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He lay beside her, pressing his body close to hers and entwining his hand in her, he brought it up to his mouth and kissed her fingers, he then placed her hand on his chest, pressing his over the top holding it in place so she could feel his racing heartbeat.

She rolled over and on top of him and kissed his chest; sliding down, to find a comfy spot, she placed her head on his taut belly. He wound a hand into her hair, his fingers caressed her scalp. She absently stroked the light dusting of course hair on the flesh between his navel and penis, drinking in the musky scent of him.

"What age are you?"

"Old enough to know its legal, darlin'."

She looked up at him, questioningly.

"I'm twenty-five. What age are you, if you don't mind my asking?"


"See, we're plenty old enough to know where we're headed."

"And where's that, sweetie?"

"I'm gonna make love to you, so good and so sweet that you're never gonna want to leave this room ever again."

"Oh, I'm sure you will, but I will leave and so will you. We're just gonna make some fantastic memories to take away with us first."

"I can feel it in my bones that I ain't ever gonna want to leave you come sun up."

"Let's just see what the night brings."

With that she pushed herself up off the floor and put a hand out to him. Taking her offered hand, he pulled himself up off the carpet and stood alongside her. She had a playful look in her eye as she took his hands and put them around her; she put one hand on his chest and suddenly started to dance in the circle of his arms, swaying this way and that, to music she could hear in her head. She sped up the tempo, turning and bobbing along to the unheard melody, running her hands down his body, trailing her body down his until she was nearly kneeling in front of him at eye level with his now flagging erection. She looked up at him and winked, and quickly placed a kiss on the head of his cock.

"You think we should take care of that for you?"

"Darlin', if you don't, I'm gonna do it myself, with or without you."

"I think we can find a way between us."

"Oh, I think I can handle that."

She giggled and the smile on his face turned into a look of exquisite torture as she palmed him to fullness again. When he was ready for her she looked up at him through her lashes and opened her mouth. He stared down at her, rapt, waiting for her to move. When he didn't push into her mouth as she expected, she stuck her tongue out and licked a stripe down the length of his shaft and back up, looked up into his eyes and opened her mouth again. He moaned, ran a hand into her hair and pushed into the cavern of her waiting mouth. She felt sexy as she hollowed out her cheeks to take more of him in, and he began to shift, slowly rocking back and forth. She stared up at him the entire time as he fucked her mouth, and he looked like he felt like the luckiest guy in the world; there was a huge smile on his face and his eyes were glazed with lust. Her lips were stretched around him and as he pulled back she could feel the ridge of her teeth scrape over his sensitive head, he groaned as he watched it slip out from between those lips, her tongue followed suit and ran along his slit, lapping at the precome that was leaking there. She flicked her tongue along the underside of his dick, and thought to herself 'God, he's so beautiful right now.' He moved her head back into position, sliding his cock as far in as she could take and the noise he made when he hit the back of her throat was like a rumble that started in his chest. She breathed in through her nose, willing herself not to gag, and when she felt it come on she just swallowed around him, he let out a groan. She felt him pull back, and then slowly start to buck into her again, she got used to the rhythm he was setting, and each time he pressed in she swallowed, taking him into her throat like a pro. When his thrusts became erratic, she let her teeth ride along his length every now and again, making him pant; he was getting so close and with each thrust she could hear him mumbling a litany of profanities, clasping her hair tighter and his head falling back. When he was ready to explode she pulled him closer and he spilled into her mouth. She smiled up at him when his gaze fell to her face. He grinned.

"Good Lord, woman, who knew."

"That you'd look so beautiful when you came?"

"That'd you'd be as good with that pretty mouth as I'd been picturing all night."

She blushed. He grabbed her upper arms and lifted her from her knees and for a spilt second her eyes widened in shock as he pushed her roughly back against the faded beige wallpaper with enough force to make her yelp in surprise. Her shock turned to lust as he drove his tongue into her mouth, still gripping her arms hard enough to bruise and ground his hips against her own. She fought for a breath through the assault on her mouth and writhed against him, trying to free her arms so she could steady herself. He relinquished his hold on her when she ran her nails down his chest, leaving long red trails over the pale, smooth planes of muscle, and he groaned into her mouth as she skimmed her thumbnails over his nipples. With abandon she instantly ravaged him, tearing at his hair and clawing at his back and shoulders, wrapping a leg around his own and pushing her hips toward him, her back arching off the wall. She was letting out tiny panting growls, feeling all the while like a wild animal, nipping his jaw and neck with her teeth just as often as placing little kisses. He grabbed her throat with one hand and forced her to look at him as he roughly massaged her breast with his other hand. She stared at him through lust glazed eyes.

"Please." She ground out through her teeth. Her desperation was growing as she held the hand that held her throat, and when she whimpered he let her go to lift her fluidly off the floor. She wrapped her legs around his waist, her head fell back against the wall and she whined nearly incomprehensible. "Please, now..."

Her head snapped forward again when she felt him push a finger into her, and finding her wet he stroked in and out a few times before adding a second finger. She saw him stare at her with a small smile on his face as if he were recording the looks that played across her face when he moved this way, or pressed that way. He was delving deeper and stretching wider with each thrust of his fingers, feeling the way her body moved with him. She was pushing toward him each time he moved back, trying for more contact; she moaned as he added another finger, bucking down on his hand, riding out a shudder as he stirred her clit to life with the press of his thumb. He just watched her come undone as he fucked her thoroughly with his hand. She let her head fall forward onto his shoulder as she got closer. He felt her legs tense around him and she bit his shoulder lightly as she let go, coming hard around his probing fingers, breathing heavily against his neck and clinging to him like she was dying.

"I told you, darlin', you ain't never gonna want to leave me in the mornin'. I'm gonna make you feel so good."

He disentangled her from around his waist, carried her gently to the bed, and laid her down onto the pillows. She smiled up at him, a beautiful pink blush staining her cheeks.

"Come into me now, I want to make you come."

Nothing sounded more perfect or debauched coming from her lips, her face that of a somnolent angel but her tongue held a devil's promises.

"You will, Missy. There ain't no doubt about that."

He took both of her wrists in one hand and held them high above her head, stretching her out so he could admire her whole body below him. She hadn't felt more naked than in this moment, he was just staring at her with pure adoration. It was like she was the most gorgeous creature he had ever studied. She felt a twinge of embarrassment and tried to turn her face away, but he caught her chin as it dipped and turned it back to make her look deep into his eyes.

"You're a beauty, if ever I beheld one. You know that?"

"Oh, shush!"

He just nodded his affirmation and kissed her on the forehead. She felt his free hand roam over her skin, daring over soft, sensitive skin - ticklish skin - and felt his mouth follow the path his fingers took. She wanted her hands free so she could touch him, run her fingers over the smooth warm expanse of flesh she saw before her. However, he held her wrists loosely, trusting she wouldn't try to move them.

She lay very still as he moved into position, he let go of her wrists to put a pillow under her hips, but she left them resting over the headboard where he had held them. He moved her gently as if she were a doll he could break if he were too rough, lifting her legs over his hips as he knelt ready. She could feel his cock, hot against her thigh. He looked down at her, resuming his hold on her wrists, bending over and placing a soft kiss on her lips he murmured against her lips.

"You ready?"


No other words were necessary. He guided his cock into her with ease, pushing as she held him tightly inside her. He stared into her eyes the whole time, watching for signs of distress but there was no complaint from her lips as she willed him silently to go deeper, further. She moaned as he filled until she could take no more, and he steadied himself with a hand on her hip, pressing his thumb into the hollow there and gripping tight. He groaned deep in his chest when he felt her tight channel relax.

"My Lord, you're so hot."

"Move for me."

He buried his face against her neck as he began to rock his hips slow and steady. The rush of his breath on her skin and the grip of his hands made her feel powerful; she could make a man need her so badly and want her so entirely. She threw her head back as he thrust harder, finding the right angle to explore a place deep inside her that she had forgotten, a neglected place that, on awakening had begun to cry out for attention. Ragged sobs were issuing from her as he fucked her harder and faster, as each plunge hit that spot that made her see stars. She held her breath as she neared orgasm, but when she felt him bite hard against her collarbone and heard him growling with the onset of his own climax, she cried out and let the wave of pleasure crash over her. He continued to pound into her, groaning with every movement until his hips stilled and he spilled into her with a cry.

"Oh Alice!"

She was coming down from her orgasm, but he surprised her by calling her by her proper name, she didn't think he'd even remembered it; he'd been calling her darlin' and ma'am all night. Just as she was starting to feel the ache in her shoulders and across her wrists where the blood had stopped flowing, he released his hold over her and she wrapped her arms around him. With his frame draped over her she felt warm and comfortable, enough so that sleep tried to take her but she fought the weariness. She stroked his hair and cradled him like a baby. He sat up and kissed her gently.

"Why did you call me that?"

Your name? I dunno, I wasn't thinking about it. Are you upset?"

"No, no. I'm just surprised."

"I'm full of surprises, huh darlin'?"

He chuckled and kissed the tip of her nose. As he sat up and away from her, he slid out of her, causing her to whimper with the aftershocks of sensitivity. Standing up from the bed, he lifted her in one arm like she weighed nothing and turned down the sheet below her. He placed her down softly into the cool clean linen and made sure to tuck her in before going to the bathroom, returning a few minutes later with some tissue and a glass of water for her. He turned off the lights and turned down the other side of the bed and slid under the sheets to snuggle beside her. She was nearly dozing and his chilled skin made her jump.

"Oh! You're freezing now!"

"Then heat me up!"

She laughed and cuddled him to her. He wrapped himself around her and placed a kiss on her temple. She gazed at him in the pale moonlight that came in through the chinks in the drapes.

"Have you ever done this before?"

"What? Slept with someone?"

"No... I mean, getting into some random stranger's car and spending the night with them."

"No, darlin', you'd be the first on that score."

She rolled onto her side, dragging him with her, until he was lying against her back. He placed one of his arms over her waist and drew lazy little patterns on her tummy. He spoke then, his accent heavy with sleep, a tired and peaceful lilt.

"You're a real sweet girl, Alice. I think I'd like to keep you, but you're a wild steed, huh? There'll never be a bridle on you and I doubt I'd be man enough to break you... You're a real beauty, darlin'... a real..."

She felt him relax against her as sleep took him then, softly exhaling against her hair. She felt the pull of tiredness and the threat of deep sleep made her fight to remain awake. She knew if she fell asleep she'd wake in his arms and not want to leave. He'd been right on that score. She waited, for an age it seemed; waited until his breathing became heavy and the rise and fall of his chest was slow and steady, then she untangled herself from his arms. She slid from the bed and retrieved her clothes. She went to the bathroom, got cleaned up, redressed, and checked her face in the mirror. She looked tired, but happy and the purple smudges under her eyes didn't seem so ugly to her anymore. She felt beautiful.

She came back into the bedroom, sat at the little table and pulled out the motel stationary from a little drawer. Her writing small and neat, she wrote quickly a note for him, sealed it in an envelope and left it on the nightstand.

In the freezing car she turned up the heat and looked for her lighter. She needed a cigarette. Noticing her cigarettes were still on the dashboard but her lighter was missing she wondered where it could be. 'Oh well', she thought 'it's time I gave them up anyway'. Placing a hand on her belly, she smiled. She put the car into gear and headed out into the grey dawn.

She drove home, back to the house she had avoided being in for so long, with a new sense of hope. Everything would be ok. She knew her fiancé would forgive her, for he knew what she had done as surely as she did, but he also knew what she wanted and that he couldn't provide. He would block out the missing hours, like he had so many times before, saying to himself that she was out drinking with girlfriends, he would pretend that everything was normal and she would never speak about it with him or with anyone. She would lie to him about the night she had, drinking and singing in the club, and she would feel guilty about the knowing look in his eyes, but she knew he would love her regardless. She may feel bad about the circumstances but she'd give them what they'd always wanted... a baby.

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