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AN: This is the first chapter of the McCoy as a prostitute fic I promised this summer. Consider this an AU of Through A Mirror Darkly, where cruel circumstances bring McCoy into Kirk's care far sooner than in Through A Mirror Darkly.

Bought and Paid For

Teris Xenite

The blinking red light reflected off the rain. It did little to comfort McCoy as he stood waiting for someone, anyone really to decide that they were desperate enough to get their rocks off that they'd come out in the middle of a winter rainstorm looking for company. He hunkered down as far as he could so as to keep the majority of his body dry, as he waited under the scant awning that had seen better days if the cold drops of rain running down his back were anything to go by.

He felt ridiculous standing here dressed in a dark shirt that had been skin tight before the rain had plastered the fabric to his chest, and a pair of dark jeans slung low on his slim hips. He had to give Starfleet credit, their fitness requirements had left him with a sculpted chest and washboard abs, not that he'd ever anticipated using those assets in a professional capacity. Then that had been before the events of past weeks had left him with little other choice.

He wasn't quite sure what had turned the seemingly sweet girl that he'd married into a hell borne harpy, but the change had been complete and irreversible with her last actions. It hadn't been enough to take his money, his house, and his child from him. No, she hadn't stopped at his pride, his dignity, or his possessions. She'd taken his livelihood, all the while continuing to demand that he pay the exorbitant court appointed child support payments.

He had never expected her to go after his medical license, but she certainly had. Had convinced the judge that he'd killed his father, with the help of his traitorous sister. Never mind that his father had deserved the end that he'd received, never mind that all that they had for proof was the word of two women years after the fact. The state of Georgia had revoked his medical license, and Jocelyn's family had seen to it that getting licensure in another state was altogether an impossibility.

Without his medical credentials, he was worthless to Starfleet, and he'd been summarily been tossed out into the streets with his discharge papers and no where left to go. Despite receiving a fair stipend from Starfleet as a cadet, he'd never been able to save much of anything, as after his child support payments were made the rest of his income went to the most basic of living expenses. He'd left Starfleet with little more than he'd arrived with, and nothing of any real value to sell.

A few weeks out of the academy, and he'd only managed to find subsistence level employment. The heavy manual labor was the best that he could expect with nothing to prove or certify his hard won skills. And there was no way that he was going to be able to pay off Jocelyn, not when every cent he made went to cover the roof over his head in the cheapest dive he could find and meals that at some point might have resembled food.

As the end of the month grew closer, he felt a growing sense of dread. He had no doubt that Jocelyn would take great pleasure in sending debt collectors after him, and he had no interest in ending up on a slavers ship, or shot down in the streets like a dog. This left him with a sickening choice, he'd treated enough of the prostitutes who worked this area of town in the emergency room when he'd been a volunteer. It was dangerous, humiliating, and quite possibly the most terrifying thing that he'd ever done. It was also his only choice.

So here he stood, in the rain, waiting for some horny bastard to come looking to get his rocks off. If he didn't end up dead in the bay, this would keep the wolves from his door, for a little while at least. Of course that was a very big if. Then he reasoned, better dead and in the bay than sold off world to the slavers who favored human captives as exotic game. At least his 'clients' here were likely to be human, and he could turn down anyone that was too violent.

He did his best not to shudder as a car pulled up in front of him. It took everything he had not to turn tail and run when the door opened. Then as arctic blue eyes met his he felt his jaw drop. It took him a moment to regain his voice, and he was grateful to every power that he could name that it didn't shake when he spoke. "Come to gloat, Kirk? Because really, not the world's best time."

"Yes, I'd imagine that you've important business to conduct with the whole taking up whoring and all." Jim noticed McCoy's wince, and felt a stab of pity the he did not let show on his face as he watched the man shivering in the rain. "I'm not here to gloat doctor, I'm just here looking for some pleasurable company."

"Didn't you get the memo kid, I'm not a doctor anymore." McCoy felt his throat tighten at the bitter reminder that all that he once was had been violently stripped away.

Kirk scoffed at the notion. "Bullshit, they took a piece of paper from you, not that scarily brilliant brain of yours. But serves me well enough, though I think our business would be better conducted somewhere a little bit less likely to drown us."

"What business is that?" McCoy raised an eyebrow. Kirk had never wanted for company be it male, female, foreign or domestic. So what on earth was he doing seeking out a bed partner this far away from the academy, and offering to pay for it to boot?

"Told you, Bones, I'm looking for some company tonight. $200 an hour from now till morning."

McCoy resisted the urge to gape again. Here Kirk was offering him double the going rate for a lay, for what would be at least eight hours, at a conservative estimate.

"Trust me, McCoy. I'm the best offer you're going to get tonight. It's pouring, cold, and on top of both of those I intend to go plant myself across the street and scare off any other potential clients that might brave the weather for a piece of that very fine ass of yours. So get in the car now or after you've stood here all night in the cold, choice is yours."

At the mention of the temperature McCoy felt a cold breeze that caused him to shiver, as it tore through his soaked shirt. He sighed, and stepped into the car with what felt like the weight of the damned on his shoulders. Kirk smiled and aimed the heat vents at McCoy's shaking form. "I knew you'd see it my way eventually." As Kirk smiled at him, McCoy felt an icy fear begin to build in the pit of his stomach. What had he just done?

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