deliver his fate. He had to give Potter credit, stripping him of at least being killed by his hated rival. However once they were up close he looked up to see the face of a man he once thought loyal looking down in disgust. Snape stood tall even with blood pouring down the right side of his face with the Elder Wand pointed straight ahead.

"For Lily," Snape whispered only loud enough for Voldemort to hear. "Avada Kedavra"

The green light struck Voldemort straight in the face and the greatest evil to threaten magical Britain fell backwards eyes devoid of light dead. Snape turned his head towards Harry and both men nodded at each other and Snape started towards McGonagall. Silence fell through the hall, followed by a large uproad of cheering. Harry limped his way towards Ron and Hermione with a smile across his face knowing it was over at last.

"Glad to see you were on time at least this time mate," Harry laughed at Ron pulling him into a hug before turning to Hermione. She just smiled before leaning up and pecking him on the lips. Harry knew that there was still more to do, but couldn't care about anything more than his best friend and his girlfriend. Harry looked around and saw the faces all around him Tonks was over Remus smiling down at him with tears in her eyes. Hannah Abbott, Sheamus, and others along with McGonagall were slowly bringing in Neville's body and laying it in the back corner. Harry for the first time realized and let sink in that Neville was gone. Slowly he walked over to him and the others backed away as he went to his knees beside his friend.

"Rest my friend, and tell my parents I said I love them and I'll see them when the time comes," Harry whimpered out as he leaned over and kissed Neville's forehead. Standing back up he turned to McGonagall and spoke, "Tell whoever is in charge to burn Riddle's body, or drop it in a dark cave or something. Give those who believed in or followed him anything to stand in awe of and make him a martyr."

Before Harry could even get two steps McGonagall responded, "Mister Potter I do believe that the one in charge is you."

Harry turned once more and realized now the whole hall was staring at him and awaiting instructions. Harry turned and saw Severus only a few feet away and spoke, "Burn him Severus, and see to it our dead are treated with the respect they deserve. Right now however, I need to rest so I leave you in charge, do what must be done. Oh one last thing, make sure the Weasleys stay I need to speak to them come morning."

Snape nodded in confirmation and Harry turned towards the stairs and started forward when Hermione slipped her hand into his. He would deal with the aftermath of the battle when he woke; including Ginny, but for now he only wanted to lay down in bed with Hermione for a rest he free of nightmares for the first time in his life.

Ok so Voldemort is dead, and I thought that was really hard to write. See it was going to be Harry first but I thought wouldn't it be funny for Harry to throw it in Tom's face how its his fault? Then I was going to have Hermione do it, but realized after her freezing up it wouldn't work plus Snape has more reason to want him dead.

Ok so one last chapter to go, Ginny and the rest will be dealt with, a funeral for Neville, and a return home

Final Chapter Name: Return to The Forest of Dean