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Chapter 13:

'He's hugging me na no da?' The little girl slowly lifted her arms, hugging the boy back. Taruto soon got alarmed by this and push her roughly but no too rough.

"Aww, Taru-Taru is nice!" The boy blushed.

"Shut up you! I only did it because I just felt like it, not because we're friends!" Pudding giggled at the last word and attacked him, jumping from behind then tackling him. Taruto just blushed more.

'How on Earth could I lose to a girl like her? This will be easy'

However Pudding was having so much fun, it's just been a few minutes and she was still winning. Taruto's face grew from dusty pink to crimson red, breathing heavily and she noticed that. She stopped and looked into his eyes with her honey brown orbs.

'Wow na no da, he really has nice eyes! Maybe amber should be my favorite color na no da! Then I'll remember Taru-Taru every time I think about it na no da! Hmm, now what kind of things are amber, oh I know honey and then -?'

The boy prince smirked; she was falling for the trap. Slowly he lifted himself while that girl had that daze but cute face on.


'Huh na no da?' Pudding looked up to see her 'friend' on top of her now, smirking.

'Wow, I must have been distracted na no da!' The boy chuckled for a bit before continuing.

"Looks like I beat you huh? And to think I was losing to a kid like you but then you had to care about me" he said. Pudding smiled.

"Pudding should na no da! Since Taru-Taru is my friend na no da!" exclaimed the girl while the prince blushed. Pudding giggled at the sight of his face.

"Well if you don't know, we're meant to be en-

But the little boy stop, his ears suddenly twitching, Pudding noticed his worried eyes, and sat up. "What's wrong Taru-Taru?" she asked. Taruto turned to her responding:

"Pudding, go hide! I can feel something bad is going to happen any minute now; I'll explain everything later kay?"

'Everything? I don't even know what he's talking about!' The girl thought, cocking her head to one side while Taruto just sighed.

'She is really annoying, but in a cute way…'

"Okay, now go hide!" he demanded, pointing to a bush. Pudding just stared at it then at him, she repeated that routine for a little while until Taruto's face turned a deep red.

"Just. Go. Hide. There!" he shouted, creeping Pudding out a bit.

"Ne, why Taru-Taru?" she asked. Taruto felt like fainting, not only was she annoying but really dumb. Face palming his face, he responded:

"I told you, I'll tell everything to you la-, I mean we're going to play hide and seek. And I, umm, want you to win, yea that's it!" he stammered. He looked at Pudding's face, hoping she would buy that stupid response.

'Hide and seek? Yay! How sweet of him!' the girl thought.

"Really? Then why didn't you tell me before!" she exclaimed happily skipping towards the bush, then jumping in it while the boy wiped the sweat off his forehead, then sighing.

'Finally! And for a second thought I wouldn't –


The little boy turned to see his worst nightmare: Pai. (Okay, maybe he might not be his worst nightmare!)

"Pai! What're you doing here?" he stammered while his brother just raises a brow.

"That is not important right now Taruto, however I have come to deliver a message"

"Really? Okay! What is it?" The older prince looked at him with suspicion in his eye.

"You seem eager Taruto. A little too eager" Taruto felt like dying; his brother will start intruding his life with horrible questions.

"Uh no I'm not! I just want to hear the news, is that a crime?" Pai cocked a brow.

"Well, if you're that eager why didn't you stay in the castle? Father announced it there while you were probably running around like a wild animal" Taruto clenched his fists.

"Ne, what's that suppose to mean? I am one civilized kid if you don't know; I was just going for a walk. And if you didn't know I was going back to the castle but I had some, umm errands" blurted out the little kid.

"Really then? Okay then let's go, I'll explain the news there,"

Taruto swiped his forehead (when Pai wasn't looking) and was about to take a step, when a rustling noise was heard. Unfortunately his brother has heard the noise as well and turned around.

"May I ask what that was?" he asked sternly while the little boy smiled stupidly.

"Oh, I'm sorry I guess that um, bird has gone back to life!"

"Taruto, this is a serious matter. Stop acting childish and be more 'civilized'?" The little boy gulped.


The older prince turned around and was about to take a step when the same rustling sound was heard. This time he turned around and saw something orange before his eyes.

"You liar! You said we were going to play hide and seek na no da!" Shouted Pudding, pointing to Taruto with an accusing finger. Pai looked at Taruto who widened his eyes in surprise.

"Pudding! Ahahaha, what are you doing here?" the boy stammered, his hand messing up his hair in embarrassment.

"Huh? What do you by 'what are you doing here?' na no da? We were both here for ages na no da! Do you have short-term memory lost na no da?" Said the little girl. Taruto face-palmed himself.

'That idiot!' he thought.

Unfortunately his brother took a step towards Pudding, still wearing that same old, scary face (well not really, it is to me ish ^^).

"Sorry for interrupting, but who are you?" he asked.

"I'm Pudding na no da! What's your name na no da?" the girl replied happily.

"I go by the name Pai Ikisatashi, the first son of Kai and Kira Ikisatashi. I was going to be the next King of –

But Pai didn't manage to finish when a hand covered his mouth.

"Ahahaha, I think that's enough Pai," chuckled Taruto, smiling goofily. "I think it's time to go". Pudding just cocked her head to one side.

"Pai? Hmm, that sounds familiar na no da," the little boy widened his eyes.

'Crap! She'll know we're enemies! And we were getting along!"


"Yea na no da! Oh I know why! Lettuce onee-chan keeps talking about you na no da!" Now it was turn for Pai to widen his eyes.

"L-Lettuce-chan talks about me?" the little girl laughed.

"Not really na no da! But strangely every time we see the color purple, she blushes and mumbles your name and stuff like that na no da!" Pai turned around and felt his cheeks warmed.

"Taruto! I think it's time to go,"


Soon, Pai and Taruto started to hover in the air, but the brunette, felt something tug his pants.

"Ne, Taru-Taru! When are you going to explain everything?"

"Um, later! I'll see you soon," The boy pulled toward himself until he was close to her cheek. "We'll communicate with each other by sending letters. Is that fine?" he whispered. The girl beamed.

"Hai na no da! It's fine with me!"

"Well, okay then. See you, soon monkey-chan," Quickly he pulled the girl into his arm, then pressing his lips lightly on the girl's soft cheek.

"Ja ne!"

Taruto joined his brother a little while. Soon he noticed that Pai was a little quiet, too quiet.

"Ne, Pai! What's up? You seem quiet,"

'Quiet Taruto. I just need to think,"

'Umm, okay? That's a bit awkward' the little boy thought.

But Pai just curled his lips into a little smile, while his cheeks changed from dusty white to rosy pink.

'I hope I get to see her again. Lettuce…'

When they were out of sight Pudding smiled, a really huge smile.

"Ne, Taru-Taru is so cute na no da!"

Suddenly, out of nowhere she felt like something exploded above her head. Princess Pudding checked her head and smiled when her fingers felt something soft.

"Yay! Pudding got monkey ears na no da!"

Somewhere across the land, a redhead teenage princess looked up her cat ears twitching.

"What was that?"

A soft chuckle was heard after. The girl turned around to see her fiancé across the meadow.

'Great, I was enjoying myself here alone,' she thought.

"Hello Ichigo! Beautiful day isn't it?"

"Umm, yes it is Aoyama-kun,"

"You can call me Masaya, Ichigo. We are engage," the girl looked up at the word 'engage'.

'That doesn't mean I love you though,'

"I know, I just feel comfortable saying your name like that," she replied sweetly. She looked down continuing sewing her unfinished work: a mini cat with a green choker, and amber eyes. Unfortunately for her, her fiancé noticed the doll.

"That's really interesting Ichigo, though I have to say the colors are bit random," Again, Ichigo looked up.

"I know, I just like it that way," Masaya looked at her smiling. She really was beautiful, and soon they'll both be together. He noticed her cat ears were up, and chuckled lightly so he she wouldn't hear. Sitting next to his fiancée, he slowly wrapped her shoulders with his left arm, then softly stroking Ichigo's cat ears, startling the princess.

"Oops, sorry Ichigo! I didn't mean to startle you like that. Here let me help you,"

The prince took the mini doll, and placed it on Ichigo's lap, patting her hand. He then looked into her brown eyes, hooking a finger underneath her chin.

'Crap! He's going to kiss me! What should I do?' the princess thought.

Looking up, Ichigo saw that Masaya's face was just centimeters away from hers, and that his lips were almost touching hers. Quickly though softly she pressed the prince's chest away from her, Masaya looked at her confused and worried.

"Ichigo, is there something wrong?" he asked, his finger still hooked underneath her chin. He lifted her chin up so they were looking at each other eye to eye. But the princess laughed a fake laugh.

"Um, I'm not really comfortable doing it now. Maybe some other time?" Though hurt, he understood. Unhooking his finger he smiled at her.

"It's fine. Want to go for a stroll?" Standing up he took Ichigo's hand, squeezing it a bit, and then looking into those hazelnut eyes.

"Umm, okay," The girl stood up as well and placed her work on the bench. Looking at Masaya, she linked her arms with his, smiling a fake smile, wishing it was her 'knight in shining armor's'. When he wasn't looking she looked back, and looked at her unfinished work sadly.

"Umm, Masaya?"

"Yes Ichigo?"

"Do you know anything about my animal instincts?"

Masaya stopped and looked at her. Why would she want to know about her animal instincts?

"Well, I do know some information but I'm sure if they're reliable; they could be lies for all I know," Ichigo looked at him with pleading eyes; she even squeezed his arm a bit. Masaya smiled.

"Well if you want to know, then okay. I heard that the emperor also erased those people with the rare DNA not because he thought they were going to over throw him but after his wife caught an incurable disease. He thought it was caused by one of the Iriomote cats or the Ultramarine bird, so when he decided which animal he thought his wife caught the disease from, he decreed that the blood of that person will be used as remedies, thinking that they hold special powers. There are some more information that I also have, but I don't want you to be overworked before your ball. And to be honest, I think these stories don't make sense,"

After Masaya said the last word, he looked at Ichigo, who looked surprise.

'This is getting clearer to me now,'

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