It took weeks for Kurt to be able to go back home. When he did, the Glee club was always over. Will came over a few times. Even Sue stopped by with some energy shakes. Despite being home, it was very rare for him to left alone in case he had a panic attack or God forbid needed some water. He was able to walk, but it took him twice as long as before and he had a noticeable limp. The scar on his stomach impressed Puck who gave him a high five to prove it.

One evening, the evening before he started back to school as it so happened, he had a few minutes to himself before dinner as Finn was working on an assignment for Spanish and Burt and Carole were busy in the kitchen. He lay on the couch just lost in his thoughts silently. He was thinking about all that had happened. He thought about where he was at that moment. He looked at his wrists which still had those faded burn marks from the ropes. He traced the feeling of the scar on his stomach with his fingers.

He had learned so much about everyone around him. They cared so much about him and it took something as terrible as this to help him realise it. In a weird, messed up way there was a part of him which was glad it had all happened. He knew he wouldn't be bothered in school anymore. That took a massive weight off of his shoulders. He knew his father had accepted Blaine. He knew his friends loved him so much and he knew he loved them even more. Now, because nothing worse could happen to him, he was ready to face the world full on.

"Kurt, sweetie. Dinner!"

Finn and Kurt pulled up to the school. Finn turned to him. "You ready?"

Kurt nodded and let out a happy breath of air. "Yes."

They got out and entered the building. People were looking at Kurt with looks of pride as they watched him limp. They didn't pity him because they knew how strong he was. He wouldn't want it. They both turned the corner only for Kurt to bump straight into Karofsky and two guys from the football team. Kurt stumbled slightly back and stared up at Dave anxiously waiting. He smiled and gently patted Kurt on the shoulder. He then nodded at Finn, followed by his two friends who did the same and continued on their way. Kurt let out a sigh and looked up at his almost brother who was smiling down at him and knew he was truly safe.

They walked down to the choir room and into the welcoming arms of their second family with their warm, smiling faces.

He was home.