Hi new readers! This is the me from the future. Kind of surreal, right?

I started this story when I was 14/15 with no experience in writing whatsoever. I enjoyed reading, noticed a trend and plunged into it without any further thought (something I don't regret).

Basically: here be bad grammar, many typos and I feel like past me had no idea how tenses worked.

It's an imperfect story, but I promise it's a good'un.

Tobias Harte, Head Gamemaker

It had been a hard day... the Hunger Games were drawing ever so closer, and so I had a busy day preparing thing such as the arena. We had decided on certain mutts, certain landscapes... pretty much everything.

Yes, I was one of the Gamemakers to the infamous Hunger Games, in all honesty, I was the head Gamemaker. I helped design and create the Arena, and I had planted in all the different and unique mutts that would be in the arena. We wanted to make the 202nd hunger games one to remember, and so we had designed probably the most unique and infamous Hunger Games arena yet. It has certain things and twists, turns, and traps that had never been involved in the Hunger Games ever.

All of this designing had definitely worn me out, and I had quickly driven home to my comfortable Capitol Estate later than I had expected. A smile had etched my face; thinking about the Arena we had made. I pressed a buzzer and my wooden oak front doors had slid open automatically. My wife was standing at the door with a frown on her face. I knew she was rather angry with me.

"And what time do you call this?" She said, the tone of anger in her voice was rather obvious. I simply smiled, knowing she'd love the news I was about to deliver.

"Let's just say I had to stay a couple of hours... I have helped design and create possibly the best arena in Hunger Games history. As soon as you see it, you will gasp."

"What's so special about it?" My wife replied; a hint of doubt in her voice. After all, there had been many great Hunger Games arena's before... but none of them could possibly match up to this ever.

"I can't tell you dearest..." I say, smirking. I then decide to get out of her bad books and I plant a quick kiss on the cheek, at this moment my twelve year old son, Edrick, had marched down the stairs, a smile on his face. I shivered when the thought struck me if he was in any of the Districts, he would be eligible for the Hunger Games. But he isn't, he's in the Capitol... safe and sound.

"Daddy!" He screamed with happiness, he zoomed down the stairs and embraced me, smiling as he hugged me, I then scooped him up in my arms and watched as he giggled, I span around, running and making aeroplane noises. He loved this, and always had. He wouldn't admit this childhood game we played to any his friends.

I stopped, and there was a brief silence between all three of us, until Edrick had decided to speak up:

"Daddy, were you at the Hunger Games arena today?"

"Yes, I was." I replied with a smile.

"Oh, please! Tell me it's going to be good! I really really can't wait to see it! This is going to be so exciting, isn't it?"

I chuckled at seeing my sons happy face. I then thought of how other children would be dreading the Games... How as the seconds tick closer to the Reapings, they will be awake with fear. Not the excitement that had kept my son awake. But, I would rather it them than us. It was their fault for engaging in the rebellion (both the first and the second).

"It has the potential to be the best games ever..."

"In the entire universe?" My son replied, fascinated.

"Yes." I chuckled, smiling to him, "In the whole entire Universe."

My wife then cut my sentence short, "I wouldn't be too sure on that." She then started pacing around the room, smiling to herself. She turned around to face me with the same expression of excitement that my son had. "After all, although you might have the best arena, you can't make it good without some interesting Tributes..."

I smiled back to her...
"Trust me, with some luck we will most definitely get some interesting Tributes... and we are going to get top class entertainment in watching them all struggle to survive in some of the traps that I have set out..."

I smiled, and then made my way into the building...