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I woke up to hear the phone ringing in our small apartment. I heard Jess mumble, "Do you want me to get it?"

I shook my head and whispered back to her, "nah I'll get it go back to sleep."

I walked over to the phone in the next room and picked up the phone and looked at the caller Id.

"Hello? Bella? What's wrong? You don't usually call this late."

I heard a sob come over the phone. Slightly more worried I spoke into the phone, "Bella what's wrong? Is Dean and Dad okay? "

I heard her choke over the phone, with more venom than I've ever heard her use, "They're perfect."

Still confused I asked, "What did they do?

I heard her sniffle over the phone," I don't wanna talk about it right now. I…I just wanted to hear you talk."

Looking back over at the bedroom, Jess was sound asleep snoring lightly. I walked farther from the door into the kitchen, "Sorry I can't be loud, Jess just got back to sleep."

I could practically she her face over the phone, her biting her lip. Her long brown hair, that she refused to cut, brushed back over her ear, bright brown eyes watered over from her crying. My mental image of her blurry from the time away.

"Who's Jess?"

Suddenly remembering that I hadn't told her about Jess, I stuttered out," My girlfriend."

I heard her sigh over the phone, "Is she pretty?"

I smiled to myself, "I think she's beautiful. It's good to hear from you Isa"

She sniffled, "I'm happy your doing what you wanted to do. So how long have you and Jess been dating?"

And that's how it continued for most of the hour. Small talk on how I was doing, What classes I was taking. Finally I asked the question we both had been dreading. "Bella where's Dean?"

"Oh out getting food…"

The moment that came out of her mouth I knew she was lying. I wasn't quite sure if I should call her out on her bluff, but knowing Bella there was a good reason for her lying. Thinking up words I could say to get her to tell me what's wrong fill my head, but the only thing I can get out is…

"I miss you."

She sniffles and says, "I miss you more. You were the only one who…who didn't judge. Who just went with the flow and excepted that things may just happen."

Knowing how spiteful Bella could be if she let this stew, I tried to speak but before I could get it out she spoke, "Do you want to go out for breakfast? I..I wanna see you it's been so long."

I stopped to think about this before I answered, If I said yes and I went and saw her I could end up doing something I would regret later and hurt Jess. If I said no I could risk losing Bella and never getting to talk or see her again.

Knowing I should do the right thing and say no, I go to answer to be interrupted by Bella, "Sam?"

Hearing her say my name my answer immediately changed.

"Yeah I'll go to breakfast with you."

"Really I'll meet you by the Denny's on 4th."

I smiled and all the guilt from saying yes left as I knew I had made her happier then she had been in a long while.

"Yeah I'll meet you there."

I could practically see her smiling over the phone. I hung up and went back into the bedroom and walked over to the dresser to put on pants. As I was pulling up my pants Jess asked, "Is everything okay? Why are you leaving?"

Knowing this would be the first lie to her about this night I replied, "Everything's fine."

And the rest is left to your own imagination….well for now.