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"So, tonight is the night ", I said aloud before starting to cook. Lasagna isn't really hard to make. No reason to fail. "Don't start to panic, Andy" I said to myself. "You're a cop, you're not so bad even if you had burned an undercover cop in your first mission… and, noone had ever made it that before… so be proud and don't be scared to make lasagna !"

I was so ridiculous, talking aloud to myself that I giggled. I was so nervous… and I had so many reasons to be ! Tonight, I will not eat alone… there will be two others people with me… one is the man I was involved with, Luke Callaghan, and the other… the man who changed my life forever, made my life both paradise and hell on his whim, my ex- T.O. and my partner, Sam Swarek.

Invited both them… what an idea ! How did I manage that ? Too drunk when I had suggested that ? Even not. I was tired of being split between both of them. So…

Ten days had passed since my first undercover mission with Sam. That was awesome, I thought ! I felt so free, so thrill and so nervous too ! But with Sam, I never really felt fear… cause, he was there… there for me, like he had always been.

At the hands of Angel, I never thought I could talk with this steady voice, insufflating both love and desire. That was a great time ! No fear, no awkwardness anymore ! I only started to talk… and, all of the sudden, words seemed flow from my heart to my mouth without any discomfort. It was so real… Like his kiss… our kiss, I mean… 'cause, that was what that was… even if he had kissed me first, I had raised my chin to find his lips. When I thought of this moment so full of tenderness, desire and despair 'cause of his leaving and the fact that we weren't sure to see both of us again, a shiver ran down my spine. Shudder of fear or tremble of pleasure ? Both of them, maybe…

I tried to focus on my lasagna but, when I put them in the oven, my thoughts and feelings had reappeared, stronger than ever, blushing my cheeks and warming my body. Even though I tried hard, I couldn't ignore it, so I decided to set the table to keep myself busy, waiting for Sam whom I was expecting in half an hour…

- o -

A few days before, Sam, leaning against the cruiser, a hot coffee that I had given to him in his hand, had been very astonished by my request.

"A dinner ? At your place ? With… Callaghan ? Are you kidding me ?"

"No, I'm serious. It's important to me, Sam."

"Yeah…" He winced, stared at me in disbelief. "Why ?"

"You guys, you mean a lot to me. I need you both - Sam's eyes widened for a moment before they darkened and he gritted his teeth. – and I'm tired of having bad relationships with both of you…" I heard him sigh and I knew he'd given in to me. But, to be sure he really did, I begged him, with a smirk : "Please, Sam, you're my friend…"

"Alright, you get me, McNally !" He said, drawling my name, with his so wonderfully personnal smile, working his dimples. My heart skipped a beat, and my cheeks turned red while I bit my lower lip.

"And Callaghan ? He has accepted too ? By the way, are you sure you will manage to survive to us for a long long evening ?" He laughed and, suddenly… I was happy !

"No problems, I will hide away my knives and guns…"

"Foresight ?"

"Watchful !" He chuckled and said earnestly : "So, he's okay with that ?"

"He said yes. I mean, he's not jumping for joy, but he agrees. He knows that it's important to me."

"Such a Prince Charming !" I could hear a pinch of scorn in his voice and I thought, awkwardly, that this evening will be very tense.

"He promised me he'd come and try to have a pleasant evening with us. So, please, promise me the same thing. Sam, I beg you to do this…"

He deeply sighed again, clenched his arms on his chest, closed his beautiful eyes and remained silent for a while. I couldn't stop gazing at him, such as he was touching and easy on the eyes. When he opened his eyes and stared back at me, I startled, blushing a little.

"Ok, I promise you. As long as Callaghan treats you well for the evening and if he doesn't provoke me too much, I will keep my promise to you."

"Thank you…" I whispered, my hand close to touching his arm. But, seeing the intense look he gave me, I gave up for our own safety, averted my eyes from his, clearing my throat.

"Anyway, McNally, I'm sure that the evening won't turn like you wish… "

"Why ?"

"Do you want to bet with me that Callaghan will not come 'cause of his work or anything else ?" He chukleded again but not with his eyes… they were sad… so sad that my heart hurt me. But, knowing him as well as I did, I teased him to calm him down for a while all those feelings unsaid.

"I wouldn't bet on it ! I'm sure he will come."

"Alright, I'll take you up on that !" He said, slapping on the car roof to validate the bet, before he settled back in the passenger's side, a wry half-smile in his face. When I sat next to him, he added with a mischievous look, without a glance at me : "Of course, McNally, during this evening, you and I, will fix the bet's stake. I hope for you that your… colleague with benefits… will be there."

- o -

Whatever I did to stop thinking, I couldn't help but think it didn't work. Yet, I had already done all that I had to do. So, I sat on the couch, waiting for Sam, hoping that Luke would not be to late.

Suddenly, I remembered the bet and the fact that Sam had validate it before fix the stake ! He got me, I grinned and bore it. But, even if I had always known that Sam would never be nasty or rude with me, fact that I didn't knew the stake, awkwarded me… not for fear nevertheless… but… and if he…

I couldn't think of that anymore 'cause someone knocked on my door. Someone ? My heart knew who was that before I opened the door, 'cause he bolted so much…