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AN: AU of Through A Mirror Darkly, where cruel circumstances bring McCoy into Kirk's care far sooner than in Through A Mirror Darkly.

Bought and Paid For

Teris Xenite

Kirk stood, and extended a hand to McCoy. "Let's see if we can enjoy that swimming pool this place calls a bathtub now that you're not drugged."

Kirk led McCoy into the bathroom and started water running into the tub. As the tub filled he pulled McCoy in for a kiss, allowing the sheer gentleness of it to surprise him. McCoy was shocked, that Kirk seemed to want to let him respond or pull away if he wanted. After a moment Kirk pulled away and unbelted McCoy's robe. He stroked his hands up McCoy's back and pushed the robe from his shoulders. McCoy's nipples peaked in the cool air, and Kirk pulled him close for another kiss allowing the plush terrycloth of his robe to brush against the hardened nubs drawing an involuntary shudder through McCoy.

Kirk smiled and pulled back a bit and gently rolled McCoy's nipples between his fingers. "I get the feeling that it's been awhile for you." McCoy bit his lip and nodded slightly color flooding his cheeks. Kirk smiled and traced a finger along his chin. "Well now, don't you worry. I'm going to take, very, very good care of you."

"Isn't that supposed to be my line?" McCoy asked quizzically, after all it was hardly standard for a man of Kirk's position and power to pay to pleasure a whore, which seemed to be what Kirk had in mind.

Kirk shrugged and shook his head. "Nah, your line is keeping me happy. Just so happens that making you come till you're spent makes me happy. Somehow I'm not thinking that you're going to be complaining about that."

"Never considered myself that much of a fool."

"Glad to hear it, I don't tend to suffer them well. Now, it looks like that tub is about ready, go ahead and hop in. I'll be with you in just a moment." McCoy climbed into the tub, enjoying the warmth that surrounded him. Kirk returned holding what looked to be a glass jar, which he sat within easy reach on the side of the tub, before joining McCoy.

Kirk sat next to McCoy, and reached over and stoked his shoulder, frowning as he felt tension there. "Still so very tense, McCoy, haven't I proved that I'm not going to hurt you?" Kirk maneuvered him so that he was sitting in front of him, and began massaging McCoy's shoulders with some kind of high end massage oil the hotel provided, which made the whole room smell like jasmine. Strong fingers kneaded away the tension and despite wanting to remain vigilant McCoy began to relax, leaning his head back onto Kirk's shoulder.

"There now, that's much better. There's no need for you to be so tense, McCoy, just lay back and let me make you feel good. That's not so hard is it?" Despite himself, McCoy arched into the touch that began worrying his nipples, and bit his lip trying not to cry out.

"Anything that you need to tell me about, McCoy, anything I need to avoid?" Kirk's fingers began ghosting over McCoy's rapidly responding cock.

McCoy moaned as Kirk continued manipulating his flesh, much to his distraction. "What do you mean?"

"Nothing ruins an evening faster than having your partner have a panic attack. Got any triggers I need to avoid?"

"None that I know of." Aside, McCoy mentally noted a probably wholly irrational fear of the whole thing due to his experiences with Ethan, but he could hardly say that sex in general was a trigger for him now could he?

"Alright, turn around and face me then." Kirk helped maneuver McCoy's legs into position so that McCoy was straddling his lap. McCoy's face flushed as Kirk's hard length pressed against him, and Kirk chuckled good naturedly as he tangled his fingers in McCoy's hair and pulled him in for a kiss. Kirk's other hand reached to the side, and came back coated in something from the glass jar. The substance was thick, and apparently waterproof, and McCoy felt it tingle as Kirk brushed his fingers over his hole.

He resisted the urge to shy away, and found that the cool tingling wasn't unpleasant. Kirk stroked one finger over the tight pucker a few times, before nipping McCoy on the jaw to distract him as he pushed his finger inside. McCoy froze and Kirk gave him a moment to acclimate himself, before carefully inserting the second finger. Once inside he aimed his fingers towards McCoy's prostate, causing him to jump when they pressed on the sensitive flesh. Kirk stroked the gland for a moment, noticing that McCoy was beginning to unconsciously rock his hips forward against Kirk's groin seeking some sort of friction.

"See that feels good, doesn't it?" McCoy nodded, shuddering at the intense sensations. "This doesn't have to hurt, McCoy, and when you're with me, it's not going to. That's not what this is about." Kirk reached down and wrapped his other hand around McCoy's cock, the slick tingling gel rapidly coating his cock as Kirk stroked up and down McCoy's length. "I'm going to make you feel good, I swear." Kirk pressed his lips to McCoy's jaw, as he continued stroking McCoy towards completion.

Within a few moments McCoy tensed, teetering right on the edge of orgasm. Kirk took in the sight, and almost lost his breath, McCoy's head was thrown back, his chest was heaving, and his teeth worried his lip while he trembled and panted. Kirk increased his speed, and began worrying the head of McCoy's cock with his thumb. "That's it. Come for me, McCoy. You know you want to. It'll feel so good, that's all you need to think about, how good this feels."

Another thrust and McCoy complied, shuddering and gasping as he climaxed. Kirk watched with a grin as McCoy fell apart in his hands, and shifted to relieve the throbbing that the show McCoy had just put on had started in his groin. Once McCoy's heart stopped racing and his breathing returned to normal he felt his cheeks burning. Kirk brought a finger up to stroke the rosy cheeks and smiled. "It's alright, you don't have anything to be ashamed of."

McCoy snorted. "I haven't come that fast since I was a teenager. Not exactly my proudest moment."

Kirk shook his head, and gave McCoy's shoulder a comforting squeeze. "We've also established that it's been a pretty good while since you've been with anyone. That tends to affect things. Once your body gets used to getting off on a regular basis again it'll let you prolong the moment." Kirk picked up the sponge, washed the two of them off, and then he pulled McCoy in for a kiss. "Don't worry, I plan on getting you very accustomed to being satisfied, and once I do your body will stop treating every opportunity to get off as if it's your last."

Kirk stroked the soapy sponge over himself and McCoy, and in short order both of them were clean. Kirk stepped out of the tub, and extended a hand to McCoy. Once he was standing in front of him Kirk toweled him dry, and wrapped the towel around his waist. He stroked along McCoy's jaw gently with his thumb. "I'll give you a few minutes alone to take care of whatever you might need to."

Once Kirk had walked away and the door had shut McCoy took a moment to wonder what the fuck he'd gotten himself mixed up in. He tried not to think of how easily Kirk had made him come, and how imposing his cock was. The two fingers he could deal with, but the whole package that he wasn't sure he could handle, despite Kirk's reassurances. As he looked in the mirror he reminded himself that this time last night he hadn't even been sure that his 'client' wasn't going to kill him, and now he had Kirk offering to take him into his family.

He took a moment to catch his breath, and stop his shaking hands and trembling knees. Kirk had promised him that he wasn't going to hurt him, and had done a pretty good job of doing just the opposite in the time he'd been here. And it had to be possible for the sex to be pleasurable, because after all there were plenty of people who did this without being bribed, forced into it, or paid. And above all else, he had to accept this, because really the only options he had other than take Kirk up on his offer were become a monster, or end up where he'd been last night. In which case he'd still be fucked, and most likely by someone a lot less concerned about his well being than Kirk seemed to be.

He took a deep breath, closed his eyes, and he thought of his little girl. He reminded himself that he could do what he needed to do to stay whole. That if he didn't he'll have no chance of ever seeing her again. And he reminded himself that Kirk had up unto this point been tender with him, he has no real reason to expect that to change. Kirk had never been circumspect about his liaisons, and he'd yet to hear a complaint from any of the cadets that had warmed his bed. These thoughts are cold comfort, and he has to fight to slow his pounding heart.

He swallows down his fear and turns towards the door. This is all that is left for him now, there are no other options. At least none that are worth taking anyway, so he might as well get on with the rest of his life. He ran his fingers through his hair, and forced himself to take a step towards the door. In the long run it would do him no good to stall. Kirk was above all things relentless. He stopped at nothing when he'd determined he wanted something, and for reasons that McCoy couldn't even begin to comprehend, he wanted him. Such was his future.

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