Dean was sitting in the living room flipping through the channels on the TV when a movie caught his attention. He stopped and watched, more like stared at it. As he stared at the screen his mind started to wander through things. He began to get a headache and when he saw demons eyes all black on the television he groaned in pain closing his eyes.

Visions of him with another guy running came into view. The visions flashed quickly to a few people's eyes turning black. He then was in a house and stood in front of a blond with short hair who looked up at the ceiling. There was a marking on the ceiling and Dean quickly opened his eyes. His headache went away and the ending credits of the movie scrolled down the screen.

Dean got up and quickly went into the kitchen grabbing a piece of paper and a pen. He drew the symbol on the paper and tried to think of what it was. He frowned when nothing came to him.

Who was he? What had he done before?

He found Britney's lap top and tried to find answers. He needed to know why he was having visions of these things and who was that guy in his vision he saw in the beginning.

Britney opened the front door to her house and walked in, "Dean? You here?"

She placed her purse on the table and continued to walk around the house. She found him in the kitchen staring at the lap top, "Hey."

Dean looked up his eyes were red from staring at the screen and she frowned, "You ok?"

"Uh, yeah," he slowly closed the lap top and looked up at her, "just doing some research."

She looked down at the papers on the table and noticed a few words and symbols that weren't…normal. Demons, devils traps, pendants. She didn't know what to say.

Dean grabbed the papers and folded them up, "They're nothing. Um, I think I'm going to take a walk."

"Do you want anything to eat?"

He didn't answer her and she watched him walk out. Her frown deepened as she heard the door close. She walked to her lap top and opened it up. She sat down and saw the things he was looking at. Demon activity. Demon symbols. She bit her thumb starting to worry and wonder who Dean really was. She closed out of it all and got up from the table and walked out.

Britney was folding clothes on the couch later that evening when Dean finally came back. She looked over the couch to see him and he looked defeated. She frowned going back to her clothes.

"Hey," he said his voice raspy.

She looked at him and gave him a small smile, "Hey." She went to folding her clothes, "Did you have a nice walk?"

Dean rubbed the back of his neck as he walked into the living room and sat on the coffee table in front of her, "I need to talk to you."

Britney looked into his eyes and nodded. She placed her sweater in the basket and gave him her full attention.

"I-I saw something today that must have triggered something. A memory maybe but it just-" he sighed shaking his head, "It didn't seem real. There were monsters and I was fighting them, with this other guy but every time I try to think of it I can't hitting this brick wall. I want to remember but at the same time I'm scared to remember. What if I use to do horrible things?"

"Dean I highly doubt you use to do bad things."

"How do you know? You met me at outside of a bar."

She placed her hand on his cheek rubbing her thumb over his cheek, "You are not a horrible person. You have the kindest eyes I've ever seen in my life. You are a kind and generous person." She slightly bit her bottom lip as she stared into his eyes and continued to caress his cheek.

"You're the generous one," he spoke softly, "I am here staying at your house for free and taken care of me. What kind of person does that?"

She smiled, "Me…I don't see anything dangerous about you Dean. You're a good man."

"I-I don't want to remember who I was. I want to start over. The things I saw the things I think I did I don't want to do anymore. I want to start over."

She smiled, "It's up to you."

"I do. And there's one thing I know I want to start with first."

"What's that?"

"This…" Dean closed the space between them and kissed her lips. She kissed him back and it was only for a few seconds before they pulled away.

"Jesus, what are we doing?" she whispered as she placed her head on his, "I don't even know you and you don't know who you are."

"No…but I know where I'm going to starting."

She smiled as his hand traced the side of her face and he stared into her eyes. Whoever he was in the past he was no longer going to be. He wanted to be here. He felt safe here, with Britney.


Sam sighed as he scratched his head walking out of yet another bar. Amber was standing against the car waiting, "Anything?"

"Nope, no one has seen him in there."

"Jesus Christ! You know this isn't like Dean! He would never abandon you and he would definitely never leave me!"

Sam rolled his eyes getting into the driver's side, "There are a few more bars we can go to."

"What if he didn't go to a bar?"

"Where else would he go?"

"What else does Dean like?"

Sam made a face, "Brothels, poker games and strip clubs…time to add those onto the list."

Amber huffed crossing her arms across her stomach and looking out the window. Sam rolled his eyes looking at her then back at the road.

Britney and Dean a couple weeks later…

"Wait, wait," said Britney holding the other side of the mattress as she looked up the steps, "You got it?"

"Got it, just you think you can move faster," he growled.

Britney glared down at him, "Want me to drop this?"


"Ok, ok I'm moving as fast as I can Batman."

Dean smirked at her nickname for him. Britney grabbed the mattress again and headed up the stairs with Dean pushing.

"You got it?" he asked.

"Got it, almost to the top."

"Be careful."

"Dean…I am capable of walking up the steps. I'm wondering if you should be lifting this since you are still supposed to be taken it easy."

"What do doctors know?"

"Oh I don't know, maybe that they can save your life like oh my God they did."

"Once we get this mattress in my room you are going to get a spanking for your smart ass comments."

She smiled, "You love them."

Once the mattress was up the stairs they pushed it into Dean's room. They pushed it over to the box spring and Britney sighed when the task was finally over, "Never again." She picked up the sheets on the floor and Dean couldn't help but to admire the way she looked in her sweatpants that were rolled up to her knees and her white tank top that fitted her just right and her matching gray jacket. Her hair was in a messy bun and he couldn't help but feel attracted to her looking like that.



"Eyes off the ass and help me with getting your bed set up." She smiled as she placed the fitted sheet on the bed and Dean helped on the other side.

Once the bed was made Dean wrapped his arms around her waist and pulled her onto the bed kissing her, "What do you say we break it in?"

She laughed hitting his chest, "Dean you have a way with words. Just take me now!"

He laughed as he tickled her sides and she tried to get away from him. "Dean! Stop! Dean!"

Dean gave in and pulled her close to him kissing her. As they continued kissing on his bed the phone began to ring. She groaned and he smiled, "Don't get it."

She ran her hand over his neck and into his hair. His hand moved to her hip and gripped it tightly and tenderly. The phone went dead and Dean smiled, "See…it went away."

She laughed pulling him to her again and the phone rang again. She groaned and pushed him up. "I'll get it."

She rolled off the bed and Dean groaned as he rolled onto his back and watched her walk out. He smiled to himself.


"Britney we need you to come into work. Sally isn't able to go on."

"Wait…Sally's anchor woman I'm just a weather girl I-"

"Please Britney you're the one that can do this."

"I-uh…oh…ok. I'll be there."

She hung up the phone and turned seeing Dean standing there, "You alright?"

"I have to go into work…they want me to do anchor."

Dean smiled, "That's great!" He saw the look on her face, "Right?"

"I-I, yeah it is but I'm just the weather girl! I'm only on for fifteen minutes of the day! Anchor that's like…a whole hour!"

"Whoa calm down," said Dean putting his hands on her shoulders, "You can do this."

"I can?"

"Yes you can. How long have I been living with you?"

"Uh, a couple weeks now."

"Yes…and I may not know you like the back of my hand but I know you are not afraid of anything. You can do this. Now march into your bedroom and get dress. I'll walk you to the studio and…"

"I want you to be there with me, please."

Dean nodded, "Ok, ok, just go get dressed and let's hurry up."

She kissed his lips, "What would I do without my Batman?" Dean smiled as he watched her walk into her bedroom.

Authors Note: Yay they are getting closer to each other! Dean is Britney's batman :D Please review more to come!