"Why are you hanging out with Malfoy of all people" Harry said harshly "are you trying to get hurt again?"

"Maybe I like him! Maybe, he's nicer to me then any one beside Ron and Hermione!"

"Mel! He's not good for you! Do you even know what like is?"

"Yeah I'm pretty sure I do."

"Really, well, didn't seem like it! You always made time for me though you always had somewhere else to be at that time!"

"It's not my fault! Ok! You weren't perfect either! You were always gone with Ron and Hermione! And when you came over you didn't wanna hang out with me it was always Ron and Hermione!"

"That is different."

"And you think that you have the right to sleep with my sister everything would be better!"

"You don't understand. Maybe one day when you're in love you'll understand…" He said trialing off.

"What do you know about love" I said getting angrier by the minuet "Love is NOT shagging all the time… as you implied!"

"She has a point mate" I heard Ron say behind us. "Thanks Ron! Wait… why are you here?"

"This is the common room" Ron stated. Then I noticed like the entire Gryffindor house watching us argue. And my attention just went right back to Harry.

"And you know what Potter" I said noticing Harry wince slightly when I called him by his last name "I can hang out with any one I want, any where I want and any time of the day I want! So just turn around and walk away before I kick you're sorry Boy-who-lived ass!"

Ginny stepped up to me looking kind of pissed. Ok not kind of…

Just pissed… Better pissed off then pissed on!

"Who do you think you are? Yelling at Harry like that" she said glaring at me.

"I think I'm Mel Weasley. Ok! So tell your freaking boy friend to stay away from me" I stated then stormed into the girl's dorm. It felt good to get that out.