Rating: T for language.

Plot line: An argument between Stone and Sanchez about her relationship with Fitch. Solely dialogue.

Disclaimer: So not mine, I just watch the series religiously.

Not Beta'd so all mistakes are mine.



"We need to talk."

"That's what we're doing February."

"No, I mean a real conversation like between partners. Longford and Mahajan don't seem to have trouble communicating, neither do Fitch and Washington. We're the only ones who can't seem to communicate."

"We communicate just fine."

"Yeah, about the cases, but you won't share any more personal details with me and you never have time for drinks."

"This is a working relationship, we don't need to share personal details."

"Working relationship, is that all you ever want this, us to be?"

"Of course, that's how it is with m-um all of our coworkers."

"You almost said most of our coworkers."

"No, I said all of our coworkers."

"Oh god, it's Fitch you want a romantic relationship with Fitch, are you nuts?"

"Whoa, where did you jump to that conclusion from?"

"It's obvious that he likes you but I didn't think you were low enough to return the feelings."

"How is having feelings for someone low?"

"It's just wrong, he's he's creepy. I don't like the idea of my partner being in love with a creep!"

"He's not a creep."

"He's old and mean and he's very hard to figure out. That's not the kind of lover you want Ariana."

"Sure he's a little mysterious, but honestly I think he just doesn't like you is why he's so mean to you."

"Who in their right mind could hate me?"

"Well right now I do and I'm pretty sure Fitch isn't going to become more cordial to you."

"But honestly, what makes him so attractive to you?"

"Why do you want to know, so you can try to fake having such traits? It's not anything you can fake easily."

"Is it umm, do you think he's..."

"You're disgusting February. It's his personality."

"Wait, how does he have a better personality than I do?"

"You're full of yourself and incredibly vain, he's humble and cares about others."

"Yeah sure he seems caring how he bosses everybody around then goes completely silent."

"He's a gentleman."

"Wait, I try to be a gentleman and you get mad at me, yet he does these things you call gentlemanly and you fall in love with him."

"Your intentions were solely to get into my pants."

"Well it worked didn't it?"

"Oh shut up! You took advantage of me that night, honestly you were just my backup because he didn't want to go for drinks with me that night. Then you went and got me drunk enough that I'd sleep with you! That is why we do not talk anymore!"

"Wait, so I've always been second best to him?"

"Yeah, face it February, you can't have every girl you want, some of them want a man who actually cares for them."

"Fine, have fun with your little freak boyfriend!"

And that would be the point where Stone walks away after calling Fitch a freak, and I show up and shoot him just kidding but seriously I do hate the guy with a vengence.