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Chapter Five

St. David's Hospital

All Souls Day


Twelve hours after Jack and Ianto emerged from the warehouse, the members of Torchwood Three and Division-9 were gathered in the hospital room of Rhys Williams. The neurologist assigned to his case had allowed the visitors to stay, seeing no harm in it given the patient's prognosis. There had been whispers amongst the nurses that they were special ops of some sort, and judging by the battle weary countenance of the seven people surrounding the bed, the rumors might not be far off. He had seen something similar during his tour in Afghanistan; a haunted sense of melancholy, as if they had seen something that scarred them far deeper than any wound. An involuntarily shiver crept down his spine, and he found himself hoping he would never know what they had seen to cause it. His pager went off and he gave Doctor Harper, the team's medic, a nod as he headed off to his next case, trusting him to answer the questions that were sure to follow once he left the room. As soon as the door closed, Owen picked up Rhys' chart, and checked it again, hoping in vain that there might be something they had missed.

"Is there anything else they can do?" Donna asked. Owen looked up at her hope filled gaze and back to the chart, knowing that she wouldn't be satisfied until every avenue had been explored.

"Excessive irreparable brain damage," he read, looking over the charts. "What they aren't privy to is how it happened." He flipped the page and looked over the chemical composition of the blood test that had been done when Rhys was admitted. "Only massive doses of retcon over a sustained period could cause levels of B67 this high. I've only seen one other case with levels like this, and when the subject finally woke up, he was unresponsive and died a few hours later," he finished, remembering the drooling wreck of a man he had seen in the case files.

"So there's no cure then?" Donna queried, hanging on his every word. Owen glanced at Jack, who inclined his head, giving him the go ahead to tell her the truth.

"No, there isn't," Owen finally answered. "I'm sorry." Donna stared at him for a moment and then looked down to where Gwen lay curled up in an armchair beside the bed, having finally cried herself to sleep. Gwen hadn't taken Rhys' prognosis very well and blamed herself for his injuries, even though the others had assured her that Verity was to blame. Donna had surprisingly been the one to comfort her, and sat even now on the arm of the chair, watching over her as she slept. As Donna made up her mind that the time had come to act, she bent down and pulled the blanket up to cover Gwen's shoulders before standing up to face the others.

"Then there's only one solution," she stated, knowing that they would try and convince her otherwise. She had told them her plan the day before: If Rhys could not be saved by medical means, she would use all of her power to heal him, sacrificing her status as an angel and becoming human herself.

"Donna you can't," Andy pleaded. Donna merely crossed her arms, gearing up for a fight.

"I can and I will," she retorted, raising her chin in defiance. "He's my best friend and he gave up everything to be human. He was supposed to be happy; get married, have babies, the whole lot." She looked down to where Rhys lay in silence; wires and tubes attaching him to the monitors that kept him alive. "He didn't deserve to have some mental ice bitch trash his dreams," she whispered. "How can I just stand by and do nothing when I have a chance to save him?"

"Donna, you know the rules," Andy argued. "Once you do this, you'll forget everything, you can never come back."

"Mum and Gramps already agreed to retire early, so I won't be alone," she continued, not hearing him. "Never mind me. Rhys will get a chance at a normal life, and my family will be safe. The three of us will no longer be fighting for Heaven against Hell; we'll just be a boring family from Chiswick, going about our lives oblivious to the war around us." She looked up, hope shining in her eyes. "I do this one little thing and everyone wins. Isn't that good? Isn't that reason enough?" she asked. Seeing that he couldn't change her mind, Andy reluctantly agreed. Donna reached out and embraced her former partner, before drawing back and turning to Kellan to shake his hand. "Keep an eye on this one for me will you?" she asked, gesturing towards Andy.

"Between him and Jones, I have a feeling I'm going to be quite busy," Kellan replied with a smile, pulling her in for a hug before retreating to the back of the room.

Donna looked around to the others, smiling at them each in turn before her gaze fell on Jack. "Right then, I think it's only fair that I get a right proper snog before I go." Jack gave her a face splitting grin and stepped forward to oblige. Donna rolled her eyes, pushing past him to where Ianto stood leaning against the wall. "What about it demon boy? Care to test your no substance theory?" she asked, with a grin. Ianto stood up and straightened his tie.

"It would be my honor," he replied with a small bow.

"Good enough for me!" Donna exclaimed before grabbing him by the back of his neck and crushing their lips together. The kiss grew more heated and Jack narrowed his eyes as he noticed Ianto kissing her back with enough passion to make Toshiko blush. Just as both of them started to glow a bit, Donna pushed back, leaving Ianto swaying on his feet and grabbing onto the end of the bed to stay upright; his eyes glazed over and a dopey grin on his face.

"Candy floss my arse. Ha!" Donna exclaimed before turning round and making her way back to Rhys' bedside.

"Donna, you will always be the exception," Ianto replied with a grin. "Brandied cherries coated in hand crafted chocolate all the way," he added with a wink.

"Oi! Don't get any ideas Jones," she replied with a mock scowl. "That was a one-time offer. And for the record," she paused to look him up and down. "You're not so bad yourself." Ianto flushed and ducked his head in acknowledgement as Donna grinned back at him.

"Back to business then," Donna said, flicking her hair over her shoulder and bringing out her wings. "Best stand back you lot. Don't normally allow humans to see this, not sure what might happen." The rest of the group moved to the back of the room, and Donna placed a hand on Rhys' head and the other on his chest. As they watched, she closed her eyes to concentrate, and began to glow brightly. The light grew until they had to shield their eyes and only Andy remained watching. Donna held his gaze and smiled in happiness before bursting into a ball of light. As he watched, the ball hovered a moment before softly floating down into Rhys. Donna was gone.

Gwen had woken up with a start when the monitor alarms started blaring, and the others had quickly stepped aside to let the crash team get to work. Twenty minutes later, the majority of them had left, muttering about a miraculous recovery and cautioning the team to keep their visit short so that Rhys could rest. Gwen had surprised them all by never leaving his side and reassuring Rhys that she wanted to marry him as soon as he got out of the hospital, and damn the consequences. Rhys had spoken of a ball of light and a beautiful angel, and Ianto had noticed that other than Andy, only he and Kellan seemed to know what he was talking about. After their talk moved on to the upcoming wedding, Kellan had excused himself, citing a need to check on the case and went out into the hall to make a call.

"Looks like you got messed up in one of Torchwood spooky do's," Andy said soon after, doffing his PC cap as he came forward to welcome Rhys back. If his eyes looked a bit red-rimmed, no one mentioned it. "I need to file the police report with Jones and Kellan, make sure everything is handled, but if you stick with Owen here, you should be alright." Rhys looked to where Owen stood beside his bed, and nodded. Gwen thanked Andy for stopping by and he tipped his cap before making his way toward the door. Ianto followed him out to where Kellan waited in the hall.

"How is it that none of them remember Donna?" Ianto asked, glancing back into the room.

"Standard procedure," Andy replied sliding his hands into the pockets of his uniform. "Only other angels and Division-9 are allowed to know when an angel is reassigned. It's a safety precaution so that people like Verity can't get their hands on them."

"He's right," Kellan confirmed. "And the restrictions are going to get even tighter after this. All reassignment records are locked from here on out. You can be sure that nothing like this will ever happen again." Andy's airwave started squawking and he grimaced before turning it down.

"Sorry. I have shift in half an hour," he explained. Ianto nodded, he'd guessed when Andy had shown up at the hospital in uniform.

"No breaks for Cardiff's finest," Kellan replied with a grin. "Seriously though, both of the big bosses are impressed with the two of you. I'd like to offer you both permanent positions if you're interested?" Andy and Ianto exchanged a look.

"I think I'll stay where I'm at for now," Ianto replied, glancing over Kellan's shoulder to where Tosh was watching them with concern. Ianto gave her a small smile of reassurance and she smiled gently back.

"Can I think about it?" Andy asked unsure.

"Take all the time you need," Kellan said with a grin. "Even if you decide not to take it on full time, I'd still like to bring you in now and then as needed." Andy smiled and glanced at Ianto.

"I think I can speak for Andy, when I say that we'd both like that," Ianto replied, turning away from the window.

"Well then gents, paperwork to do," Kellan replied, shaking both of their hands. "Try and stay out of trouble won't you?" he added with a wink before taking his leave.

"Alpha -186 this is control," called dispatch over Andy's airwave.

"I best take this," Andy said, before heading towards the lifts. At the end of the hallway, he stopped and turned back. "We still on for Tuesday then?"

"10PM at the Purgatory. Wouldn't miss it," Ianto replied with a smile.

"Catch ya later mate," Andy replied, smiling back at him before turning the corner and disappearing from sight.

"You alright?" asked Jack as he stepped into the hall. Ianto turned and saw the worried expression on his face. They had been so busy helping Kellan with the cleanup and dealing with Rhys' prognosis, that they hadn't had a chance to actually talk about the revelations of the past couple of days. Though he knew that they had a lot to discuss, right now Ianto was too bloody tired to care.

"Right as it can be sir," he replied with a tired smile. "If you don't mind, I'm knackered and haven't slept in days. Mind if I head home?"

"I'll drive," Jack replied. "Give me a moment to round up Owen and Tosh. Rift be damned, we're all taking tomorrow off."

Jack dropped off Owen and Tosh, before turning towards Ianto's flat.

"Actually, you need to head a bit north of Portcanna Fields," Ianto corrected him. "I moved while you were gone with the Doctor."

Jack started, realizing that even though they had renewed their relationship and been on a few dates since he got back, he had no idea that Ianto had moved. He mentally kicked himself for not knowing about yet another important facet of his lover's life. When he was young, Great-Gran had warned him that because of his nature, the only way he would ever find true happiness was if he found another that shared their bloodline. Glancing over to where Ianto stared out the window, he realized that it was quite possible that he had. But even if Ianto was all Jack suspected, everything depended on whether or not he was willing to give Jack a chance. If he wanted a real relationship with him, Jack would have to make an effort; Ianto did not have to settle for an inconsiderate lover. With his mind reeling in possibilities, he followed Ianto's directions on autopilot, only rousing from his reverie when they pulled up in front of a two story brick terraced house on a quiet street.

"This is me," Ianto said, turning to unbuckle his seatbelt. As he went to close the door, he stopped when he saw Jack staring back at him, looking unsure. "Do you want to come in?" he finally asked breaking the silence. A smile spread across Jack's face as he killed the engine.

Ianto let him in and shut the door behind them. He quickly emptied his pockets on a table in the entry way, toeing off his shoes and socks before loosening his tie and tossing his battered suit jacket onto the leather couch in the lounge. As he headed for the kitchen, Jack took off his greatcoat and bent down to quickly untie his boots. Standing up he followed the sounds of jars clinking until he reached the kitchen where Ianto was rummaging in the icebox.

"I've got water, beer, some juiceā€¦" Ianto rattled off as he heard Jack approach.

"Water's fine," Jack answered, watching as Ianto bent over and pulled two bottles of water from the door, oblivious to how the pinstripes of his trousers accentuated the contours of his arse.

Ianto stood up, kicking the door closed with his bare foot, and turned to find himself flush against Jack, clutching the bottles of water between their chests like a shield. Before he could react, Jack leaned forward and cupped his face with both hands and pulled Ianto to him. Jack kissed him slowly, tenderly, gradually deepening the kiss, finally slipping back and leaving Ianto breathless.

"I want to see you," Jack whispered, leaning forward to capture his lips again, not stopping until the two of them had to come up for air. He rested their foreheads together as they attempted to catch their breath. "No more hiding," Jack said brushing his lips against Ianto's as he spoke. "Tomorrow we can talk about the rest, but tonight, I just want to be with you, all of you. I don't want either of us to hold back anymore. Not now that I know I don't have to." He kissed him a final time to drive his point home, throwing into it all of the hope he had for what the future might hold. When he released him, Ianto stood with his eyes closed, still clutching the water bottles, and breathing heavily. Jack stepped back and reached up to stroke his face, letting him take his time to respond, and Ianto leaned into it, kissing his open palm and opening his eyes.

"Well then," he finally replied, backing away to set the water bottles down on the kitchen table. As he turned back, he grasped Jack by his braces and pulled him close. Staring deep into his eyes, Ianto leaned forward until their lips were almost touching. "Upstairs, second door on the left," he whispered, flicking his tongue out and running it over Jack's lip before biting his own in anticipation. "Catch me if you can," he breathed out with smirk. Jack leaned forward to kiss him and found himself falling forward through a cloud of brimstone. Laughter echoed down the stairs and Jack tore after him with a growl, tearing off his clothes as he went.

Bursting through the bedroom door, and found Ianto standing in wait at the foot of the bed, clad only in a pair of black silk boxers. His hands rested lightly on his hips, his now crimson skin accentuating his lean yet well muscled frame. Jack felt himself harden as he took in the sight, and Ianto raised an eyebrow, his tail flicking back and forth in amusement at his reaction.

"Either you have a sock fetish you never told me about, or you might want to remove those," Ianto finally said, curling his ebony lips into a smirk as he looked at Jack's feet.

Jack looked down and cursed as he saw he was still wearing his socks. Quickly discarding them, he moved forward, reaching up to touch Ianto's horns before pulling his hand back to ask permission.

"May I?" he breathed. Ianto nodded, and Jack began to trace his way down Ianto's body, mapping his way with his hands; cataloguing each response as he felt his way down the twists of his horns, to the sides of his face, brushing his thumb across his lips and continuing down his chest and stomach until they came to rest on Ianto's hips. He paused, noticing that Ianto's eyes had slipped closed, and he was biting his lip, his hands clenched at his sides as his struggled to keep his breathing even. Jack slid his fingers into the waistband of his boxers, and slowly slid them down, reaching around to feel Ianto's tail caressing his fingers as it slid out the back. He slid them slowly down his long legs, and stepped back a moment to admire the view as they fell into a pool of silk at his feet.

"Red is definitely your color," Jack breathed as he bent down to kiss his way up crimson calves, tracing lips and tongue up the back of his thighs, and running his hands up to caress Ianto's arse. As he scraped his nails up his back, he paused to stroke his pert tail, uncoiling it and taking the point of it into his mouth. He suckled it a moment before running his tongue across it and nipping the tip, causing Ianto to cry out and turn around.

"My turn," Ianto growled, as he crushed their lips together. Jack gasped and wrapped a leg up around Ianto's waist, his entire body burning with the need to feel Ianto's skin against his own. Ianto grinned, and keeping his arms around Jack's waist, stepped back far enough to throw him down onto the bed. Panting, Jack pushed himself up on his elbows, watching as Ianto stalked towards him, his onyx eyes glittering in the half light as he crawled panther-like towards him. Licking his way up the inside of one leg and then the other, he flicked over Jack's cock with his tongue, before settling between his legs and resting their erections against one another. Jack leaned back as Ianto bent down and nipped and licked first one nipple then the other, causing Jack to arch towards him in response and release a blast of pheromones.

"Playing dirty are we?" Ianto asked, as his tail wrapped itself around their erections and held them together. Jack looked up at him with eyes so lust blown that the whites could barely be seen. Onyx looked into deepest blue, and Ianto smiled, releasing some of his own pheromones into the air, watching as Jack sniffed, realizing what he had done.

"Oh Gods," Jack moaned as he started grinding their erections together, relishing the friction of tail against flesh. "Please tell me that you can do that all the time. I haven't smelt pheromones that strong in over a century." Ianto smirked and increased them. Jack's eyes flew open in surprise as he mouthed the word more? And stared at Ianto in disbelief, only pausing a moment before grabbing him by the hair and capturing his mouth with his own as he began to thrust in abandon.

"Don't. Come. Yet," Ianto panted, tearing his mouth away and unwrapping his tail, causing Jack to whimper in protest. Sliding his way down Jack's body, Ianto held Jack's gaze as he flicked his tongue out to lick the pre-cum off his aching cock.

"Ianto please," Jack begged holding his gaze, watching as those ebony lips slid downward, engulfing him completely. Ianto moved his mouth up and down tantalizingly slow, his tongue teasing and caressing its way along his shaft until Jack started thrusting up to meet each downward stroke. Jack was already so close it was only a matter of moments and a swift downward stroke before he came hard and deep, spilling himself into Ianto's hot mouth, watching as his tongue slipped out to lick him clean. Ianto sat back on his heels and pulled Jack up, kissing him softly as they both panted for breath.

"Turn around," he instructed, and Jack complied, Ianto keeping him up on his knees and holding his back against his chest. "Close your eyes," Ianto whispered, peppering kisses along Jack's neck. Jack obeyed and felt Ianto run a hand down his back, turning at the curve of his arse to slide underneath and allow his fingers began stroking feather light circles along his entrance. As they did, Jack felt a tingling sensation work its way inside of him; filling him with a warm sensation as it prepared him, sliding deep inside until he felt it pulse against his prostate.

"How?" Jack gasped as his eyes flew open in surprise, and he began to harden once more. Ianto chuckled.

"One of the perks of having an incubus for a lover," he whispered, bringing his arm back up and turning Jack's mouth towards his. As they kissed, Jack felt Ianto pushing against him, and lifting himself up on his knees, he raised himself up ever so slightly, feeling the head of Ianto's cock rest against his entrance. "Are you ready?" Ianto asked, his chest heaving with the effort of holding back. Jack nodded, and as he lowered himself down, Ianto thrust upward and the two of them stilled. As the two of them began to move, Jack reached back and began to stroke Ianto's horns, smirking to himself as his lover let out a gasp of surprise and arched into his hands. Ianto's tail whipped around to wrap itself around Jack's shaft, and soon they found a rhythm; each of Ianto's upward thrusts against Jack's prostate being met with a downward stroke by Jack's hands along his horns, and a simultaneous movement by Ianto's tail.

Pheromones filled the air, blending a mixture of scents, bringing both of them closer and closer to the edge. Jack felt like his skin was on fire, each and every place where their bodies touched was burning with want, with only one need: to touch his lover. Their movements became erratic, and with a combined moan of ecstasy they came together, causing a burst of red and gold energy to engulf them. Sated and spent, the two lovers fell onto the bed in a tangle of red and bronze limbs, each trying to catch their breath, but not ready to let go of the other. Jack smiled as he watched his demon lover flip onto his back and run a hand through his hair. Tracing his fingers lazily over his bare skin, he watched as the shimmer of red and gold played over Ianto's skin, and smiled to see the room hanging heavy with their combined sexually energy, prolonging the afterglow.

"You've been holding out on me," Jack accused, and Ianto turned to kiss him, barely containing a smirk of satisfaction.

"Won't happen again," he promised, falling back against the pillows. "You didn't happen to bring that water up did you?" He asked, suddenly thirsty. Jack shook his head and Ianto groaned. "Be right back." He disappeared in a cloud of brimstone; reappearing a moment later at the foot of the bed with two bottles of water.

"Now that is seriously hot," Jack leered, sitting up to take the proffered bottle and gulping it down.

"If you think that's good, wait until I show you what the tail can really do," Ianto purred, taking a sip of his own water before throwing it off to the side and crawling back onto the bed.

Jack bit back a moan as he watched him advance. He had no idea what the future might hold, but he knew one thing for sure: with Ianto at his side, the possibilities seemed endless.


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