Here's a Christmas surprise story for you! I watched Santa clause 3 recently and just loved jack frost's character. So I'm creating a love story with a jack/Oc pairing. I hope you like it! Merry Christmas! Yes I say merry Christmas not happy holidays and don't say otherwise. When you come to America you better get used to the religion. Pictures are on my profile! Btw I decided to make her like jack instead of with the spring season because we all know how much jack is obsessed with himself and I wanted to do something different. Lol.

Disclaimer: I only own Neva (her name means snow)

I was in the kitchen helping my grandmother clean while grandpa worked on a door. My name is Neva. My mother, Carol, is married to Santa Clause and lives in the north pole. I know it sounds stupid but it's true. I would be up there too but I still have two more years to go in college.

My blue and blonde hair was styled in a pony tail with my bangs resting on my forehead shifting to the right. My grandparents didn't know about Santa Clause because mom didn't want them to freak out.

We heard voices from the garage so we went to see who it was. Grandma opened the door and we saw Scott there with sandman.

"Scott. So nice to see you." grandma said hugging him.

"You too Silvia." he replied

"And your friend..." she continued.

"Sandy." sandman introduced and shook her hand. I giggled at his name and he glared at me.

"Hey Scott. S-sandy" I said holding in more giggles and hugging Scott. I still felt awkward calling 'Santa' my dad so I just called him Scott.

"We were so excited to get your phone call Scott. See we get so few and each one is special." she said explaining to sandman.

"Oh come on you guys, you'll catch pneumonia out here. Come on inside." grandma said leading everyone inside. I sighed as we walked in.

"Grandma it isn't that cold." I said. I was only wearing a blue t-shirt with my college logo on it and jeans.

"Well maybe not to you but I'm freezing." she said as we entered the living room.

"It's so wonderful to have you all here." she said as Scott and sandman went over to the tiny tree in the corner and I stood in front of the fireplace. Grandpa stood in the doorway.

"Festive." sandman joked. Scott shot him a glare.

"Please! Please sit down." grandma invited and sat on the couch.

"Uh no no no no. We gotta get to the airport so I suggest you get your bags and we hop in the car." Scott said stopping sandman, who released a disappointed sigh, from sitting down.

"Well I'm almost packed." she replied.

"I'm all packed." I said.

"Just throw some of my underwear in a bag. It's not like we're going to the north pole." grandpa joked. Sandman began laughing.

"But it's cold in Canada. Remember when we went to Yosemite? It was freezing and there were bears." she said while Scott waved his watch trying to get her to speed up.

"How would you know you never left the lodge?" grandpa complained.

"I didn't leave the lodge cause it was freezing." she said through her teeth.

"And there were bears?"

"Yes! And it was freezing." they started arguing while a let out a frustrated sigh along with sandman. Scott attempted to get their attention.

Sandman had enough so he just puffed them to sleep and they collapsed on the couch. Scott let out an angry sigh.

"What?" sandman asked.

"What part of our plan was not clear? We put them to sleep when they get into the car." he said.

"I just couldn't stand to hear the Yosemite story anymore." he replied.

"Ok so lets figure out how we can get them to the car. We'll just-" but he stopped when sandman put on his hat and practically ran to the empty chair and got comfortable before going to sleep.

"Oh great now I get to throw his underwear in a bag." Scott complained.

"Relax. I'll get the bags, change, and pack grandpa's clothes while you put them in the slay." I said heading to their room.

"How am I gonna do this?" I heard Scott mutter to himself.

I finished packing grandma's bag before packing grandpa's. Then I went to my room and changed into a white and blue winter coat for the trip up. I grabbed my bags along with grandma and grandpa's then went outside where Scott was waiting. We loaded the slay and got in. We dropped by his house and picked up Charlie, Lucy, Laura, and Neill. Then we headed to the north pole.

Charlie and I chatted for a bit then Lucy and me played some games to keep her occupied. We soon arrived enjoying the landing. Scott had elves take our bags to our rooms while we explored. There were a lot of signs around that were supposed to convince grandma and grandpa that we were in canada and not the north pole. Some were bad but others were there to make up for it.

I've been here a couple times before to visit. So I greeted mom with the others. Lucy and her parents ran ahead to greet her first.

"Where do they think we are?" Neill asked.

"Canada." I said as I walked up. I heard the elves greeting grandma and grandpa.

"Oh my gosh!" mom shouted. She hugged me tight when I reached her.

"Hi mom." I said to her shoulder.

"Oh I missed you. I love what you did to your hair." she complimented my blue highlights in my straight light blonde hair.

"Thanks. I wanted it to go with my eyes and new winter outfit!" I said excitedly as I spun around showing her the blue and white winter coat. I loved getting new outfits. Especially when they were my favorite colors. Blue, white, or purple.

Mom went to greet grandma and grandpa while I went to the toy shop. The minute I walked in I felt a pair of eyes on me. But I couldn't locate them. I saw Neill looking at trains and Laura was over making a doll excitedly. Curtis was trying to stopped them. I giggled at them.

I saw Lucy coming down the stairs with a man in a blue suit. His hair was styled to look like icicles or something. It looked cool. No pun intended.

Our eyes met when I looked at him. He was the source of the staring eyes. I broke contact and went to go find mom.

I found her later in the kitchen with Scott, Curtis, grandma, and grandpa.

"Secrets? There's no secrets. Why would we have secrets? We're family why would we have secrets." Scott blabbered on. I quickly joined them, smiling at mom as I walked beside her.

"Oh! Heaven's sakes you must be the in laws. And you are?" a voice interrupted Scott and asked me. It was the ice man from before.

"I'm Neva. Scott's stepdaughter." I said smiling.

"So very pleased to me you." he said as he grabbed my hand and kissed it. I blushed a little. "Hi." he said smiling at grandpa and grandma while still holding my hand.

"Uh. Bud, Silvia, Neva. This is-" Scott began but was interrupted by who I now know as Jack.

"Jack Frost." he said shaking my grandpa's hand and letting go of mine to shake my grandma's. he leaned foward a bit to do this and his cheek almost touched mine. I could almost feel how cold it is. But of course he is jack frost the controller of winter season. The one who brings snow.

"No he's playing jack frost in our Canadian parade." Scott covered.

"Oh yes of course. To bring frosty cheer to the workers. I'm like the team mascot eh." he said.

"Who does your hair?" I asked.

"You like it? It's freeze-dry." he said.

"Sir!" Curtis said from behind jack, who wouldn't quit staring at me.

"Can I borrow you for a minute?" Curtis asked Scott.

"Uh. Yeah. Excuse me." he replied going over to Curtis. Curtis whispered in a panic voice to Scott. Then they turned to us.

"We have a small paperwork problem." Scott said. Jack turned to him.

"You go on ahead. I'll make sure everyone's happy as a lark. For that's why I'm here eh." jack ushered. Scott and Curtis went to the toy room and jack turned back to us. "Cocochinos anyone?" he asked.

"Sure." grandpa said. We all sat at the table and began to eat what was in front of us while jack got us drinks. Grandpa however walked around trying to find a sandwich with mom. Grandma was exploring the kitchen and observing the oven. I sat at the table looking at the deserts. I heard a crash but ignored it.

"Cocochinos anyone?" jack asked as he sat beside me setting a tray down.

"Oh sure. Thanks." I said picking up a cup. I took a sip. A smile came to my face. "Yum. Minty."' I complimented.

"Yes my own recipe. Doesn't it make you feel fresh?" he said.

"Yeah. Totally." I said laughing.

"Oh I just love your hair." he said in adoration.

"Oh thanks. I've been wanting to do it like this for a while. I love yours it so awesome and cool. No pun intended." I complimented laughing.

"Oh you are so adorable! I bet you sing too."

"A little." I said.

"Sing something." he urged.

"What would you like me to sing?" I asked.

"How 'bout 'chestnuts roasting on a open fire'" he begun.

I giggled knowingly. "Jack frost nipping at your nose." I continued. He sighed in bliss.

"Fantastic." he whispered. "Sing it again."

I laughed before doing so. "Jack frost nipping at your nose." he sighed again and we shared a laugh. I could feel a crush begin to develop.

"So you're the one that controls the winter weather right?" I asked taking another sip before setting my cup down. He gave a confused face before doing the same.

I located my grandparents before leaning in and whispering. "I already know about the legendary figures and all that." I said then leaned back.

"Oh. Yeah so you've heard of me?" he asked.

"A little." I did a so-so motion. "In songs and stories of course. But I never imagined you to look so..." I couldn't find the word.

"Frosty? Handsome?" he suggested.

I laughed. "You could say that."

"What's going on over here?" mom asked as she came over.

"Oh! Your daughter is amazing!" jack said then he turned and asked me, "Will you be my Mrs. Clause?"

"Pardon?" I replied to make sure I heard right.

"You heard me." he said to his cup. Before I could reply a fire bursted from and oven in an explosion.

That's chapter 1! Tell me what you think please!