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Rain endlessly poured from a a dark, cloudy sky down on the land bellow. The land was covered by rusted, decaying buildings that protruded from the ground like gravestones. This gray and ruined wasteland was known as the Junkyard. The Junkyard was a desolate place, where no ruins covered the land, the earth was nearly barren.

The inhabitants of the Junkyard were all group into six different factions called Tribes. These Tribes were locked in never ending conflict, as directed by the laws of the Karma Temple. The Tribe that came out victorious over the others would be allowed to leave behind the ruined land of the Junkyard and ascend to the paradise known as Nirvana. And as dictated by the law, each Tribe stived to reach Nirvana as its ultimate goal.

Though despite the best efforts of each Tribe, none managed to ever strike a decisive blow against one of the other Tribes, and the battles would continue. However, one fateful event would change all of that, and possibly bring and end to the war that raged accross the Junkyard once and for all...

As the rain continued to pour,down, a young man with blonde, spiky hair and markings on his face that resembled wiskers stood behind one of the many stone slabs that had once been buildings, perhaps signifying that a town had once been here, though such details meant little to him. What did matter was the strange object that sat at the center of this place. He placed a device to his eye, and peaked over the slab cautiously, a hand ready to reach for one of his handguns. He like many others near him, he wore a gray uniform, which was marked by the spiral pattern on its back color orange; the color of the tribe he belonged to. He looked down into the small clearing, at the strange egg-shaped object with its strange metallic roots embedded into the ground that sat there. The device on his eye read 'NO DATA' as it attempted to annalyze it.

Next to the young man was another person, a young woman with brown hair that was tied into to buns. She was kneeling down, looking through the scope of her sniper rifle, ready to fire at a moments notice. She wore a gray uniform similar to the blonde, though her's had orange lines going down the from beneath her arms. She was Tenten, the best Sniper in the Tribe. Next to her was another young woman, who had pink hair that went down to just above her shoulders. She wore a simlar gray top to the first two, though her unform lacked pants in place of a skirt, with her marking being an empty circle on her back. She was Sakura, the third in the chain of command inside the Tribe. She held and assault rifle, and looked over at the the egg. "I have never seen such an object." Sakura commented, her voice containing very little emotion, if any at all.

"Perhaps it is a new weapon of the Stones." Tenten said in a similarly emotionless tone.

"We should proceed with caution." the blonde haired man said, no emotion could be heard in his voice either, as he he made a motion with his hands, and several people started to get closer, each of them armed with assault rifles, and using the ruined buildings as cover.

"Be careful out there, Naruto." the pink haired woman said to the blonde.

"The other members of our Tribe are replaceable; we can also get new recruits. As our leader, you are not." Tenten stated.

The blonde man, Naruto the leader of the Tribe known as the Foxes nodded as he took an assault rifle and followed the rest of his Tribe closer as the two women covered their advance. He reached the ruins of another building that two other young women were using as cover. One of the them had long dark blue hair, while the other had long red hair, with one side of her hair being smooth while the other side messy. "Karin, Hinata. Report on the status of the Stones."

"The Stones have also set up a perimeter around the area. They appear to be employing defensive tactics, and don't appear to be advancing any further." The red haired one, Karin, said. She wore a grey uniform with her navel exposed and very short pants, with her Tribe marking being the sleeves of her uniform being completely orange. She was the Foxes head scout, and an expert when it came to recon.

"Their leader, Kakko is also present." the dark blue haired one, Hinata, said. She wore a gray uniform with short sleeves, a skirt that went to her feet, and an orange circle on left shoulder. She was Karin's partner, and the two were probably unmatched in ther efficency in surveying areas when they worked together.

Giving a nod of acknowledgement, Naruto resumed his advance. After a minute, he ducked behind another stone wall, and looked to his side. Neatby, he saw three other members of his Tribe behind another. One of them was a young man with black hair that spiked out near the back, and had a sword on him in addition to his assault rifle. He wore a gray uniform with a higher collar than the others, with part of the front exposing his chest, with his orange marking being in the shape of a fan on his back. Sasuke, the Foxes' second-in- command. The second was a larger, muscular man with dark skin and white hair, who wore a pair of sunglasses over his eyes, and his unifor had no sleeves, and the upper part of the front of his uniform being orange. He was Killer Bee, the strongest man in their Tribe. The last of the trio was a young man with messy red hair, and dark rings around his eyes. He wore a gray uniform, and also wore a long gray coat with its collar and shoulders orange. His name was Gaara.

Giving them a nod, he turned to the other side where a group of five stood. The first was a young man with pale skin and short black hair. He was known as Sai. Next to him was young man that was taller than the others in his group, with spiky orange hair. He wore a gray cloak draped over his uniform with an orange spot on the front. Juugo was his name. Next to him was third with spiky brown hair, and red fang-like tattoos on both cheeks. He wore a uniform that also possessed a hood with orange an orange line wrapping around it and gowing down from the front to the back, causing it to look like a cross from the back when he had it up. He was Kiba, an expert in the art of tracking. The fourth member was a young man with white hair with a lght blue tint that went down to just above his shoulders, a his teeth looked razor sharp. His uniform lacked sleeves, and had a thick orange line going down his back. Suigetsu. The final member of the group was young man with dark brown hair with a portion of it covering the left side of his face. He wore a loose shirt, and a robe that with wide sleves that were a little longer than his arms. Utakata.

He gave them a nod, then looked back over to where Karin and Hinata who gave him a nod, then further back to where the sniper and other woman were, who also nodded. With this confirmation, he raised his hand, and made a motion with it, and he was joined by four other members of his Tribe. The first was an older man with long, spiky white hair, and red lines gowing down his face under his eyes. The sleeves and pants of his uniform were baggier than those of the rest of the tribe, and the entire part of his uniform that covered his back was orange. He was known as Jiraiya. The second was a young man with brown hair tied into a ponytail. He wore a uniform that also had a vest over it, with the forearms of his sleeves being orange. Shikamaru, the Foxes' stategist. The third was a young woman with tan skin, and light green hair. Her uniform possessed no sleeves and ended ad her midriff, and a short skirt with its rim being orange. Fuu was her name. The last was a woman with blonde hair tied into a ponytail. Her uniform was tighter on the than those of the others, and the sleves oof her uniform were not connected to the rest of it, with the bottom of her pants going up to the knee being orange, and she wore a headband. This woman was named Yugito.

"Jiraiya, Yugito, Fuu, and Shikamaru, you and the others will cover me. I want to take a closer look at this object." he said.

"Affirmative." Jiraiya said, and the others nodded in agreement.

Naruto then proceeded to do as he said, and quickly advanced toward the egg-shaped object. He was curious about what it was, and was intent on seeing it up close for himself. As he made his advance, he heard a ringing noise and looked up to see a black cat with two bells hanging from its neck sitting atop a stone pillar. He briefly wondered how it had gotten up there, but was drawn away from it as he heard sound of a crossbow being fired. He looked in time to see a bullet pierce the head of the one who had fired at him, but he also saw something thin flying through the air towards him. They were several arrows, the Stones personal ammunition, and as his Tribes many encounters with the Stones had shown, each was armed with an explosive set to go off on impact. Firing his rifle, he shot down most of them, but one arrow remained, and he new he didn't have enough time to shoot it down. Rolling away from the wall he was using as cover, the remaining arrow stuck it and it exploded. After avoiding the explosion, he new immediately that he was in the open, and sure enough, he saw a great number of arrows flying towards his location as nearly every member of the Stones opened fire on him. Without hestiation, he dropped his rifle, and pulled out a pair of handguns and began to shoot down approaching arrows as they got too close, as he ran toawards the nearest wall he could use as cover. Unfortunarely, he didn't have the bullets to shoot all of them down, and when he eventually ran out, he became was defenseless.

Fortunately, he was not alone. Some of the members of the Stones who had opened fire on him had been picked off by his Tribe's sniper, while the rest opened fired to shoot down the arrows that approached their leader, knowing that if he was killed, it would mean victory for the Stones. As the arrows were shot down, some exploded in mid air, giving him enough of a distraction to find new cover. As he ducked behind a wall, he looked over to the egg-shaped object, which he was now only a few meters away from. He saw that its roots now appeared to be moving slightly.

"Warning to the Stones:" the black haired young man, Sasuke, said over a radio for everyone present to hear. "Remove the unidentified object at coodinates 2314 5873. Failure to comply will be deemed an act of war."

"Warning to the Foxes:" another voice, a member of the Stones, returned over the radio. "Remove the unidentified object at coodinates 2314 5873. Failure to comply will be deemed an act of war."

Several members of the Foxes exchanged glances, silently agreeing amongst themselves that they would not be doing as the Stones said, and prepared to resume the battle.

However, before anything else could happen, the attention of all present was drawn the egg-shaped object as its roots began to noticably move, and a green glow passed over its form. Suddenly, a light shone from the sky, and a large sphere of light came down and struck the object with great force, destroying it. From the light, a countless amount of small lights shot out, flying throughout the air, each one passing through bodies of all those present on the battlefield, and even flying out beyond the area in all directions.

Those who this mysterious light passed through felt a strange, new sensation shoot throughout their body, and a great pain followed it, and they all screamed in agony from this immense feeling of it. The bodies of everyone began to darken, turning black, as lines of bright light covered their body. As Naruto writhed in immense pain, he saw his now black hand covered in glowing red lines start to transform, turning into a claw. Looking up from himself, he could see everyone else who was present was starting to change as well. Looking back up to his Tribe, he could see wings sprouting from Sasuke's back, tentacles from Killer Bee's back, Kiba sprouted a second head as his original one changed shape, Yugito's sprouted two tails as her hands lit ablaze with blue fire. And not only his Tribe, but the members of the Stones as well. One by one, everyone was changing. As this tranformantion took place, three words seemed to repeat themselves almost endlessly in their mind:

Eat them all

Where Naruto had once stood was a glowing red beast. It stood on its hind legs, though it hunched over a bit, and it resembled a fox with nine tails. On its arms and back was bone-like armor, with razor sharp claws over its own. Its face was fox-like and had long ears, and its eyes were a glowing demonic yellow with rows of razor sharp teeth in its mouth.


That named appeared once in the creature's head. Thats what its name was. Kyuubi. However, its name was not important to it at the momemt. It felt a srong hunger course through it, one that it knew must be satiated immediately. The problem was, what it could eat? There was know food around it, only other demonic creatures similar to itself.

It looked around with a vicious look, and saw the creatures that stood where the members of the Stones had been and ran at the nearest one. Impaling its claw through the creature's, the Kyuubi roared before it bit into the flesh of the creature, feeling a satifying feeling course through it body. It felt its hunger being quenched, but also felt power course through its body. More! Thats what it desired, with the feeling being uncombarable in the Kyuubi's mind, and it devoured the creature before killing another, and doing similarly. It also saw other monsters doing the same. Some it felt a feeling of familiarity with, and left them undisturbed. Others however, were not as lucky, and it ate the ones that did not feel a connection to.

The feast continued, though the Kyuubi wasn't the only contributing to it. A winged human-like beast with gray skin and a long mane of wild black hair flew down from the air onto another creature, using a sword that it held to cut into it, then rending its flesh as it feasted upon its prey. A large dull-brown colored ox that stood with on its hind legs and had eight octopus-like tentacles ran at another creeature, holding up its arm as he used it to slam another creature into a wall, then using its tentacles to restraining it as he feasted on its flesh. A humanoid cat-like creature with two tails and a feminine figure and blue fames surrounding its claws ran at high speed at another creature, being too fast for it to handle, and the cat woman took down its prey quickly and enjoyed its spoils, tearing into the flesh of its prey.

A larger wolf-like creature with two heads pounced on another creature, sinking the fangs of one of its mouths into the throat of its prey, killing it quickly. A long whip-like tongue wrapped around the neck of another creature, pulling it towards a demoic creature that resembled a three-headed toad with clawed hands. A slug-like creature with arms, legs and six tails walked towards it targets, which it had already restrain with some of its slime, which prevent its prey from moving. A feminie-looking creature with long pink hair that went down its back punched a creature, and with a single blow, sent another creature flying, this demonic woman appearing to possessed monstrous strength, despite its relative humanoid appearance.

And the bloodbath continued to rage on, all these demonic creatures feasting on eachother.

Naruto suddenly awoke, finding himself lying on the ground as the rain soaked him. Slowly getting up, he saw the other members of his Tribe waking up as well. He saw that he and the others were not in the locations that they had last remembered being.

"What... has happened?" Sakura asked out loud as she sat up, holding her head.

"How did we... get here?" Sai asked. None of them could rember anything after the light had pierced their bodies.

"Look." Shikamaru said, and they surved their surroundings, seeing several corpses lying around them, most belonging to members of the Stones.

"How did this happen?" Utakata questioned.

"They appear to have been eaten by something." Hinata pointed out as they could see most of them looked to have had their flesh ripped from the bone.

"But that still doesn't explain what has happened." Tenten said. "The events of this battle are still unclear."

It was then that they noticed something. Each of them felt a pulastion from different parts of their body, and when they examine where the pulsations were coming from, they discovered strange symbols had been etched into their flesh. "What are these markings?" Naruto asked as he pulled up his sleeve to look at his right forearm, which now had amrking that resembled a fox's head with the mouth open, and nine tails coming from behind the head. A red glow briefly outlined it.

"What are these strange new markings?" Fuu question as she examined the beetle-like symbol on her left side just above her hip above her skirt. Next to her, Gaara had a gourd shaped symbol abve one of his eyes, while Killer Bee had one that looked like two horns under his eye.

"And what is the strange sensation coming from them?" Yugito asked, a blue glow outlining the claw like marking on the back of her left hand.

As they surved the area for clues on what had taken place, Karin noticed something about the bodies. "While many members of the Stones lie dead before us, Kakko's body is not among them." she stated.

"So then he is still alive?" Kiba questioned.

"It would appear so." Jiraiya concluded.

"Naruto." Sasuke called over to Naruto where he, Suigetsu, and Juugo stood. They stood over a crater with light glowing out of it, and hhe recognized the location as where the egg-like object had been.

"What have you found?" Naruto questioned asked, and the rest of his Tribe gathered around the crater. Lying there in the center was a naked girl with long, light blonde hair. As he looked on at her, Naruto couldn't help but feel that he knew her, even though he had never seen her before.

Naruto wasn't the only one who had this feeling. "It is strange. I have never seen this girl before." Sakura stated. "Yet I have a strange feeling that I have."

"I also have such a feeling." Sasuke said.

"Me too." Karin said.

"And I as well." Gaara said.

"I do not." Sai stated, and the rest of the Tribe agreed with him.

"What should we do now, leader?" Tenten asked and everyone looked to Naruto.

After thinking about it for a few minutes, he announced his decision. "We will take her back to Muladhara with us." Naruto ordered, and everyone obeyed without question. "I wish to know more about who she is."

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