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We searched. We searched. Those two words running over, through, around, up and in under my very skin. We searched. I lay here with the constant beeping next to me and the uncomfortable sheets covering my torso. We searched. I want to yell, and scream and brawl my eyes out so that I could change the outcome. Make some differences like instead of we searched to I found. So in a couple of years time we could look back at this, together, and laugh till we can't breathe and our heads hurt from oxygen deprivation. To laugh at the almost and not cry, alone at what is.

I'm not sure how I survived the crash or the cliff or the waves, but I did. But how come she couldn't. How come I did and not even try when I know she's a fighter, I know she wouldn't have given up for anything. She was the one who played it safe with the seat belt and me the reckless driver who had no worries. Me the one laughing while she constantly told me to slow down and me the one at the wheel climbing out of the hole she made in the windscreen before the car filled with water.

She couldn't be found, with all the 'gifted' people who are her family, none of them could find one girl in the lake, knowing her, the fighter, near the surface or the bank scowling at the fact we didn't look there first.

Rogue, The fighter. A mystery even to those who she trusted most, a past which hasn't left her lips at all. No real name. The girl who hid herself in dark and pretended that everything was fine and didn't complain constantly, as many in her position would have. What is known of her is hear-say. A family she grew up with betraying her. A false love of a mother. Uncontrollable powers. Who helped others with no second though or thanks.

The med. Door whooshed open, breaking me from my thoughts. I see that it's the Prof. the Wolverine and the witch. I look up hopefully, maybe that one last search paid off. But by the glum face of each of them I know not to hope, all showing their emotions even the ones there trying to hide.

They all had a special relationship with her.

The red teary eyes of the usually controlled witch, creating the thunder rattling the window. Ms. Ororo Monroe, any child would be lucky to have as a mother, yet with no child of her own. Losing what she believed was her child, a child no doubt who wished was her mother, instead of the terrorist she grow up with and later betrayed by. Many knew that her time spent was spent caring for her plants, yet not many knew that the rogue spent hours on end planting and meditating with the weather witch, listening to stories of the time spent before the x-men, not judging, accepting.

The heavy breath of the wolf, hands clenched at his side using all the strength in him to stop him from either rip the necks of anybody in his path or crawl into a ball and cry with all his heart. Logan. Sharing a kinship with rogue, a father figure they both knew existed but both to stubborn to say allowed. There both alike, tight lipped about their past, either forgotten or trying to forget. One would never believe the mighty blood thirsty killer to be a parental figure, but then one would never believe that he spends countless hours in the garage with the other loner in the house, teaching machinery or fighting technique that aren't fit for the other students, the preppy, happy, hallelujah students.

And the professor slouched in his chair, hands stapled, still controlled, unless you see the shine in his eyes vanish piece by piece with the click of the clock. Professor Charles Francis Xavier. The founder of a school, welcome to all 'gifted children'. The mind reader who likes privacy. A man who on first glance, looks like the old man in the small neighbourhood that would be most likely yelling at you from across the yard to keep the noise down on a hot summers day, himself reading the paper. And though he still reads the paper, he is most likely sitting at the end of a table filled with boisterous boys and gossiping girls, all trying to get enough of their plate to later throw more than half way across the room. A grandfather too many who looks up to him. Yet there is still closeness to some of his students, like Scott, the first student to come to the school, or Jean, the other telepath in the school who has a lot to learn and willing to do so. And surprisingly (or not so) rogue, the one who is not willing to stand down without a fight, who sits and debates with him about what could change and how, who has knowledge from others who are locked up inside her brain, yelling insults and ideas from every angle. A bond formed through arguments that have a range of points from elsewhere and her own experiences that not even a powerful telepath can unlock.

The silence almost deafening, broken from a slight chocked back whimper from storm. Xavier taking the lead as I look around expectantly.

"Gam-" he wheels forward, closely followed by the Logan and storm.

I mumble my name to him before he can finish "Remy..." I continue to stare him into the eye, I know my red of black eyes unsettling him, only rogue ever thought them beautiful. "its Remy here, I no longer work for magneto, and I'm no longer on the job, so it's Remy", I'm not completely sure why I corrected my name at a time like this, I just want to know what's happened.

Xavier coughed roughly "Remy... I understand that this is very difficult for you and after such a dramatic experience, I'm sorry to have to come to you come to you so shortly after such an ordeal-"

"Just tell me you've found her and she's okay!" okay so maybe I shouldn't snap but I'm grumpy and sore and just want the right answers, so sorry for biting his head off but I swear he's repeating everything I already know.

As soon as I said it I knew I wasn't going to like it. Xavier's face turned from one of shock to one that could only be described as nervous. Never a good sign. Logan tensed and storm let a chock/ sobs escape.

Their faces told me so much more then their words could say.

"G-Remy" sigh "I'm sorry. We searched. But came up nothing"