Hello once again, so you know this is a short epilogue and it doesn't answer every little thing because hell leave it to your minds to decide. It is written as an article by a much more grown-up Luna. Meaning no dialogue, it was just the best way I could think of to give you guys a lot of detail in a manner that made the most sense. So one last time into the breach...

Quibbler Special Edition: Hogwarts; Five Years After The War.

by. Luna Weasley

This past weekend marked the fifth anniversary of the end of the war with Voldemort, and the unveiling of the statue to memorialize those who died defending our worlds that night. The stage for the ceremony had been set-up off about ten yards from the placement site, and hundreds had come to see the unveiling. Questions were abound about what major announcement Auror Ron Weasley had to make. The most pressing question on everyone's lips at the event; however, was would Harry Potter reappear for the first time since he had defeated Tom Riddle aka Lord Voldemort.

Headmistress McGonagall opened the ceremony alongside Minister of Magic Kingsley Shacklebolt and Under-Secertary Arthur Weasley, speaking before a packed house of students, press, and others who had turned out. It started with a moment in silence before the Minister took the stage to address the sacrifices of the last few years, mainly those during that fateful night at Hogwarts. He spoke at length of the changes that the Ministry had and were continuing to implement towards others that began with Muggleborns and goblins. The Minister went on stating that without their help Voldemort would have won that night five years ago and the freedom we cherish would not exist. This is why laws were implemented that banned the discrimination of anyone based on their blood status. Which has led to an increase of the number of muggleborns who now work within the Ministry over the last three years.

Goblin Spokesman Griphook was acknowledged for his role in what has become known as the Battle of Hogwarts. It was known by many on the battlefield that Griphook and his fellow goblins helped keep the battle in our favor and set in motion Harry Potter's plan to end the war. He has now proudly served goblin nation as liason and ambassador to the Wizengamot since, and has fought to see goblins take mass strides in the wizarding world at large. While not still allowed wands a vast majority of goblin made items have been returned to Goblin Nation and talks of a Goblin History course being taught at Hogwarts by whomever Ragnok felt right have taken massive steps and this reporter believes will happen sooner than later

As for those once deemed "Dark Creatures" by the Ministry in the past such as werewolves. However this has also started to changed as those with treatable conditions are not denied work as could be seen with Defense Professor Remus Lupin who has served the position since Hogwarts reopened. The Minister closed his speak talking directly about Harry Potter, calling him a hero of the ages. However there were murmurs early on as worry had begun to set in seeing as Harry hadn't been seen since the night of the final battle.

Headmistress McGonagall also thanked all those who had come to the schools aid both during and after the war. It was known that the school had been dealt a great deal of damage which took a little over a year and a half to repair. Many though; myself including, cannot repair the psychological damage that had been done. The school also had lost a majority of professors as Professor Flitwick was killed in battle dueling Voldemort himself. Ruebus Hagrid resigned from Care For Magical Creatures sighting mental anguish, and of course Severus Snape who along with Harry had vanished. Hannah Abbott and Charlie Weasley have since both filled the Charms and Care roles rather quickly and have received much praise from most students and staff alike for their work.

However most of what I imagine you wish to hear dear readers took place when my husband; Auror Ron Weasley, took the stage. Ron's life has been in the public spotlight ever since that night as he was the only member of the so called "Golden Trio" to remain in the public eye. And I admit that it has made life a bit challenging for us and our son Neville, but Ron handles it as best as he can. As most of you know from previous interviews Ron Weasley became an Auror to honor this fallen friends and see to it nothing like this happened again. It was especially difficult for the family when his parents marriage dissolved shortly after the war ended for reasons that still remain a mystery to us all. Ron also had to inestigate the disappearance of his own sister who vanished just one year after the battle, and as you know she is still missing to this day; a ghost that hangs over the family.

However back to my point, Ron Weasley took the stage and asked for a moment of silence for all those no longer with us. After he brought up all the known heroics of the battle which is still as popular today as ever. Then Ron got quiet and spoke of his two best friends, he spoke my friends at length at how he never; in his mind, deserved their friendship. And he told a tale I have known but sworn to never tell. He spoke of how during their darkest time, when he was at his weakest that he abandoned his friends. He told how in his anger he ran wanting nothing more to do with it all, and then he spoke of how moments after leaving he knew he'd made the biggest mistake of his life. How he searched for a month to find them again, and how he came across them. To many peoples annoyance he did not divulge where, but only that it took months to get back in their graces. He spoke about how during the time he searched how he missed his friends, and that he understood the public missed them as well. As he smiled and stepped back to streams of light came zooming in and landed on the stage beside him. That was when for the first time in five years the public got its first look and Harry and Hermione Potter, and the first ever look at the adorable one year old Lily Potter who curled into her mothers arms. I can tell you I have never heard a crowd go from stone silence to roaring applause faster.

Harry came forward and for the first time in five years spoke to the masses. He started by apologizing for leaving without warning but felt had he stopped to tell he was going it would have made it more difficult. He spoke at length of his desire to have peace and quiet to raise a family. And yes readers I said Hermione Potter, I have known since the day they got married. Hermione glowed with Lily in her arms smiling both at her and her husband. Harry went on to talk about how he wished to see the world be a better place for his daughter than it had been for him. He spoke about how even though he had wanted peace now he wanted to step forward to once again make the world safer. He said that Ron Weasley's announcement was actually his to make. Harry had been offered and accepted the position of Auror at the Ministry and that his wife Hermione would be taking over teaching transfiguration at Hogwarts so that Headmistress McGonagall could see more focus to running the school. Lily would stay with Hermiones parents during the day. And while he hated leaving his daughter home he was more determined to make sure that the world his daughter lived in was safe. Harry then removed his wand and unveiled the statue a marble wall of names etched to forever immortalize those who had given their lives for us, and in front stood Neville Longbottom leading the charge.

Harry thanked the crowd before turning back to his family and received a standing ovation as he went to speak with the Minister. I for one I'm happy for Harry and Hermione. And I'm happy to see them back, because the world is always going to be a better place dear readers with Harry and Hermione Potter in it.

Ok so yeah its a corny ending but its fun.

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