Title: Dangerous Beauty

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Authors Notes: Alright everyone, here is the first chapter of my new story. Sorry about the wait, but as usual, life got in the way for awhile. Going into the holidays, I'll have some free time, so I hope to get this story done. I've already written most of it, so don't worry about waiting months for the next chapter. Those who know me, know I hate waiting that long.

Anyway, there is one very important note before I launch into it. I got the idea for this story from one of my favorite books. It's called FIRE, by Kristin Cashore. This story, although a little similar, is still very much different from the book, but I want to give credit for the idea. I hope you like it regardless.

What surprised Serenity was not that the man in front of her desired her. What surprised her was that he desired her for all the wrong reasons. She could see it in the way he looked at her. His desire was not filled with lust or need: It was filled with loathing. He desired to destroy her. The sword he held in front of him proved that enough, and the fury of his expression made it clear that she was in a very different sort of trouble than she was used to.

It was a strain to try and use her abilities while the deep cut in her side bled so disturbingly, but she forced herself to focus, drawing in his emotions and holding them tightly around her, like a cloud of fog she could manipulate. When his emotions were captured and she could feel them fully, she allowed the non-human part of her shine a little brighter, using the beauty her mother had given her to distract him.

She noticed it as soon as she was able to concentrate. She noticed the change in his expression. He went from raged-filled to angry, and then to confused and flustered. His emotions drifted and swayed, until he could not look away from her. His emotions because less violent, and started to pulse with a need to please her. A need to have her.

It was always the same.

She looked up at him from her kneeling position, tilting her head slightly so he could see the skin of her neck. She allowed her silky golden hair to fall down around her, shimmering in the sunlight.

The man looked stunned, and his sword slowly lowered.

She moved slightly, lowering her shoulders and breathing in deeply as she felt the change in his desire swirl around him. She pulled his emotions towards her, playing with them, heightening them, until he could think of nothing but her. She pushed away his anger and kept his focus on her strong so he wouldn't realize what she was doing.

And then she showed him her pain, clearly on her face. She creased her forehead, and pushed agony into her eyes. Tears formed, and glided smoothly down her perfect cheeks.

His face fell completely as his sword clattered on the ground.

"Oh lady, you're hurt," he said with a voice filled with concern.

She focused on his emotions. Now that he felt concern, it was easy to grip it and pull it forward so it swelled up around him.

"What have I done?" he said with anguish. "I have to get you out of here."

Serenity knew he was completely under her control now, and she did not worry about her safety anymore. Instead, she nodded, acting the pitiful creature in distress.

"Please," she whispered, letting the sound of her voice move over him in a sultry way.

He was almost frantic then, picking her up and carrying her quickly through the forest. The jarring motion of his running made the pain in her side surge, but she clenched her teeth and focused on him.

It was her own fault for walking alone in the forest. Her own stubborn nature had pushed her to do it, knowing without a doubt that it was wrong. She had been caught unaware like this before, expecting to see no one and coming upon an enemy. Mostly they wanted her in a much different way. A man's desire was always strong, but uncontrollable when looking at her kind. She should have allowed someone to come with her as her brother and father were always insisting.

Thankfully, her home was not too far away. She hadn't journeyed long enough to make this situation truly tragic. She could feel the emotions of her family nearby, and she used the last of her strength to send them a wave of pleading.

They were with her in seconds.

Her brother reached her first, racing across the stony field behind their great stone house looking worried and frantic. Behind him, moving slowly because of his age, was her father. A few servants hurried to help as well, and Serenity felt relieved that she wouldn't have to work anymore.

Her vision was starting to fade as the man laid her down on the grass, breathing a little raggedly. His eyes were confused again, and he was almost glaring at her. Without her to guide his emotions, he was reverting back to the angry man he had been when he'd cut her.

"What happened?" Her bother said immediately. His dark brown eyes flashed angrily at the man who held her.

"It was my fault," Serenity said breathlessly. "I shouldn't have been on my own."

A servant quickly disarmed the man, and he was pushed away from her forcefully. It was just as well, for Serenity had lost the energy to focus on him. He was left as angry as before, and his shouts began quickly after he lost contact with her.

"Serenity," her father breathed softly to her. "What were you thinking?"

She gulped, trying to stay conscious. It was hard to defend herself when she wasn't fully conscious. Her allure was more profound when she was asleep. Men could not help themselves from wanting her while she slept.

"I'm sorry," she said seriously. "I just wanted to be alone."

He shook his head. "We've talked about this my darling, you can't wander around by yourself. It's not safe, not for you."

She nodded, allowing her brother to lift her into his strong arms. He carried her with him towards the house, moving slow enough that their father could keep up easily enough.

She did feel bad for what had happened. Now they would worry about her even more than they already did, and she didn't want that. She caused them more trouble than she should by just being what she was. The guilt, as usual, crept around her until it was all she could feel.

"Stop that."

Serenity looked up at her brother, who's stony face was staring ahead of them. His dark eyes were penetrating and angry. But she could feel that it wasn't really anger, only worry.

Finally he looked at her and his brow furrowed. "You always feel guilty and you shouldn't. It's not your fault you want to experience life."

Serenity leaned her head against him. It was always a burden, being unable to completely hide your emotions. She could control anyone's emotions with a little effort, but she was powerless against her own. People told her they could simply feel it. It was like the emotions where their own, but they didn't know why they felt that way. Her whole life, she had never been able to hide it.

And that was why they shunned her. She was dangerous. She was the only one left of her kind. In their eyes, she was a monster, beautiful and deadly. Some of the things she knew she was capable of scared her. The stories were terrifying of those that had come before her.

"I'm going to be fine," she said softly. "I've hardly lost any blood. I'm just dizzy, that's all."

"The doctor is already on his way," her father said, catching up to them. "We'll watch over you now. You can sleep."

She nodded, feeling their love wrap around her like a blanket. The pain in her side throbbed, but she knew she would be all right now. Her family loved her, despite how she came to be, and she knew they would never hurt her. She didn't have to reach into their emotions to know that. The few servants her father kept were very loyal, and although they sometimes had a hard time not looking at her, they trusted her as she trusted them. In this place, she was safe.

Endymion walked steadily through the throngs of men clad in amour, making sure his whole presence was firm and stony. They watched him go, their gazes filled with admiration and loyalty.

The tension in his shoulders and back seemed to surge against him as he nodded to acknowledge the few men who bowed to him. His soldiers, dirty and tired, still followed him trustingly. The guilt he felt, asking them to continue fighting a war he himself did not believe him, plagued him constantly. They should hate him, but they didn't.

He made his way to the large tent settled in the middle of the enormous camp, trying to make the short journey last longer than it needed to. Too soon he would be there, facing the king, trying his hardest to keep his opinions to himself as he ground his teeth together until his jaw hurt.

The guards at the entrance bowed as they pulled the cloth door to the side for him to enter.

At once, attention was on him.

Endymion moved silently towards the group of men. The King was, as always, pretending not to be concerned with the approach of his son. He always made a point of putting Endymion in his place. Endymion, the only prince of Ellision, was despised by his own father for earning the loyalty of the entire kingdom without him. The father hated his son for being more loved than he.

"We have made no progress in the east," the king said impatiently.

Endymion didn't let any emotion show on his features. He just gazed calmly at the man who hunched over the table, drawing on his maps as his advisors stood around him.

"On the contrary," Endymion said slowly. "This very morning we found a way to initiate their retreat."

The king finally looked at his son. His grey eyes were sharp and hateful, and he almost looked upset that his son should have found a way to help them in this war.

"And what is it that you've found?"

"The path to their food supply," he said steadily. "As we speak it's being cut off. Without food, the armies of the north will fall back."

They shared a very heavy gaze for a moment. The king glaring while Endymion tried to ignore the feeling of hope that his words had brought to the room. They were all watching him, loyal and proud, ready to jump in if the king tried something that would put him in danger. That was why his father hated him, because their people would save Endymion instead. They would protect him from the king they were also supposed to be loyal to.

The king should congratulate his son on his success. The war might be won because of this, and it was due to Endymion. But everyone knew that the king would never give compliments to his son, no matter how earnestly he deserved them.

"Send your men to cut off their retreat," he said almost quietly, ferociously.

Endymion froze, and there was a gasp in the room.

"You can't mean that," Endymion challenged automatically.

The king threw his ink quill down, standing tall and menacing. "Are you questioning me?"

"You mean to massacre them."

"They will be weak and hungry, all in thanks to you. It will be an easy victory."

Endymion's anger raged. This was not what he wanted. Killing thousands of hungry people defending their own home was not what he wanted. His father had invaded their land for nothing more than greed. This enemy was defending their home. It was sick.

But the fire in his father's eyes begged him to revolt. The king was looking for a reason to stomp him into place. One wrong move and Endymion would lose the ability to command the armies. As soon as Endymion was out of the way, the king would go mad with his hunger of power.

He grit his teeth, his intense blue eyes blazing. Physically, Endymion was nothing like the king. He was taller. His height seemed out of place beside any man. His thin, toned frame was nothing like the king's stocky build. His midnight black hair shared no resemblance to his father's own light brown. Even the slightly tanned color of his skin was nothing like the fair white of the king.

And his mind was almost completely opposite.

He struggled with himself now, wishing to rebel. The king was wrong. Endymion knew in his heart that this was wrong. Every person in the army would know this was wrong.

"As you wish," Endymion hissed out.

The king nearly smiled at his success, but also scowled his disappointment that he had no reason to punish Endymion today. The hatred between them would continue, growing until close to explosion.

"Move out immediately," the king ordered.

Endymion put his hand to his chest, bowing very slightly, and then turned around and walked out of the tent, trying to ignore the sympathetic looks the guards were giving him. They all knew the decisions he had to make and why.

End of Chapter One.

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