Jack snaps back to life. More restraints, chains holding him down. It's not like Jack could get far even if he did escape – the soldiers on board the Valiant were instructed to kill Jack on site, each time he was to be moved, sometimes, they'd kill him for the sake of killing him. Jack was tortured every day. But what hurt the most was not knowing. How long this life would go on?

Stabbed, drowned, starved, poisoned, electrocuted, strangled, hung, suffocated, gunned down. This was only the scratch of the surface. The master enjoyed watching him suffer, enjoyed the sound of Jack screaming, begging to die. Sometimes, Jack felt like he woke up dead. This was no longer life for Jack. His only prayer was the doctor, Martha, Ianto and the rest of his team were still alive. A tear fell down his face at the thought.

Jack woke up choking on the little air he was receiving through the gag tied around his mouth. The gag taste like blood, he tried his best to stay calm while he tried to work out the new "game" The Master had planned for him this lifetime. His arms were bound above his head. Jack was standing in the middle of his torture chamber, a room he was all too familiar with, he felt like he lived in the pale room.

"Welcome back Freak!" The Master called to Jack who was trying to stay strong trying to prepare himself for the torture to come. "ready for my new game Freak?" The Master made his way behind Jack and whispered into Jacks ear "i put a lot of effort into this game for you Freak, I hope you appreciate what I do for you" Jack wanted to reply to The Master, wanted to tell him to kill him already, get the torture over with "we're going to play a guessing game, what do you think Freak?" The Master wrapped his hand over Jacks mouth forcing Jack to gag and struggle to breathe. Jack tried to shake him away. The Master held Jack still, hand still over Jacks mouth he whispered into Jacks ear. "take a deep breathe..." Jack did as he was told, he knew The Master was going to cut his supply of air, he knew The Master didn't want him to die yet, and that these days it was The Master that decided when Jack died. He drew as big a breathe as possible through his nose before The Master pinched Jacks nose. Cutting all air supply to Jacks lungs The Master slowly whispered "First part of this game...you have to guess..." The pause lasted forever, Jack closed his eyes "...wait for it...you have to guess whose blood your choking on..." The Master knew he hit the nail on the head, Jack felt his body shiver. Flashing images of his friends flew through his head and Jack felt the small whimpers forming in his throat. "...the doctor..." Jack tried to struggle, tried to thrash around, while he tried to scream. The Master was pleasing himself today, this was a new game that he liked. "oops, no, not The Doctor, why would I kill him? I want him alive for when we find Martha Jones." Jack didn't want to hear anymore, he didn't have a choice. Eyes sewn shut his torture continued "...but speaking of Joneses" Jacks whimpers became cries he kept thinking of the blood sliding around his mouth, floods of tears forming at Jacks eyes, Jack slowly started choking. He was quickly reminded he couldn't breathe and panic started to hit him as he thought of his sweet, innocent, kind-spirited lover. "...we found your pet, Freak"

'No' Jack thought "No No No! Not Ianto!, please..." Jack let the panic cover him, he tried to break his chains, he pulled on his chains, Jack was screaming and The Master was again filled with happiness. The Master removed his hands letting Jack breathe again. 'No...No...When will this nightmare end?"

The Master came face to face with Jack. Jacks heart was heavy. The Master raised a knife to Jacks face, Jack didn't flinch. He'd been cut so many times, forced to bleed to death, had his eyes cut out, limbs cut off. Jack was the human experiment. The Master wanted to know if Jack would scream if he didn't have a tongue, if Jack could survive brain surgery, heart surgery all while still awake. Death was Jacks life. The Master put the knife under the rag around Jacks mouth, right before tearing through the fabric The Master whispered to Jack the two words Jack waited for "He's dead" the rag fell and Jack screamed. He screamed and thrashed about and The Master left the room.