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Five people get pulled through a portal linking Enterra with a deserted universe. Two men are particularly difficult for the two girls to deal with. Will Mushrambo help them? Does he fall in love with one? Or is he after something else?(MushramboxOC)

Chapter Thirteen

As they arrived at a cottage in the woods, Mushrambo placed Smokey on her feet.
"Why don't you want me to kill Unga?" He asked.
She sighed. "Because she was under Ryuma's command. She hasn't done anything wrong but follow orders! An army does the same thing - even if they don't want too - they do it to protect their lives from people they fear."
He stopped for a moment. Searching her face for any lies, before entering her mind. "What aren't you telling me?" He growled, his eyes turning dark. She shifted into her panther form and stood infront of the his path to the cottage.
"So you think getting in my way is going to stop me?" He chuckled and smirked. "Are you underestimating my power?"
'Are you underestimating mine?' She thought too him. Her eyes flashed in anger.

The door to the cottage opened and the old sourceress stepped out.
"Smokey, my dear. Let him do whatever he came here to do." The sourceress stated.
Smokey shifted back into her normal form and approached the old woman (she didn't take her eyes on the samurai). "No. I won't let him harm you. You're innocent. If I were in his shoes - boots - whatever he's wearing, I'd let you go free and live in peace."
"My dear - you're going to get yourself killed - if you do this!" The woman grasped her arm in a begging gesture. "I can't let you do that for me." Her voice was barely audiable when she spoke next. "Your mother would never forgive me."
"She wouldn't forgive me if I let you die this way."
"Excuse me?" Mushrambo stated. "I'm a little strapped for time - there's a lot of things to do when I get back. I'd like to make this as quick as possible."
"Kill me instead." Smokey stated.
"I'm not going to kill you." He replied.
"Believe me, Mushrambo. You're thinking of killing an innocent. Lord or not - I won't hesitate to defend her."
"Then you'll fail trying." He drew his sword and glared at the raven-haired beauty.
"No - you'll fail trying!" She shifted into her panther form and lunged for him - he dodged.

Everytime he'd see an opening to strike Unga - Smokey would always appear infront of him and make an attack. He retreated, for a while, standing just infront of the line of trees, where he could see Smokey and Unga - and where they could see him.
"What's wrong? Cat got your tounge?" Smokey asked, grasping Unga's shoulder. She looked reached down for her ankle and lifted the leg of her trousers. He hadn't noticed it until now but when he'd defended himself - he'd left a deep gash on her leg.
He closed his eyes and sighed. 'I really hadn't meant to do that.' "If you don't stop fighting, Smokey, you'll bleed to death."
"I'll stop fighting - if you do." She was so stubborn it infuriated him.
"You know I'm not going to do that." He replied solemnly.
"Then I'll fight to the death." The unexpected happened. As her hand left Unga's shoulder and the palm faced him - a black flash emitted from it. He sheathed his sword and battled her power with his violet one. 'How? They touched...but power like that is passed through generations...that would've only happened if...' realisation hit him like one of Smokey's fists'. "You're her grandmother." He stated to Unga.
Smokey smirked. Now there was only one way for him to spare Unga's life. 'I have to die.' She smiled.
"I hope you understand why I'm about to do this, Mushrambo." His attention was caught for that moment. She dropped her hand - effectively her source of black power stopped - but the violet stream of destruction continued.
It struck Smokey like thousands of knives stabbing all over her body and she knew this was the end. As the pain stopped, her grandmother's face came into view.
"What did you do, you foolish girl!"
The violet haired samurai appeared aswell, his sword was drawn. His eyes conveyed so many emotions she couldn't pinpoint a main one.
Anger; Guilt; Dissapointment; Sadness; Love.
As her sight was clouded with glitter and she felt the world melt away, she saw Mushrambo sheath his sword. Her work in this lifetime, was done.

The silence between the powerful samurai and the frail sourceress was too much to bear.
"Kill me, samurai. It's what you came here for."
"No." He sheathed his sword and turned his back on the woman.
"Why not?" Unga asked.
"Becasue if I kill you...then Smokey died for nothing." He picked up the boxing champion en-card and handed it too Unga, before stepping into the shadows and disappearing.

He never bothered with any other girl. He'd killed the one he loved and Smokey's words hit him everyday when he made a decision about something:

"Why don't you want me to kill Unga?" He asked.
She sighed. "Because she was under Ryuma's command. She hasn't done anything wrong but follow orders! An army does the same thing - even if they don't want too - they do it to protect their lives from people they fear."
[End Flashback]

An army does the same thing. Follow orders even if they don't want too - maybe out of fear.
Those words made him a better Lord.

He was cloaked up and walking through the woods one day when he saw a young girl. She was about the age of six, her hair was jet black and her skin a milky white...her eyes were emerald green. The same as Smokey when she was turning into Bloodrage. But this girl was happy - not frightened about anything.
The young girl was talking too two boys; one with orange armor and lavender hair and the other with a blue cape and blue helmet.
"You can't fight!" The orange boy chuckled. "You're just a girl!"
"You just wait and see, Mushra my friend! I'm going to be a World Champion!" She thumped the blue boy - leaving a dent in his helmet. "Sorry Sago!" She giggled.

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