Epilogue: Flying

"Chrono, look! We're flying"

I opened my eyes to find myself far above the ground clouds with the sun shining in the distance. The sight was unlike any I have seen before. The last thing I remember was holding Rosette in my arms as she cried and wished for just a little more time on earth, trying my best to comfort her as I felt the strength slowly leaving my body as well as hers. Even though I've already lived for at least two centuries, I could still understand her wish to live just a little longer, having lived not even seventeen years. I was long past fearing death considering how many brushes with it I've had when I was still with Aion and the Sinners and later the Magdalene Order. When we escaped Pandemonium, I knew the dangers and risks but I was not afraid because I had nothing so I had nothing to lose. But these past six months I found myself never wanting to live as much as I did then and now. But I knew it was not to be; we both knew this day would come but that didn't make it any easier to face.

When we finally closed our eyes to dream our eternal dream, I opened them again to find myself besides Rosette once more with both of us soaring above the earth far up in the heavens, leaving our earthly bodies behind. Is this what it's like to die? Maybe only if you've been good. It's not like I don't know what it's like to fly; I am (or was) a devil with wings of my own. But this was different than normal flight. Unlike before, my body required no wings to fly and seemed to float effortlessly of its own accord as did Rosette's. Looking down, I could see what she was excited about; even though we were no longer a part of this world, we can still see it and enjoy its beauty. Since we no longer had mortal bodies, we cannot feel hunger, pain, or sickness like the living. But thankfully, we can still feel happiness, excitement, and pleasure. Could that be what heaven's like? Would a devil even be allowed into heaven? Clearly it must be because this certainly wasn't hell or even remotely close.

"Wh…what happened?" I sputtered.

"Isn't it obvious? We've died."

I thought it ironic how Rosette could be so excited about our current state considering how hysterically she was crying in my arms about wanting to live not long ago. I guess it is true what they say about how natural it was to fear the unknown. It was especially true of humans.

"I see…so this is what it's like to die…at least for us." Rosette moved behind me in our flight and hugged me, placing a kiss on my cheek.

"Isn't it beautiful? We're finally free … free from all the misery, pain, and suffering of this world; I never knew it could feel so wonderful. Look, I can see our house from here!"

I looked down and saw that she was right. I can see our bodies sitting together, hands locked, on the front porch, our faces completely at peace. But I also saw something else; I saw our dear friends weeping at the sight of our lifeless bodies, even the 'gossip trio' Anna, Mary, and Claire. I always thought those three never liked me because I was a devil but apparently I was wrong; they obviously cared about me a lot more than I thought. And Azmaria, the musical child-prodigy with the voice of an angel that we met in Las Vegas not even a year ago, she was crying too. Seeing them grieve saddened us once more for they could not know that we were free now. I've always been very fond of Azmaria and often thought of her as a little sister. During my time at the order, I became closer to her and Rosette, even Satella, more than I ever was to my previous sinner companions for it was with them that I knew true friendship, love, and loyalty, rather than just a group of people allied and working together only for a common cause.

As I watched, Rosette gently floated down and tried to hug the silver-haired girl from behind in an attempted gesture of comfort. Or rather, she would have if her arms had not gone right through her! It was to be expected of course but it was so easy to forget that we were no longer among the living when we saw our friends grieving over us and wanting to comfort them. Rosette frowned when she realized that nothing we do or say can ever reach our friends because they can no longer see or hear us. I allowed myself to land next to her and took her hand in mine. Even without my physical body, I still had my powers of illusion and used them to give Azmaria brief visions of how we lived over the past half-year. It was the best I can do and hoped that it will give our young friend some measure of comfort knowing that our final months were happy ones and that the only regret we have would be leaving her and our other loved ones behind. I was not to be disappointed when I saw Azmaria stop crying and a faint smile appear on her lips. I'm glad that I was able to do this much for her at least.

As I watched the others, I felt Rosette's hand on my shoulder. "Let's go. There is nothing more for us here and nothing more we can do for them." I didn't want to go, not just yet, but I knew she was right and allowed myself to be led back up and into the sky. As we began our new journey to heaven, Rosette hugged me from behind again and placed another kiss on my cheek.

"Thank you, Chrono. Thank you for doing that for Azmaria."

I smiled. "You're welcome. It was the least I can do for our friend. I hope she will live a long and happy life and not waste it grieving for us. Joshua and the others too."

"I'm sure they will because it's what we want for them."

I really hoped Rosette was right. Our friends cannot grieve for us forever nor would we want them too. As long as they hold memories of us in their hearts, they can find the strength to move on- I'm sure of it.

I took one last look at the world we would be leaving behind before looking ahead again. To this day, I still regret nothing. Not my decision to escape Pandemonium, to abandon my allegiance to Aion, to protect and serve humankind, or giving up my demonic powers, for those decisions were the best I have ever made because it brought me to Rosette.

"I love you, Chrono…" she said once more as she squeezed my hand. She too regrets nothing.

"And I you, Rosette… lets head on…to our new home."

"Yes… our new home. Together... forever…"


A/N: Finally, it's done! I hope my readers find this ending satisfactory enough and I'm so sorry it too such a long time to finish because I've been crazy busy with my work and sometimes I get writer's block too. But now that I have a break and can relax a bit, the ideas are starting to flow again. If I have any more ideas for CC fics, I will definitely be back! ;) Thank you for reading and I hoped you enjoyed reading this fic as much as I enjoyed writing it! ;)