OKay, so this is Amu and the Populars, but I changed the title to Camping with the Populars.

Here's chapter one!


It's the last day of grade eleven and you'd think that people mature as they age, but for the popular crowd it's the opposite. Their pranks become crueler as they age.

Amu got dressed in black skinny jeans and a white top with a red cardigan, and threw on red high-tops. Opened the door to find Utau and Rima already sitting in her car.

"Took you long enough." Rima said.

"I don't know why you even try." Utau said looking at Amu's outfit.

"You know their just going to ruin it again." Utau told her.

Amu nodded her head, ignored the last comment and hopped into her convertible. She was rich but she hated to flaunt it unlike the popular crowd. Rima, Utau and Amu could all be in the popular crowd because Rima has a fan club, Amu has a killer model body, Utau's brother is already a popular and they all have money. However, ever since Amu bitched Saaya out, she has been hated by 80% of the Seiyo High population.

There are others Amu hangs out with but they usually get ignored and it shocks Amu because they have money but they hide behind baggy clothes like she does, but Amu wanted to change that even though it was the last day of school. Amu knew that half the 'populars' would be going to college or university next year, so she thought she could wear something else.

"Ugh!" Amu screamed. "I want to hire someone to kill that bitch!"

"Hahaha, Amu relax." Nade said to her friend.

The final bell had just ringed, and just like Utau had predicted the 'populars' had ruined her outfit. Amu pulled out her phone and pressed nine.

"Um . . . Amu what are you doing?" Nagi asked, he was in grade twelve and was leaving next year, and whether he liked it or not Nade and Amu could see he really liked Rima. But that's not what's happening right now.

"I'm doing exactly what I said." Amu put the phone to her ear.

"Hello. Yes." Amu talked into her phone. Utau and Rima came up.

"She doing it again isn't she." Rima asked.

Nade and Nagi nodded. Utau sighed and ripped the phone out of her hands and ended the call.

"Amu, you can't just get rid of your problems." Utau told her. You know how I said Amu didn't like to flaunt, well, there are times when she likes to use her money. Like, last year, for example, some kids scratched her precious convertible and the next day he doesn't show up, and the next day and the next. When you ask Amu what happen she simple says, "I got rid of him." That scared everyone for a while until they found out what really happened. She bribed his family to move.

"But, they destroyed my Gucci hand bag!" Amu complained.

"Honey, you can just by another one." Nade told her.

"NO!" Amu protested.

"Come on Amu it's the last day of school. Can't you give us a break?" A husky voice said into her ear as he covered her mouth with his hand. Her face was really red, and Ikuto smirked. Until, she bit down on his hand.
"No, you moron." Amu said walking to her car, trying to keep her cool. Utau and Rima ran after her and hopped in. Amu sped off.

As it turned out Amu had to wear her baggy sweater and sweat pants home.

Amu dropped Utau and Rima off then headed home. She parked her car and walked into the empty house. Her father died last year, and her mother was promoted to editor for her magazine. Now, she's never home, but they have a bigger than necessary house. Amu sighed, and headed to her room. She really did like being able to call anyone and ask them to do something for her, but she hated knowing someone knew she had a lot of money because then she and her friends could become targets for a kidnapping. Amu sighed again.

"Stupid, 'populars'." Amu grumbled, as she threw her ripped clothes into the garbage. "Stupid Ikuto, and his acting, I know he really hates me and thinks I'm ugly."

Amu wouldn't admit it to her self but she had a thing for Ikuto and Tadase, but she couldn't choose which one she liked better. However, as far as she cared Tadase was a lot better than Ikuto.

Amu sighed and started to fall asleep. Then her cell hone rang. She grabbed it and put it to her ear.

"Hello." She said tiredly.

"Hey." Utau said on the other line.

"What do you want?" Amu was grumpy because she was trying to sleep not moments ago.

"I wanted to tell you I have signed us up for summer camp!" Utau squealed, a little too loudly because Ikuto heard the conversation and decided to eavesdrop.

"Really!" Amu sudden had a burst of energy; she loved summer camps, because they let her get away from her troubles at school.

"It's for two weeks!" Utau explained.

"When does it start?" Amu asked.

"In two days, so tomorrow Rima and I are taking you shopping and would you mind if we used some clothes from your modeling contract?" Utau asked.

"Not at all. What type of camp is it?" Amu asked.

"It's the Teen Summer Talent camp." Utau explained.

"Really! The one that open this year!" Amu clarified.

"Yeah, and Nagi, Nade, Yaya, and Kukai are coming with us." Utau told her.

"Awesome." Amu told her.

"Oh, I have to go." Utau said, "See you tomorrow."

"Yeah, bye." Amu said and then both girls hung up.

Little did they know Ikuto heard the majority of their conversation and was now in the process of signing the populars up to the camp as well. He also requested to be in Amu's cabin.

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