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Chapter 1

Jasper POV


Jasper sat in the cafeteria with his adoptive siblings. He thought about how weird Alice had been this week. Something was going on with the pixie bitch.

Alice had had a vision and the feelings coming from her was panic, anger, hate and determination. I had asked her what the hell was wrong and she said everything was fine. That her vision had been about Emmett destroying her favorite shoes. I knew she was lying, I could feel panic and deceit coming from her. I didn't let her know that I knew about it.

I was fucking sick of the pixie bitch, always bitching about that we were meant to be together and talking about us getting married and that we were mates. I knew that wasn't the truth, the Major in me and I agreed on that. She wasn't my mate, she was my companion, or at least she used to be.

I was thankful that she took me to the Cullens, don't get me wrong. She had saved me from going crazy for feeding from humans. I couldn't stand feeling their emotions of terror when I bit them. Animals tasted nasty in comparison, but it was better than the alternative.

But when we had been with them a couple of months she started trying to dress me like a pussy boy, hell no was all I had to say to that. Then there was the way I behaved, no more cussin' and trying to tell me what to fucking do. I wasn't having any of her shit any more.

That was almost 56 years ago. Now she was just annoying.

I walked to the car where the rest of my siblings stood waiting for me to get home. I had felt weird since yesterday, like something was so close that should already be here. I felt the Major, he felt it too. He was aching for something; I just didn't know what it was yet.

I climbed in to the back seat with Rose and Emmett; I rubbed my chest again feeling the ache.

"You okay back there Jazz?" Edward asked as he looked at me in the rearview mirror.

"I'm fine Eddie" I teased him. 'It's the Major and he is waitin' for somethin'. My chest is achin', I'm sure everythin's fine Edward' I added in my mind for him to hear.

He looked concerned for me, but nodded his head.

When we came home, everyone walked in to do their own thing. I went up to my room to read for a while. A couple of hours later my phone buzzed that I got a text.

'Get out of earshot, we have to talk.' - Peter

I ran out of the house towards the forest. When I was far enough away my phone rang, I picked up.

"What was it that was so important that you had to have me out of the house?"

"Glad to hear from you too fucker. No hello to your favorite brother?"

"Get to the fuckin' point, Peter, what is it you want? I have no fuckin' patience for you today."

"Fine if you don't want to know why it aches."

"How do you know? What the hell is goin' on with me?" I was annoyed with him.

"All I know is that you must not do anythin' the pixie bitch says. Don't trust anythin' she says, anythin'. Do you hear me? Go to school tomorrow, keep your eyes open. It is very important Major, that's all I know." Always so damn cryptic.

"And you know this because ..?" I already knew the answer, I just had to ask.

"Because I just know shit, you know that Major" he laughed. He knew it irritated me that he just came up with some answers and a whole bunch of new questions.

"Fine thanks Peter, say hi to Char from me. We'll talk later"

"Yep, we're lookin' forward to seein' you happy Major, goodbye fucker" and he hung up the phone.

Did he say happy?Lytt tilLes fonetisk

Bella POV


The plane landed at Sea Tac. God I'm sick of flying! The fucking perv next to me had been checking me out the whole flight. And that would have been fine by me, had he not been in his late 30's Can you say eww? The dude was old enough to be my dad, that's just nasty.

I got off the plane and went to get my luggage. It wasn't much, most of my stuff had been sent to Forks already.

I went to look for my dad. I found him searching the crowd for me, but he didn't see me.

He didn't know that I had changed quite a bit. But he hadn't seen me in 3 years, so I couldn't really blame him. My short dark brown curly hair that went to my shoulders had grown down to my ass. And my body got a few upgrades too over the couple of years since he'd seen me. Curves in all the right places and my boobs had gone from an A to a D, and that is a huge improvement. I love my body now, but who the fuck wouldn't?

"Dad, hey over here!" I waved so he would see me. His eyes landed on me and they went wide.

"Wow, Bells you have changed, how will I be able to keep guys away from my babygirl?"

"It's easy, you don't. Let them come, I can beat the shit out of them. Not that I'll necessarily do it, but I can if I want to."

"That's my girl. Ready to go?" he grinned.

"Yep, has my baby arrived yet?"

"Yeah but I wish you could drive something safer."

"Have a little faith in me daddy, I know what I doing. Also, I don't race anymore, so don't worry" I smiled at him and we walked toward the exit.


I used my day unpacking my things. It didn't take long so I cleaned the house. It didn't looked like Charlie had done it in a long time, but I didn't mind. When it finally was clean I saw that it was time to make dinner. I preperd the lasagna and put it in the oven.

I didn't look forward to school. Since this was such a small town, everybody knew everybody else. Oh well, must make an entrance then. I wonder if Charlie has enrolled me yet.

"Daddy when do I start school?" I asked while taking the lasagna out of the oven.


'Damn, well I guess I'd better suck it up and just deal' I thought to myself.

"Okay then, dinner's ready."

He came to the table and looked skeptical. He looked as he thought for sure that it was poisonous.

"Believe me Charlie; I have not inherited my cooking skills from you or Renee. It's safe to eat."

He sat down and began to eat; he seemed shocked that I could cook. I just grinned and eat my food.

After we finished eating I did the dishes while Charlie watched the game on TV. I went up to my room and booted up my Macbook Pro and checked my e-mail. After I sent an e-mail to Renee I got out a book to read before bed.