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Always Mammon

Chapter 2: kiss and new mission!

Fran was in the living room reading a book like he always do, and at his side was sitting a certain prince playing with his knives.

"Shishishi… Froggy the prince is bored, entertain the prince" Bel ordered the boy who didn't even bother to look.

-Stab- "Senpai" Fran whined as he pulled the knife out of his back and throw it on the floor.

"Froggy, Stop throwing the prince's knives" Bel said with a hint of annoyance.

"Well senpai, don't stab them to me" Fran said while reading his book.

Bel snatched the book from Fran's hand "shishishi...now froggy pay attention to the prince" Bel said with his Cheshire grin on his face. Fran looked to him "now what senpai?" Fran asked.

"Kiss the prince" Bel ordered with a grin on his face

"Stop it fake-prince someone might see us" Fran turned away hiding his blush

"Come on froggy, just a little kiss for the prince" Bel pleased the boy. "Okay then fake-prince, but just one" Fran said with a loud sigh. "Shishishi" Bel leaned forward to Fran until their lips met, Bel made the kiss even deeper making his way inside Fran's mouth which Fran allowed, he parted his lips and that made Bel enter his tongue into Fran's mouth Fran let out moans, and after that Fran pushed Bel away, they were panting and breathing for oxygen "Baka senpai, you said it was just a small kiss!" Fran said trying to keep his monotone voice flat. "But admit it you liked the prince's kiss, shishishi" Bel said teasing Fran. "I-I don't Baka-senpai" Fran said hiding the blush in his face. "Shishishi~ the frog is blushing, that means you like it." Bel said with a wide grin on his face.

A sudden 'Voiiii….' was heard outside the room "Voiiii…. Bel! Boss has a mission for the both of you!"

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