The Reason by planet p

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Someone, somewhere, once said that the love you gave away was the love that really stayed with you: Mao believed this. The part of you you shared with the world was the part of you that really lived, and was the part of you most valued by others. The part of you they never knew, was the part they missed out on; the part of you that missed out on really living.

Mao and Minato had had their rough periods, their ups and downs, but it was the downs and the resulting ups that had drawn them closer together, in the end. Mao had no doubt that Minato would stick by her, but he'd only come to that point - just as she had - by being able to see himself as he really was (and by, in turn, seeing her as she really was): he had seen himself, and seen her, and understood that they could work. If they wanted it, they could really work! And when it was love on the line, was there any reason not to try, not to put everything into it?