Once upon a night, two young adults both aged: a woman and man were outside a palace courtyard. The women had maroon-red hair, shoulder length with big brown eyes. She had fair, white skin that glow beneath the moon's pale light; she was wearing a sleeveless reddish, pink dress that reached below her knees and pink scarf that wrapped around her delicate face. The man, however, was wearing a torn dark blue shirt and baggy, dirty brown pants. His dark hair was spiked up but still looked messy, but his eyes were exquisite; two pitch-black eyes that almost looked dark blue underneath the moon's pale light.

"It's about time, we should get going," whispered Sakura.

"I know… aren't you afraid?" asked Shintaro.

"With you, I'm not," smiled Sakura.


There was a long pause afterwards, until a loud trumpet noise filled the air, frightening the two young couple.

"We should get going," said a worried Shintaro.

"I know we should-


The young couple looked around to see who it was, however this person was different. He had dark, green forest hair that reached his shoulder, skin paler than any other humans, eyes honey-like but resembled to cat. What was weirder was that his ears were large and pointed.


"Kai?" cried a shocked Sakura.

"Sakura! Please, give me one more chance! Please! Sakura!"

"No, Sakura go behind me, I'll take care of him" said Shintaro.

Shintaro then stood in front of Sakura, in a protective position.

"You? Hah! A young stupid peasant like you can't beat me, Kai, a young devilishly handsome prince" laughed Kai.

"Just leave" said Shintaro sternly.

"Over my dead body!" shouted Kai.

"Or your race"

The three young adults turned to see the King: Sakura's dad.

"Father?" cried a worried Sakura.

"Your highness," murmured Shintaro.

"I see, you can't forget about my daughter Kai, am I correct?" asked the King.

"Your Highness, it was a mistake, I should have known it from before please let me have your forgiveness" asked Kai.

"No, from what I see, I know someone else who should take your place as my future son-in-law," said the King, looking at Shintaro.

"No!, Your Highness you got to be kidding me! He has no right to take my place! He's just-

"It is done, now leave or I shall call my guards to send you away," said the King.

Kai grumbled, his eyes filled with anger glaring at Shintaro, his teeth clenched.

"Very well, but you, Shintaro Momomiya! I curse you, the day your child is born he or she will be born abnormal!" shouted an angry Kai, before taking his leave.

"Hmm, he is a rather strange one," said the King.

The King then looked at the young couple, who was mesmerizing in each other's eyes, then smiled.