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AN: Hey it's Lee. This is a new anime I've gotten into recently. One of the things that always bother me with this anime was how little Saito stood up for himself. It bothered me to no end at how much he put up with, and how at time Louise was just a Karma Houdini. I still like the pairing Louise/Saito, but it annoyed me to no end.

So I decided to do a bit of a fix fic. I will avoid adding any OCs as main characters, a big change from my Naruto fic where I have enough OCs planned to double the cast's size. By the way, I haven't abandoned my Naruto fic, I have just been rewriting some of the beginning. I have found myself thoroughly unsatisfied with it.

Also, I have decided to change some of Saito's background, to help justify his inevitable OOCness. I will do everything I can to keep the rest of the characters in character.

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Anyway, enjoy.

Saito Hiraga isn't your average Japanese-American student. He is the youngest of three, and his parents heavily regimented their children's lives and made sure they excelled. Or rather, his mother regimented their lives, as she was a war veteran who expected her children to all serve their country. She had high aspirations for her family, coming from a family that was also entrenched in the military on both sides. His mother was usually the one is charge. After all, she reached a higher rank than her husband.

His parents always pushed Saito to strive for more from himself, especially academically. "War wasn't won on strength, it was won on knowledge." This was a fact his mother always stressed on him. "War isn't won by commanders, but by the people who kill and die." This was a fact his father always stressed on him. "Joining doesn't mean dying for your country, but killing for it. And you better not be happy with that, even if you know that it's necessary!" They both told their children that, but what they as parents knew stuck with them the most was, "Don't just fight for country, fight so that others don't have to bear the suffering that you will experience."

That's why Saito planned to join. To suffer so that others won't have to. He valued everything his parents had taught him. It was why he was an honor student, why he was active in extra-curriculars, active in scouts, and why he always kept in top shape. He would do his family proud.

Which brings us to the present. Saito, sitting in his room with Apocalyptica playing as he cleaned his 92FS Beretta 9mm pistol before putting it back together. He checked to make sure that everything was in place before he put the lock on the weapon and put it in its case. He also placed in the case two fully loaded 17 round clips, closed the case, and locked it. Saito smiled excitedly as tomorrow he was going to the shooting range with his family. Well, his mom and dad, since his brother was currently in the air force and his sister was in NROTC in a different state.

Saito sat at his desk and tried to open the case, just incase it didn't lock. Once he was satisfied he opened the dresser next to him, which was underneath his bed. It was a twin sized bed about two and a half feet off the ground. He placed the case next to a box filled with rounds that his dad bought at a gun show for a steal. Saito pocketed the keys.

Saito checked the time on his laptop that he had moved to the corner of his desk when he had been cleaning his Beretta. It was almost midnight. He quickly shut down his computer and moved it to the center of his desk. Saito grabbed a remote and turned off the music playing from his stereo. He began to undress for bed, throwing his socks and shirt into a hamper in the corner. He draped his pants next to his blue nylon sweatshirt at the foot of his bed, near his shoes.

Saito was dressed in only a worn out pair of boxers that had a few holes from years of abuse. He didn't mind though, since it wasn't like anyone ever saw those holey undergarments. Saito jumped into bed, and relaxed on his sky blue sheets. He grabbed a book from his desk. It was Le Petit Prince, and Saito briefly read some of it to help keep his memory of the French language, his second language. He then grabbed another book, Slayers, a Japanese light novel and read some of it, for the same reason. Like his parents said, "Use it or lose it."

Saito began to quietly drift off into his dreamland as "SAITO!"

"AHH!" He screamed and fell off his bed, tangled in his blankets. Saito looked up to see his father. He was mad.

"What do me and your mother tell you to do to the lights almost every day." The elder Hiraga sternly asked.

Saito bit back the urge to correct his father's grammar and answered "Shut them off if I'm not using them dad!"

"And do you need them while you sleep?"

"No dad."

"Good, your too old to be afraid of the dark." His father sternly said with a grin as he shut off the lights. "And your mother told you to throw that pair of boxers away. Goodnight."

"Goodnight dad, looking forward to the range later tomorrow." Saito said as he got back into bed.

However, try as he might, Saito couldn't get back to sleep. He could never get back to sleep after he woke up and his father knew that. Didn't stop his father from waking him up just to scold him about the lights. Saito grumbled to himself, desperately trying to find dreamland.

Suddenly, a bright light began to bother Saito. He tried to ignore it at first, but eventually opened his eyes, and saw a large, green orb. Saito rubbed his eyes. 'This must be a dream.' Saito thought. He grabbed a pencil and threw it at the orb. It passed right through and landed on the other side. It seemed safe, if a little weird. Saito poked it with his toe, when it suddenly opened up and grabbed his foot.

He grunted as the orb pulled him in, grabbing his bed tightly as it began to tip and fall in with him. Saito then grabbed his dressers, slowly dragging them with him in. Saito desperately looked around his room panicking. Saito screamed for help over and over again. His parents slept is the room next to him, they could help.

There was no response. Saito could feel that the lower half of his body was suddenly colder, like it was outside. He knew one thing, he needed to be ready. Saito looked over and saw his shoes, and desperately reached them, throwing them into the portal. He looked for something else, anything else as he and his dressers were dragged in. Saito saw his desk, and quickly ripped out the closest drawer and saw the knife he bought two years ago for a camping trip. He threw it in. Then Saito reached up, trying to reach the closest thing to him, his laptop. The portal had reached and pulled in his left hand. Finally Saito grabbed his laptop as the portal pulled him all the way in.

Saito opened his eyes. He was outside. It was a bright sunny day, he was surrounded by dust and his stuff, and he was almost naked. He glanced in front of himself and saw a very beautiful girl, with unusual pink hair. She had a very petit body, and an unfortunately non-existant bust, however for some reason that didn't seem to detract from her appeal.

He quickly covered himself with a blanket that was next to him, blushing. "Goodmorning?"

She looked at him with a confused expression. Then said "Quoi?" (What?)

'How did I end up in a French speaking area?' Saito thought to himself. " Je m'appelle Saito Hiraga, et-vous?" (My name is Saito, and you?)

(From this point on all French shall be pre-translated)

"You summoned a human?" Saito turned and saw a busty, tan redhead. She was wearing the same clothes as the girl in front of him. She was much shapelier, and showed off her bust.

"I... I just made a little mistake Kirch!" Louise shouted in a refined voice that carried like a bell.

"What mistake are you talking about? Nothing unusual happened. You are Louise the Zero. And it's a peasant too." The girl, apparently Kirch said mockingly while laughing.

Saito stared at Kirch. He already didn't like her. A peasant? He could hear Louise the Zero, odd name, but paid no heed as she asked for another try. Saito did not take insults lying down.

Saito got up, ignoring his state of undress and glared at the woman who called him a peasant. He didn't seem to notice that others seemed to be agreeing with her as he focused on the red head. Saito was thinking at a mile a minute, 'Now then, she's confident in her looks, I can take advantage of that. She's definitely a flirt, good, and she seems especially proud of her bust. Got the perfect comeback.'

"Hey Miss Cleavage!" Saito shouted, drawing everyone's attention. The all seemed to notice that he was very nicely built, and ripped. Kirch looked him in the eye, surprised that a commoner would take that kind of tone. Saito glared and pointed at her. "Yeah you! I may look like a peasant but you look like you belong in the Red Light District selling tricks to the lowest bidder."

Everyone was quiet, staring at Kirch. "H-how dare you! You can't address a noble like…"

"Shut up!" Saito interrupted. "If you don't want me talking down to you then don't talk down to me. Got it Streetwalker?"

"Lets get htis over with." The pink girl said.

"Where am I?" Saito asked tiredly as he looked over his things. He wanted to get some clothes on. Saito grabbed a plain shirt and slipped it on.

"Be quiet, commoner." Saito glared at the pink girl, Louise, as he put his blue jeans on. She was calling him a commoner too. "My name is Louise Françoise Le Blanc de La Vallière. Pentagon of the Five Elemental Powers; bless this humble being, and make him my familiar." She waved her wand.

"What are you rambling about?" Saito asked as the girl leaned forward. Saito froze, surely she wouldn't. Their lips touched. Apparently she would. As she backed away, Saito asked a simple question. "Why did you kiss me?"

"You should feel honored to have been graced by my presence, let alone something so... so..." Louise stammered, blushing brightly.

"I don't care about that, where am I, who are you, and why are you all dressed like... Like... you're at a costume party?" Saito's eyes suddenly widened as he began to heat up. He looked down at his left hand as he felt blinding pain. It seemed like he was being skinned alive as symbols were carved into his left hand.

Then all was dark.

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