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Five people get pulled through a portal linking Enterra with a deserted universe. Two men are particularly difficult for the two girls to deal with. Will Mushrambo help them? Does he fall in love with one? Or is he after something else? (MushramboxOC)

Chapter One

A blonde haired, green eyed prince sat on his throne in his ice palace. A three-headed dragon, carved in the stone wall was behind his head.
"Unga!" The reptile prince ordered his sorceress to come forward.
"Lord Ryuma?" She replied, bowing her head low.
"When will the portal be ready?"
"Soon, your highness. Who did you want to test the skills of? Who is going through the portal?" She asked.
"The Cadrian Eilis, the Shapeshifter Kieron, the Air Wielder Ruby, The Dark King Mushrambo and Smokey - the Bare Knuckle Boxing Champion."
"She's not Champion yet, Sire."
"She has been for two years running, Unga. It's a shame she will have to forfeit the upcoming finals. She will be pulled through the portal the day before."
"Sire, for them all to be sucked into the portal, I will need a sample of their blood."
"I can do that Unga. The only ones that will be difficult will be The Dark Lord and Smokey."

18-year-old, Eilis was sat under a tree in the shade changing his arm into different metal weapons.
"What the fuck!" He picked up the snake that had just bit him and threw it into the trees.
"Thankyou." Ryuma said as the snake slithered over to him. The snake turned into a glass vial which held the contents of Eilis's blood.

Kieron was a 19-year-old Shapeshifter. He was a man who had the ability to change into a Lion. He loves women - especially shapeshifters, he enjoyed fighting - whatever the gender - carried a bow and slung over his shoulder was a quiver of arrows. He had a slight tan and was muscular. He had messy brown hair, rust coloured eyes, blue jeans, a black shirt with rust coloured armour over the top and black boots. Kieron was asleep in the shade under a tree so he didn't notice a snake slithering towards him. He awoke suddenly at a pain in his finger. But when he looked around there was nothing there.
"Thankyou." Ryuma said to the snake who changed into a glass vial holding Kieron's blood.

Ruby was a 17-year-old Air enterran. She had the ability to control the element, air. She was an innocent girl who hated fighting and therefore didn't carry any weapons. She was slim and had a natural golden tan, sea-green eyes and shoulder-length straight red hair. She had brown jeans, a green camisole top, flat brown boots and a long brown cardigan. Ruby was walking through the little village for her afternoon walk. Someone bumped into her and she fell onto her backside.
"I'm sorry, my dear. Let me help you up."
"Sorry! I didn't mean to scratch you. Here, I have a handkerchief." Ruby thanked the blonde haired man and cleaned the blood from her hand. She handed it back to him.
"Sorry it's got blood on it. But thankyou. Have a nice day." She gave the strange man a smile and walked off.
"No...Thankyou..." Ryuma smiled and pocketed the handkerchief.

Ryuma walked up the steps towards the 20-year-old Dark Kings castle. He was greeted at the huge double doors by one of the soldiers. "Halt!" Ryuma stopped walking and looked at the soldier.
"I'm here to speak with the Dark Lord." Ryuma informed.
"The Lord does not go by this name anymore, Lord Ryuma."
"Well then, I am here to speak with Lord Mushrambo." Ryuma stated.
The soldier nodded before going inside.
"Lord Mushrambo, Lord Ryuma is here. He says he wishes to speak with you." The soldier informed whilst keeping his head faced down.
"Very well then." Mushrambo sheathed his sword before being escorted by the soldier to the door.
"Ryuma." Mushrambo shook Ryuma's outstretched hand and seemed unfased when something dug into him. "Why are you here?"
"Lord Mushrambo, I am here because of a bare-knuckle boxer." Mushrambo raised one of his eyebrows.
"I want to know about this because?"
"There is one boxer who has been champion for two years running and...possibly a third."
"Smokey? Why come to me about her?"
"Well, you see, I'm having some trouble and I need a sample of her blood. Seeing as she can knock someone out by one punch, I was hoping - as you are super strong - you could collect it for me?"
Mushrambo smirked. "Why would I want to do that? Are you going to clone her?"
"Well, she is said to be one of the most beautiful enterrans, besides you must want to test her strength yourself, My Lord."
"Fine. But you must do something for me when I do it."
"If you do it." Ryuma replied, handing over a vial. Mushrambo took the vial and shut the door in Ryuma's face.
Ryuma walked down the steps and put the snake fang with Mushrambo's blood in his pocket.

The crowd cheered as Smokey walked into the ring and lent against the rubber corner. The 19-year-old wore black leather trousers, black flat knee-high boots and a fitted black corset top. No one could see her face as there was a hood covering it. The cloak was tied tightly by a cord around her thin waist. Mushrambo stood in a dark corner - also wearing a hooded cloak - he had a good veiw of the progressing battle and when it was over he would get the blood sample. He looked at Smokey - she didn't look as strong as everyone said she was but her boxing status said differently. The bell rang as a sign that Round One had started. Smokey pulled up her sleeves - on her hands she wore black fingerless gloves with a gap showing the back of her hands (A/N Think driving gloves ^^) and cracked her knuckles. Her opponent landed a few punches to the side of Smokey's face.
"Smokey! Come on!" Someone from the crowd cheered.
Smokey recieved a kick in the gut. She didn't seemed fazed by it. She spun round and the impact of her foot - which reached the competetor's ribs - gave a bone crunching sound. The competetor fell to the floor and then the bell signalled the end of Round One.
Round Two and Smokey didn't waste any time. She laid a kick into the gut of her opponent who fell straight onto their back. It wasn't until the opponent took off their cloak that Mushrambo saw her competetor was male. 'That doesn't seem right.' He thought. The man went to punch Smokey in the face but she did the splits to duck. She got into a crouch position and swung her leg round. The man dodged and kneed her in the stomache, she began falling onto her back - but spun round like a cat and landed on all fours. She went to kick him in the neck - but he caught her foot. She was doing the splits standing up. She sighed before hopping on her free foot and kneeing him in the side of his face. He released her foot and fell onto his back whilst she landed gracefully on her feet.
The final round. The crowd began to whisper and Mushrambo overheard someone say: "Ten seconds or less."
Smokey and the man stepped forward into the middle of the ring. The bell chimed and Smokey drove a strong punch straight into the mans head. It seemed to be slow motion as the man fell backwards and hit the floor with an almighty thud. The crowd went silent. The ref ran forward, checked her opponent, then shouted: "Knock out!" Smokey had won. She ignored the cheers, exited the ring and walked over to a man. He began shouting at her. "You were supposed to loose, Smokey! You've ruined the whole plan!"
"Plan? All you wanted to do was get money. If I'm going to fight then I fight to win. I don't loose on purpose." Smokey barged past the man and went into the dressing room.
"That was a good fight." Mushrambo smirked as Smokey entered the room.
"How did you get in here?"
"Same as you. I opened the door and walked in."
"Who are you?" Smokey asked.
"If you don't know who I am, why don't you protect yourself? I could be a possible threat."
"I could knock you out in one punch. I am the threat here."
"That's true but." He pulled out his sword. "I have a weapon."
"Yeah? Why are you here, Lord Mushrambo?"
He took off his hood and sheathed his sword. "I want a sample of your blood." She laughed.
"Fine." He raised one eyebrow at her. Before handing her the vial. He watched as she pulled up the sleeve on her left arm and bit her pale wrist. She filled the vial with her blood, put on the lid and handed it too him.
"What?" She asked. "What else do you want?" He nodded to her hood. 'Ryuma said she was beautiful. I just want to see for myself.' She took it off. 'He was right.' She had ghostly pale skin which contrasted to almost white compared to her jet black hair. Her eyes were a smokey grey and outlined in black.
"Now have you got what you came here for?" She asked as she licked her wrist and the wound healed. It didn't even leave a mark.
"Yes. How did you know it was me?" He asked.
"Samurai sword. No one around here has one." She replied, opening the door for him.

Mushrambo made his way to the ice palace where Ryuma lived. The guard at the door saw him coming so he opened it and led Mushrambo to Ryuma's throne room.
"Ahh, Lord Mushrambo. Did you get the blood?" Ryuma asked.
Mushrambo held up the vial.
"How did you get it? And the vial is full!" Ryuma exclaimed as he handed the vial to Unga.
"She gave it to me."
Ryuma raised an eyebrow. "So you saw what she looks like?" He asked. Mushrambo nodded. "Is she pretty? How was she?" He asked.
"She was pretty and she was good, not what I expected. She won the fight, I think she will be the champion this year again."
"I thought so. What do you mean 'she's not what you expected'?"
"I thought she wouldn't talk, or give me the blood. She did."
'So he didn't shag her then?' Ryuma thought.
"Excuse me?" Mushrambo asked.
"You must be wondering what you're going to recieve for getting the blood." Ryuma stated, changing the subject. He had forgotten Mushrambo was a telepath.
"Unga. Add these blood samples and start the machine."
"Yes, Sire." Unga rushed forward took the vials, slotted them into the machine and powered it up.
"Thanks for getting the last blood sample. Now you will be sent through that portal. It leads to another dimension. Have fun and good luck finding your way back." The ground beneath Mushrambo turned violet as he was sucked through the portal.

The grass beneath Kieron shimmered gold as he began to fall.

The path under Ruby turned white as she fell through.

The rubber beneath Smokey turned black as she was sucked in.

The metal Eilis was standing on shimmered blue and he slipped into another dimension.