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On the First Day of Advent


"Huhh?" Rose sat up too quickly, her head reeling. Time to establish some basic facts. Where was she? In her bed. So far, so good. What time was it? A quick glance at the alarm clock confirmed Rose's worst fears. Not even 6am yet. And why was her head so heavy? Rose looked down at her rumpled dress, still on. And the random splashes of something blue and toxic-but-delicious looking all over it. Ahhh. Of course. The Night Out. It had been planned for a while; just a chance for them to catch up, spend some just-them time together. And the night had gone on from there… Rose groaned and shut her eyes again, attempting to shut out some of the blinding sunlight. Somehow, though, the noise outside was still going on


"All right, all right, I'm up!" Rose yelled, suddenly panicked, running to the door. Something bad was going on. Aliens? Invasion? She didn't know about this. Why didn't she know about this? Someone should have told her earlier, someone should have made sure she was awake a long, long time ago, what the hell was going-

Rose stopped dead.

Outside her door, there were no panicky Torchwood operatives, no aliens ready to attack, nothing worth being woken up for at all.

"Oh no," she whispered menacingly, shaking her head from side to side. "Tell me you didn't."

The Doctor simply beamed at her, clutching Tony in his arms.

"We've been up for hours, haven't we, Tony?" He asked cheerfully. Tony nodded, in that deadly serious way that only four year olds can.

"Hours an' hours an' hours'. Doctor came an' waked me up. We had cocoa pops an' coffee an'-"


"Sugar san-wishes an'-"


"then we watched videos aaaaaaall day."

"Doctor," began Rose in an unearthly calm voice. "Put down the four year old. Now," she added. The Doctor, momentarily frightened into submission, did as he was told. Tony ran off, yelling at the top of his voice,

"Mumdadmumdadmumdad…" Rose couldn't help but smile sadistically at that. He was Jackie and Pete's problem now. The Doctor grinned back at her, hopefully, and she immediately reverted back to scowling.

"You. Inside," she ordered.

Inside her bedroom. Rose rounded on the Doctor.

"What the hell were you doing? Coffee? Sugar? Videos? Early mornings? Toddler? Any of these sounding a bit of a no-no to you, Doctor?"


"Don't you ummmm me, Doctor. Answer."

"Well, you see-"

"Why did you even wake him up in the first place?"

"But Roooose-"

"Don't 'But Roooose' me. Why. Did. You. Wake. Him. Up."

"But Rose, it's DECEMBER!"

"Oh for god's sake."Rose sank on the bed, too weary to even stand. "And?"

"Well, I woke up really really early, and I had my advent calendar chocolate, only then I got bored, and I had yours as well, sorry, and Tony's, and Jackie's, and Pete's, sorry, and then I was still bored, so I tiptoed into the nursery to get that jigsaw we started yesterday, only then I tripped over the castle, and it made a bit of a racket. And then Tony was, um, awake. But," the Doctor added helpfully, "I think he was nearly going to wake up anyway, you know. So then we were hungry, and I asked Tony what he wanted to have, and so we had that."

"And it didn't occur to you that early mornings are not a good time to give a toddler coffee."

"Um…no?" The Doctor looked at her apprehensively. Rose almost – OK, nearly – smiled. He was kind of adorable on a sugar high. The Doctor seized on her momentary weakness, and jumped up on the bed beside her.

"Sorry for waking you up, Rose," he whispered, putting an arm around her shoulder and making an honest effort to look grown up. Even though he was covered in glow-in-the-dark dinosaur stickers and had chocolate smeared on his left ear. "Should I let you get some more sleep."

"No, no," she sighed. "Too late for that." The Doctor grinned.

"Brilliant! Are you hungry? Thirsty? Need-the-toilety?"

"Doctor, you've been spending too much time with Tony."

"Right, yes. Sorry. So come on, give me some clues! What do you wanna do?"

"Well…" Rose smiled, snaking an arm around the Doctor's waist. He wasn't just a little bit adorable. He was kind of hot in an I-just-fell-out-of-bed-after-a-really-strange-costume-party kind of way. Actually, he was kind of hot in lots of ways. Actually, he was very hot in all ways. "We could go downstairs, make a nice, healthy brunch, take a family walk in the park-"

"Or…?" The Doctor had started smirking. Good. He'd caught on.

"Or we could stay here," Rose grinned mischievously. "Celebrate the start of Advent in style."

The Doctor smiled widely.

"I think I'd like that," he said, before softly pushing Rose back onto the bed and kissing her softly.

"Oh, and Doctor?"

"Hmmm?" His head was now at her neck, his lips whispering over her. Rose was already starting to lost track of proper thought. She deliberated
quickly how best to formulate the next thing, then decided now was not the time for complicated phrasings.

"I've done it. I've stopped taking the Pill."

The Doctor's head shot up, his eyes full of light.

"You mean it?" He stammered hoarsely. "We can start trying?"

Rose smiled with him, pulling her Doctor down into a tight hug.


Awwww. Now wasn't that just a pile of lovely slushiness. I'm going to be jumping around with different characters and ships, remember, but expect a return to the adorableness that is 10.5/Rose and Tony eventually.