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In the middle of the fight they stopped and paused, struggling to catch their breaths.

She took rapid gulps of air while staring at the man before her fixedly. His dark brown hair, his sea-foam eyes, his stiff posture, all gave him the aura of a predator.

His gaze flickered and settled on her face. Her tangled red hair, her deep, emerald eyes, her fighting stance, told him she felt the exact same way he did.

She hated him…

As he HATED her.

A glare was set on his face.

Acidic, angry, full of hatred.

Her eyes mirrored the same emotions.

Contempt, fury and rage.

And another emotion was felt between them…

Raw frustration.

He drew closer, willing to take her down as she did the same because it was a contest.

Always a contest.

Who was smarter? Who was faster? Who would win?




Tim Scam


Samantha Simpson?

Narrowed eyes watched each other in the dim darkness as no words were spoken.

One goal.

One motive.

She wanted to humiliate him.

He wanted to make her pay.

His hand lashed out, shoving her against a wall. She gripped his collar first, taking him with her.

More glares.

More frustration.

Words were written in their eyes…

Three words.


His hand moved down, forcefully gripping her chin at the same time her hand reached up and grabbed his jaw.

Their gazes met and greeted each other with untainted revulsion before the same idea left them to crash their lips tightly together.

The kiss was rough, anything but patient.

Their hands moved up, reaching each other's hair...



Their hands dropped down…

Fingers touching.


Their lips remained together….

Mouths Moving.


Their teeth dug into each others lips….



The heat rushed to their faces…



Their bodies still pulled closer together…..



Until finally they could take no more.

Minds swirling with lack of oxygen, lungs suffering from lack of breath, several moments later they pushed each other away at the exact same moment.

Her hands shoved his chest aggressively, his hands pushed her shoulders and when they were at a safe distance away they stopped and gave each other the same look...

Of raw disgust.

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