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However, someone was determined to talk to her before then.

This person entered the cabin after everyone left. Her high heels clicked on the wood. She loomed over Amu's sleeping figure.

"What are you doing?" Nadeshiko asked from the door.

The woman spun and smirked at Nadeshiko. She opened her mouth to speak.

"I came to see my new boss." The woman snickered.

"Are you sure?" Nadeshiko clarified, "I know you love Arashi."

The woman sighed and backed away from the bunk bed. She sat down on the empty bunk below Ikuto's bed.

"I just don't get it." The woman said. "I have given up everything and I have always been here, but he wants some pink-haired freak that's half his age." She gestured to Amu sleeping in the bed.

"She's not a freak." Nadeshiko stated.

"That's all you have to say!" The woman exclaimed.

"Chika, I think you should leave." Nadeshiko suggested.

"I know I am." Chika got up to leave.

"No, I mean the business." Nadeshiko explained.

Chika stared at her and then smiled.

"Thanks, Nadeshiko." She said. "Oh and sorry."

Chika left and then Nadeshiko smiled. Nadeshiko knew Chika never had any evil intentions. She patted Amu on the head, grabbed her sunglasses, wrote a note to Amu telling her where they were and then left. The minute the door opened and closed Amu shot out of her bed.

"Well, that was weird." She told herself. She had heard the whole thing.

She jumped off the bed, got dressed, and read the note. They were going to the beach, but first they were going to the recreational building. She sighed and ran out of the cabin.

When she passed the mess hall she stopped to check the time. It was only twelve o'clock. She shook her head.

"I should have slept in more." Amu said with a yawn.

She walked by and then a hand grabbed her wrist. She had had enough of this, so she pulled her wrist away from the slender finger and turned around.

"What now?" She demanded to know. It was her mother and a woman she had never seen before. She grumbled some nonsense.

"I just wanted to remind you that I'll be waiting for you after the talent show." Her mother stated. The woman behind her was glaring at her.

"Why don't you go after someone your own age?" The woman challenged.

"I would if I had a choice!" Amu fought back.

The woman went silent and she stepped in front of Midori.

"I'm Chika." The woman held out her hand. Amu stared at it like some disease, but she shook her hand anyway.

"I'll be in your care." Chika sounded like she was in pain when she said it.

"If you like him so much you should steal him from me." Amu told her, "Trust me I won't hate you for it." Amu smiled and walked away.

Chika stood there baffled.

Amu found her friends in the soccer fields inside. She wasn't sure why they were inside when it was a beautiful day outside.

"It's calm before the storm." Amu stated to herself as she looked to the cloudless sky. She sighed and then headed in to the building.

When she came in the doors of the soccer field she could all the girls cheering. She walked in and the girls were split up. Rima, and Lulu were in black and grey cheer uniforms. Yaya, Utau, and Nadeshiko were in yellow and red cheer uniforms. Amu's mouth dropped.

"What are you guys doing?" Amu asked.

"We are cheering for our boys." Utau exclaimed. Amu looked to the field and saw the boys huddled in two separate circles. Suddenly Rima threw a uniform at Amu.

"Put it on." Rima commanded. "If I have to suffer, you're suffering with me."

Rima smirk as she copied Amu's line from last night. Amu sighed and went to change.

Her skirt went to her knees, but when she emerged from the change room the girls attacked her.

"What?" Amu exclaimed with her arms in the air.

They backed away and looked at her.

"Is the skirt short enough?" Nadeshiko asked Utau.

"What?" Amu exclaimed again.

"Ikuto your team's best player." Utau explained, "So, we're creating a distraction."

"Don't you think this is too short?" Amu whined. They had rolled the skirt so it was covering at least six inches of Amu's thigh. She frowned deeply.

"Are you guys ready?" Kukai called.

Utau and Nadeshiko turned around and out of Amu's way, "Yeah!" They called.

Ikuto's mouth dropped to the floor and the soccer ball rolled out of his hands. Amu nervously pulled at the skirt, but it wouldn't budge.

"This is cruel!" Amu exclaimed to her friends, but everyone, even the ones on her team, smirked and stuck their tongues out.

"This is what you get for keeping us awake all night!" Rima laughed.

"Are you guys going to start?" Utau said.

They nodded and tried to focus on their game. It was Kukai and Kairi vs. Ikuto, Tadase, and Nagihiko. It was really distracting for Ikuto, especially when Amu forgot what she was wearing and really got into cheering. Luckily she was wearing her bathing suit underneath. However, it was equally distracting for Amu because Ikuto's team was shirtless. Amu had to make sure she didn't drool. Eventually, a crowd started to appear and the cheers started to become choreographed. When the ratio of boys overpowered the ratio of girls, Ikuto called time and demanded that Amu lengthen her skirt.

"I've tried, trust me!" Amu whispered to him. There were some whistles. Ikuto grabbed Amu and kissed her and then turn to the guys around Amu, "Don't get any ideas." Ikuto threatened. Amu smiled and blushed, secretly happy he was jealous, but she gave him a quick peck on his cheek and then wished him good luck. They were both surprised at what she did, but Ikuto smirk and Amu blushed a darker red.

Ikuto glared at his sister and then ran back onto the field. Ikuto's team won.

"That's not fair!" Utau stated. "Kairi did nothing!"

The guys just shrugged their shoulders and complemented each other on their abilities. Except, Tadase and Kairi because they hardly did anything. They looked at the big clock on the wall. It read 1:01. They had about two hours left.

"What do you want to do now?" Amu asked when she came back from getting changed.

"The beach I thought." Kukai said. Everyone agreed and then walked to the beach.

When they got to the white sand, they were surprised that no one was there.

"They must be practicing." Nadeshiko told them.

"Yeah, but you can't practice too hard. The talent show is tonight!" Kukai exclaimed and then ran off.

The girls set up an umbrella and rolled out their towels. The guys started to play beach volleyball.

"Can you believe that only fourteen days ago we had just arrived and we hated you?" Lulu asked.

Everyone laughed, "No!"

"But, we're friends now, right?" Yaya asked worriedly.

Everyone smiled and then giggled, "Of course."

They started to reminisce when it got really hot. The girls started to fan themselves.

"What are we doing?" Amu asked. "Why aren't we swimming?"

Everyone looked at each other and then at Amu. She swallowed, "What?"

Suddenly, Rima grabbed her leg, and Nadeshiko grabbed the other. Utau grabbed her arm and Lulu grabbed the other and Yaya was cheering them on.

"No!" Amu screamed, "Stop!"

They reached the edge of the beach and threw her in. She didn't come up after awhile.

"Amu?" They started to call. They ran in the water and felt something tickling their ankles. They screamed and ran out of the water. Amu came up laughing her head.

"I wish I could have seen your faces." Amu clenched her sides.

They glared at her and then ran in after her. They had a splashing war, but that got tiring fast. They ended floating around.

"What do you think the guys are doing?" Utau asked as she looked at the sky.

"Planning to scare us." Amu suggested.

Utau suddenly stood up and whispered in Rima's ear. Suddenly everyone was huddled together whispering to each other.

Meanwhile, the guys were returning the beach volleyball. When they came to the beach the girls were gone.

"Where did they go?" Nagihiko asked.

"Relax, Nagi." Kukai stated.

"Yeah, they probably went to get ice cream." Ikuto told him.

The guys now had a football. They walk into the water and started to pass it back and forth. Ikuto passed to Kairi, but he missed it.

"Dude, you have to catch it!" Kukai exclaimed and then laughed. Kairi turned around to pick it up.

"Where'd it go?" He asked.

"Right behind you." Ikuto stated.

"No it's not." Kairi looked around. Everyone came over to help.

"That's strange." Ikuto said, "I swore it came over here."

Suddenly Ikuto felt a gentle breeze on his neck. He whipped around, but no one was there.

"Did you guys feel that?" Ikuto asked. They shook their head.

"What?" Tadase asked.

"That breeze." Ikuto put a hand on his neck.

"I think your feeling things." Kukai laughed, but his laughter came to an abrupt end and his eyes widened in horror.

"Did you felt that?" He whispered.

"No, I think your just feeling things." Ikuto mimicked.

"I'm not joking something just went in between my legs." Kukai started to freak out, but no one believed him until they felt it. Oddly enough, none of them thought of getting out of the water.

"I felt it!" Nagihiko exclaimed.

"There shouldn't be anything, though." Kairi informed, "This is a man made beach."

They looked at each other and then they noticed something bobbing in the distance. They closer they recognized it as their football.

"I didn't throw it this far." Ikuto stated as the water become to deep to stand in.

Suddenly, Tadase was pulled under the water.

"Tadase?" Everyone exclaimed, but still no one thought to get to shallow water or even get out. Next, Kairi was pulled under, they all called for him. The remaining three got really close. Nagihiko was pulled under, but Kukai and Ikuto grabbed him. When they pulled him up they noticed something shining at his feet.

"Maybe mermaids exist!" Kukai exclaimed. Ikuto laughed and was going to say something when he felt a hand run down his down. It sent shivers down his spine. He spun and saw ripples.

"I think our girlfriends are trying to prank us." Ikuto stated. He stared at the place where the rippled had been.

"Well it worked!" Nagihiko coughed and he started to swim towards the shore.

"Wait!" Kukai called.

"Don't you want to scare them?" Ikuto suggested with a smirk. They quickly caught on to what he was thinking and they got out of the water.

They walked over to the girls' stuff, picked it up and walked away.

Meanwhile the girls were laughing an underwater cavern.

"How is this even here?" Amu asked.

"I heard someone talking about it in the clinic when I was there, but I'm not sure how, either." Utau explained.

Rima came in and told them the guys were gone.

"Took them long enough!" Nadeshiko laughed. Everyone joined in and then they left the cavern without the boys.

The girls ran on to the beach and looked around.

"Where's our stuff?" Yaya asked. No one could answer.

"Maybe the guys took it back to the cabin?" Lulu suggested. The girls were skeptical, but that was the only answer so far.

"What if someone stole it?" Yaya exclaimed.

"Do you really thing someone would steal an umbrella?" Nadeshiko asked, and everyone had to agree with her, it was unlikely.

Therefore, they walked through the forest trail.

"Isn't there another way to go back to the cabins?" Amu stammered nervously.

"No." A voice answered evilly from behind her. She let go of Utau's arm and ran back to the beach screaming.

"Don't think that was a little much, Ikuto?" Nagihiko asked a little too loudly because the girls heard. They stopped walking, but the guys hadn't noticed yet as they stayed hidden behind a leaning tree.

"No." Kukai answered for him and the girls took three steps closer to their hiding spot.

"For all you know she could be crying and some random guy could be comforting her." Nagihiko tried to make Ikuto feel guilty. Ikuto grumbled and started to pace. The girls were standing behind them. Utau smiled at Nadeshiko who smiled at Yaya who smiled at Rima who smiled at Lulu. They all took a deep breath, and screamed at the top of their lungs. The guys jumped three feet in the air and the girls were rolling on the ground they were laughing so hard.

Suddenly, the P.A. system beeped on and the camp director spoke, "Would everyone please head to their first class they attended to rehearse and prepare for the talent show." The P.A. system beeped off and everyone looked around.

"Where are Tadase and Kairi?" Kukai asked.

The girls looked at each other and then ran back to the beach. The boys followed moments later. Amu was sitting on the beach, but she suddenly stood up and ran into the water.

"Amu!" Ikuto called, but she had already dived into the water. She never surfaced and Ikuto freaked out, but Utau calmed him down.

"Relax, she probably went into the cavern we were hiding in before." Utau told them and then followed Amu's actions.

Amu and Utau resurfaced moments later with Tadase and Kairi following shortly after. Tadase and Kairi, however, were freaking out because they thought they had been kidnapped by something. Everyone laughed at them when they tried to explain what had happened to them.

Everyone was at their first class. Amu was asked to be the ending and the beginning of the fashion show. She agreed. She then practiced walking to the beat of the preferred pace all the models had agreed on. When it came time to choose who was going to wear what Amu didn't have a difficult time choosing. She was going to wear a dress she made and a dress Lulu made. Lulu was going to do her make-up when she wore her dress and Utau was going to do her make-up when she wore the dress she made herself. Lulu was going to do Amu's hair for her dress and Rima was going to do Amu's hair when she wore her own dress.

Yaya and Nadeshiko were told where they were going to start in their duet. The instructor put an orange piece of tape on the stage with their order numbers on it. They practiced difficult parts and then they checked if their music was prepared. They ended up asking Ikuto and Kukai to perform something for their dance. It was short notice, but Ikuto and Kukai were happy to help.

Ikuto and Kukai were busy setting up where they were going to perform and they practiced some difficult parts.

Utau and Lulu were singing a duet that was going to be performed after the fashion show. They picked out their outfits that were made by some of the fashion students. Nadeshiko was chosen to do their hair.

Rima and Nagihiko were busy running over lines. Then they tried on their costumes. There wasn't much to change so they stood on the stage and practiced to see how loud they had to be.

Tadase and Kairi were in the kitchen clearing an area for them to work during the first bit of the show. They would cook while the fashion show ran and then they would have to scurry to their next performance.

An hour passed and then everyone moved on to their second class. Everyone was busy making fine adjustments to their performances. They were so busy and so professional with the way they handled everything a by-stander wouldn't believe they were amateurs.

After three more hours at their respected classes it was time to start the talent show and the opening act was the fashion show.

The models watched anxiously as the auditorium filled up. They started to doubt themselves.

"You can do it." Amu told them, "Or else the instructor wouldn't have picked you."

When the auditorium was full and the audience had settled down a camper from one of the writing classes stood at the podium.

"We are now going to start with our fashion show. The first model is Amu Hinamori. She is wearing a dress designed be Lulu and make-up and hair are also done by Lulu." The confident camper spoke. Amu was wearing a white dress. It dragged on the floor behind her and a white ribbon was just under her bust. The dress was a halter, but the halter started and ended on the right side of the dress. The M.C. continued introducing all the models and who made their dresses.

At the end of the fashion show, Amu was wearing a strapless blue dress that also dragged behind her. The top was a light blue that faded to white and then faded to dark blue on the bottom half. There was a slit that went all the way to the top of her thigh, but there were fabric pieces hanging to cover some of her leg.

All the models came out again, waved and then headed back the quickly prepare for their next performance.

Next were the acts, first Nagihiko and Rima performed the balcony scene from Romeo and Juliet. Towards the end of the scene, the instructor threw in a kiss. They bowed quickly and ran off. The auditorium was filled with applause.

Second, were the fight scenes between Paris and Romeo. Nadeshiko and Kukai were first and then Ikuto and Tadase did their variation.

The dances were next. Ikuto and Kukai were already dressed in his costume for the dance when they played for Nadeshiko and Yaya, who were first to dance. They performed a slow contemporary ballet piece. Next, Kukai and Utau were dancing their tango while Lulu and Tadase did their music. They got a round of applause. Third in line were Rima and Nagihiko and they performed a Samba. They also received applause. After Rima and Nagihiko was the Jive performed by Ikuto and Amu. They showed passion and at the end they got a standing ovation. Amu smiled and the bowed and quickly ran off.

Finally, after all the dance routines there were the singing and the solo instrumental performances. Lulu and Utau performed a duet. Lulu wore a long silver dress that had two large strips of sequins. One was at the top of her dress and the other was towards her waist. She sat on the left side of a piano seat. Then Utau entered with a long black dress that looked like a firework exploded at the top of her dress and then the sparkles cascaded down towards the bottom. she sat on the remaining half of the bench.

(Because of you By: Reba and Kelly)
Utau- normal, Lulu- Bold, Both- Bold underline.

I will not make the same mistakes that you did
I will not let myself
Cause my heart so much misery
I will not break the way you did,
You fell so hard
I've learned the hard way
To never let it get that far

Because of you
I never stray too far from the sidewalk
Because of you
I learned to play on the safe side so I don't get hurt
Because of you
I find it hard to trust not only me, but everyone around me
Because of you
I am afraid

I lose my way
And it's not too long
before you point it out
I cannot cry
Because I know that's weakness
in your eyes
I'm forced to fake
A smile, a laugh everyday of my life
My heart can't possibly break
When it wasn't even whole to start with

Because of you
I never stray too far from the sidewalk
Because of you
I learned to play on the safe side so I don't get hurt

Because of you
I find it hard to trust not only me, but everyone around me
Because of you
I am afraid

I watched you die (I -)
I heard you cry every night in your sleep (Watched you die)
I was so young (In your sleep)
You should have known better than to lean on me (I Was so young)
You never thought of anyone else (To lean on me)
You just saw your pain (You never saw me)
And now I cry in the middle of the night
For the same damn thing

Because of you
I never stray too far from the sidewalk
Because of you
I learned to play on the safe side so I don't get hurt
Because of you
I find it hard to trust not only me, but everyone around me
Because of you
I am afraid

Because of you
Because of you

When they stood from the piano seat they hugged, bowed and ran off as the audience gave them a standing ovation. Rima stepped on the stage next. She was in a gold and black dress that was covered in gold sequins. She stood perfecting in the middle of the stage.

(Pearl By Katy Perry)

She is a pyramid
But with him she's just a grain of sand
This loves too strong like cement

Squeezing out the life that should be let in

She was a hurricane
But now she's just a gust of wind
She used to set the sails of a thousand ships
Was a force to be reckoned with

She could be a statue of liberty
She could be Joan of Arc
But he's scared of the light that's inside of her
So he keeps her in the dark

Oh she used to be a pearl
Ohh yeah she used to rule the world
Ohhhh can't believe she's become a shell of herself
Cause she used to be a pearl

She was unstoppable
Moved fast as like an avalanche
But now she's stuck deep in cement
Wishing that they never ever met
She could be a statue of liberty
She could be a Joan of Arc
But he's scared of the light that's inside of her
So he keeps her in the dark

Oh She used to be a pearl
Ohh yeah she used to rule the world
Ohhhh can't believe she's become a shell of herself
Cause she used to be a

Do you know that there's a way out
There's a way out
There's a way out
There's a way out
You don't have to be held down
Be held down
Be held down
Be held down

Cause I used to be a shell...
Yeah I let him rule my world
My world Ohhh yeah

But I woke up and grew strong and I can still go on
And No one can take my pearl
You don't have to be a shell, No
You're the one that rules your world Ohh
You are strong and you'll learn
That you can still go on
And you'll always be a pearl

She is unstoppable

Rima gave a quick bow and scurried off the stage. The audience also gave her a standing ovation.

The solos finished and then the M.C. came back to the podium.

"I would to ask everyone to please head to the mess hall for the art display and poetry readings." She smiled and walked away from the podium

All the girls got changed into simple gowns and the boys wore black suits with corresponding tie colours.

Amu wore a strapless red dress and she walked with Ikuto.

Nadeshiko wore an orange strapless dress and she walked with Reizo.

Rima wore a strapless yellow dress and she walked with Nagihiko.

Yaya wore a pale green strapless dress and she walked with Kairi.

Lulu wore a dark blue strapless dress and she walked with Tadase.

Utau wore a strapless purple dress and she walked with Kukai.

All the dresses had a simple feature that set them apart from the rest.

They walked into the mess. Caterers were serving food that was made by the campers. And the walls were decorated with paintings, drawings, and photographs. There was a small stage at the front of the mess hall.

The minute Nagihiko entered the mess hall he bolted over to where he saw Tadase hung his painting. He was desperate to know whom the paint was of. His mouth hung open.

"Who's that?" Lulu asked as she walked up with Tadase.

"My deceased mother." Tadase stated. Nagihiko turned around and apologized.

However, there still was a painting of Lulu done by Tadase. So Nagihiko relaxed.

Amu and Ikuto got separated in the crowd. She felt a large hand grab her arm and she relaxed because she thought Ikuto had grabbed her, but she realized that wasn't the case. This man pulled her out of the mess hall.

"Help!" Amu called, but everyone smiled thinking it was more acting and they just clapped. Amu grumbled.

However, Utau saw and she ran to find Ikuto and the rest of the gang. Everyone left in a hurry.

"Did you see which way they went?" Ikuto asked urgently.

"I think they went towards the main office building." Utau stated and then the girls picked up their dresses and ran.

They got to the office building as a black car pulled away, but another pulled in. Aruto stepped out.

"I believe you'll be needing this." Aruto told them. Ikuto quickly thanked him and then they piled in. Aruto told the driver to go to the Tsukiyomi Modeling Corporation. The driver gave a quick nod and sped out of the gravel drive way.

They caught up to Amu's capture's car because of a road jam. But it was cleared quickly and the car zipped off. Ikuto's car quickly followed and weaved through some cars.

When they reached the building they saw Amu being pulled to an elevator. They ran in and watched to see what floor it stopped at. It stopped at floor 20. Some climbed the stairs and others waited for the next elevator. However, they all reached the floor at the same time. They ran through the halls trying to figure out which room they went to.

"I found it!" Rima called quietly through the halls.

Everyone came running and sure enough red fabric was sticking out of the door. Ikuto kicked it open without much thought. Lucky Amu wasn't close to the door.

Chika and Midori were standing in a corner near the door. Aruto was standing near Amu. Everyone was confused as to how he got there faster than them. Arashi was standing behind the desk. Someone was on a television talking to him.

"Grandpa?" Ikuto asked and he pulled out his cell phone.

"It that Ikuto?" He elderly man asked with a cough.

"No." Arashi stated.

"Arashi that's enough." The man wheezed.

"I have my wife now sign the documents that make the company mine." Arashi demanded. However, The elderly man saw that Ikuto had other plans when Ikuto dialed a number and put the phone to his ear.

"No, I think Ikuto has other plans." The elderly laughed.

Suddenly sirens were blaring from below. Arashi turned around and glared at Ikuto, but then he smirked. There was a click sound and everyone froze as they watched Arashi put a gun to Amu's head.

"Oh come on!" Amu cried. "I've been through enough shit."

The elderly man laughed, "Quite a catch you got, Ikuto."

"Drop the gun!" An officer shouted from behind the group. The teens instantly moved so he could enter the room.

"No!" Arashi said and then there was a bang.

Everyone gasped as blood pooled around the body. Ikuto dropped to his knees.

Ten years later.

There were gasps as the director of the company walked in with his top model.

"Can I have you-your autograph?" A young girl asked running up to the model.

"Of course." She beamed.

"I have to go." The director told her and walked away.

The model signed some signatures and then wandered around. Her phone vibrated and she pulled it out.

"Hello?" She called.

"Oh, we have to hurry." The model said as she stared at the clock.

"Why again do we have to go?" He asked, but the model was surprised he even answered.

"Because we haven't seen them in ten years!" She exclaimed.

"We saw them last year at my sister's wedding." He reminded her.

"Yeah, but you wouldn't let me say 'hello'." She reminded him.

"Meet me at the front." She said and then hung up.

They met at the front, but Kukai and Utau also greeted them. Utau pulled her brother away and Kukai awkwardly stood because they didn't talk much.

"Are you happy, Ikuto?" Utau asked. Ikuto looked to the ground.

"Why wouldn't I be?" Ikuto mumbled.

"Because everyone saw how you acted after Amu was shot." Utau reminded him, "It took you years to get over it."

"I'm still not over it." Ikuto growled.

"I hope you realize this model loves you." Utau glared at the girl.

"Yeah, I know." Ikuto sighed.

"I also hope you know that she is not invited." Utau told him.
"What why?" Ikuto asked.

"Because the planner of this party told me to tell you." Utau informed.

"I thought you always planned these." Ikuto inquired.

"Not this year." Utau said with a smile.

Utau marched over to the model and got in her face.

"I'm not going to take your husband." The model exclaimed and then she looked over at Ikuto who was looking out the window.

"I know, I'm not worried." Utau said, "I want to tell you to back off and that your aren't invite to this reunion."

"What's wrong with Ikuto?" She asked when she noticed him flipping a ring in his hand.

The model acted as if she didn't hear a word Utau had said, but she started to walk over to Ikuto. Utau tried to stop her but she kept walking.

"He's going to ask me to marry him!" She exclaimed.

"If he does I'm shooting him and then his not invited either." Utau told her and the model whipped around.

"Why? What's your problem with me and him?" She asked.

"There is no you and him!" Utau exclaimed. "He's using you to get over watching his girlfriend get shot."

However, the model shook her head and then walked up to Ikuto. Ikuto's action made Utau want to shot her moron brother.

"Ikuto!" Utau screamed and then ran over. "What are you doing?"

She pulled at her brother so he could get up from his knee. When he wouldn't stand she grabbed the ring.

"I think you need to let Amu go." Ikuto stated without lifting his eyes.

Utau started to cry. Kukai came over and pulled Utau away, but not before saying, "You know, dude, after Amu was rushed to the hospital you left. You never came to the hospital and no one had your number to call you. So I suggest," Kukai told him and gave back the ring, "That before you do this come to the reunion."

Kukai left with Utau. Ikuto stared at the ring and then stood up.

"What?" The model screeched. "You're letting them control you."

"No, I'm not. I'm going to go see her grave and get some closure." Ikuto said and walked away, but he handed her the ring.

He drove to the reunion and no one expected him.

"Well, Well, Well, if it isn't mister big shot." Nagihiko joked. Everyone was sitting around a table.

"Why are we having the reunion on this day?" Ikuto demanded to know.

"Ask the person who arranged it." Rima said and she stood up.

Ikuto nodded and followed everyone into a room. It was dark and then everyone went to the back of the room.

"Why did you organize the reunion, if you aren't a friend and why this day?" Ikuto asked the darkness.

"I am a friend, heartbreaker. I chose this day to cause you the most grief." The voice whispered.

"Why me?" He asked.

"Because you never came to see me!" The voice screamed and then cried. Utau flipped on the lights.

Ikuto's eyes went wide and everything came spiraling back to him. The paramedic that said she could be save, but it was unlikely. The ambulance and then his decision to run away for a while.

A girl was crying in front of him and all he saw was a girl that was suppose to be calling him a pervert or blushing or smiling.

"You're alive." Ikuto stuttered and took two steps forward as the world he thought he knew shattered. She looked up and her golden eyes shone back at him. She stood up. She was still slender and had figure his top model would wish to have.

"I was in a coma for three years." She told him, and it only caused him more pain. "When I woke up you weren't there. When your father died I went to his funeral expecting see you, but you weren't there either."

She steadied her breath and stood taller.

"I was expecting you to come this year, because Utau invited you about ten times before you agreed to come, but then I found out it was your new girlfriend, who just happens to look a lot like me." She took another breath, "I really wished you'd come, but then Utau came and told me you were proposing to this girl and you only assumed I was dead!"

Ikuto was standing in front of her and had the overwhelming feeling to hug her and kiss her just to see if she was really there.

"You know how I said I'd love you no matter what you did?" Amu asked. "Yeah, well this has crossed a line I wish never appeared."

Amu walked by him and out of the room. Ikuto followed, but when everyone followed, he stopped just behind Amu who was staring at the model.

"You weren't invited." Amu sneered.

The model gasped and tried to catch her breath.

"You look like me!" The model gasped.

"Hardly," Amu laughed cruelly, "You look like me. Right, Ikuto?"

She smiled sadly at him. She walked up to the model.

"How old are you?" the model asked.

"27." Amu stated.

"I'm 28." The model smirked, "So you look like me and you probably are a fan."

Amu gave her a dead look. "Right." She said and walked out.

"Amu!" Ikuto called.

The model looked at the retreating figure.

"That's her." The model gasped again. "Her pictures decorate your office and you thought she was dead."

"I was right wasn't I?" Utau asked with a smirk. "He's just using you."

Everyone wished Ikuto good luck with Amu. The model left and Ikuto stayed for the whole reunion hoping Amu would come back, but she never did.

Meanwhile, the model was running through the streets when she finally found Amu.

"Amu." She said when she reached the pinkette. "I have something to show you."

The model pulled Amu to the Modeling Company. She swiped her card and fans crowded her and Amu. She called security and then continued to the top floor. They walked in to Ikuto's office and the model dropped Amu's wrist.

"He never forgot about you and Utau was right, I realized that the moment I saw you." The model explained.

Amu was shocked. Ikuto's office was filled with framed photo of herself and her with friends and pictures of Ikuto and herself were covering his desk. The model left.

"I guess, you win, Ikuto." Amu sighed and sat in his chair. She fell asleep.

However, back at the reunion, Ikuto was still sitting waiting for Amu to get her purse, but she never came. The owner of the building gave him her purse and asked him to go home. However, Ikuto didn't go home he went to his office. When he walked into the door the security guard gave him the ring he had given the model.

"She told me to tell you to make sure your truly happy." The security guard passed the message along. Ikuto couldn't smile, but he nodded his head briefly and swiped his card and walked to his office. The pain in his legs as he walked up to the 20th floor helped him forget the pain in his chest.

When he finally reached the top floor, he heard a sigh and then a door open and close. He ran to his office suddenly feeling energized. When he opened his office door it was empty. Ikuto slumped in his office chair and then fell asleep.

Two hours later, there was mumbling behind Ikuto's office door.

"I can't believe I forgot my purse." Amu opened the door. Ikuto had just woken up and Amu froze.

Ikuto picked up her purse and then walked over to her. He handed it to her and then hugged her. Amu squeak in shock.

"I missed you." He cried.

Amu's arms circles around him and she felt safe.

"Why did you assume I was dead?" Amu asked, but it was muffled by Ikuto's shirt.

"The paramedic told us that due to blood lose it might be very difficult to save you." Ikuto told her.

"Then why didn't you stay by my side and wish for me?" Amu asked.

However, Ikuto couldn't answer the question.

"I couldn't . . . I didn't want to see you with all those tubes and machines attached to you." Ikuto buried his head further into Amu's shoulder.

"Take down these pictures." Amu commanded.

Ikuto looked at her sadly and did as he was told. First he started with the ones with friends and Amu because they were the easiest to part with. Then he moved on to pictures of just Amu. When there were only a couple photos left he hesitated to put it in the garbage. When Amu saw it she looked away, and then said, "You can leave that one." She blushed.

It was a photo of Ikuto kissing her that was apparently taken by someone watching them. He moved on to the next picture, but Amu liked it, "Keep that one too." She told him. Eventually none of the remaining photos were taken down.

Amu walked over and gave him a kiss.

"Thanks." Amu smiled, "It was really creepy."

She walked out, but first she placed a piece of paper on his desk. He picked it up and read it. He smiled and ran after her. By the time he found her she was getting into a white car.

"Don't." Ikuto said when he reached the car.

"Why?" The man asked.

"You should go to your family, Tadase." Ikuto stated and pulled Amu out of the car.

"My kids like Amu." Tadase said.

"Patch things up with Lulu. Amu's not going to marry you." Ikuto told him, and Tadase smiled.

"How did you know?" Tadase asked and Ikuto threw the paper at Tadase.

It read: Tadase is going to get a divorce and marry me. Stop him.

Tadase drove away after agreeing to patch things up with Lulu. Amu thanked him and tried to leave, but Ikuto stopped her and then pulled her in for a kiss. She never fought back. In fact, the kiss became more passionate. She tangled her finger in his hair and he pulled her closer.

When they broke apart Ikuto asked, "You are going to marry me, right?"

"Maybe." Amu snickered and then kissed him again.

Within the next year Lulu and Tadase patched things up and they had two kids. Utau and Kukai had twins, two boys. Rima and Nagihiko had a son and got married. Yaya and Kairi had a daughter and got married. Nadeshiko and Reizo started dating. Arashi was shot down by a police officer and later woke up to have Chika nursing him. They eventually get married. Saaya never came back for the talent show because Keiji won in her heart. Yume and Hiro are still dating. Midori is living with Amu and they have slowly rebuilt their mother daughter relationship. And…

Amu and Ikuto are happily married. She followed a career in music with Utau, but she sometimes teaches new models at Ikuto's Company. No one dies from modeling anymore, Amu and her friends made sure of it. Amu is pregnant with triples. The doctor thinks that there are going to be two girls and one boys. The top model changed companies and moved to France.

Everyone was happy in the end.

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