Melanie had to admit, camping trips really weren't her scene. She didn't like spending a lot of time with other people; she would rather have been alone in her own room, listening to her Walkman and reading romance novels. Or Bram Stoker. Yeah, Dracula was just as good as romance novels. She liked the whole darkness and morbidity of vampires... creatures of the night. However, scary campfire stories weren't her thing, either. She didn't like scaring herself silly, because then she usually couldn't sleep. But she really couldn't do anything about it now.

"Cheer up, sis." Her older brother, Sam, nudged her with his shoulder, giving her a grin. He was in college, while she was just fresh out of high school. This was her first summer as a high-school graduate; she'd just finished all her classes and received her diploma. "This is gonna be a great trip!"

"Yeah? If it's gonna be a great trip, then why in the hell did you bring her?" Melanie said under her breath, speaking only to him. The "her" she was referring to was the woman driving, Sam's girlfriend Kris - short for Kristina, but not that it really mattered to Melanie. She thought the girl was evil. She was manipulative, spoiled, and a floozy wrapped up into one - not to mention the fact that she was almost ten years older than Sam. She thought she owned everything and everybody. She wasn't afraid to hit, kick, or bite, and she was a screamer. And Melanie absolutely hated her. The reason for that was that Kris hated Melanie - she thought Sam paid too much attention to and spent too much time with her and not enough with Kris.

"Now you stop that." Sam made his point not by slapping Melanie on the shoulder like a normal boy would do, but by messing up her hair. "Kris is a great girl, and you'd know that if you tried spending a little more time with her. She always says how she'd like to do more stuff with you. She likes you."

"No she doesn't," Melanie fired back, still keeping the conversation quiet so that Kris didn't hear. It'd just be one more reason for the whore to hate her, and an excuse. "She's a controlling bitch. She bosses everyone around and you let her. The only reason she's with you is because obviously you have a big one. Don't think she hasn't bragged to me about it. 'Oh, my boyfriend has a huge dick and you don't even have a boyfriend, small or not!' She hates me."

"Look." Sam gave Melanie a one-armed hug, planting a kiss on the top of her head and giving her another grin. "This trip is going to be a great experience - for all of us. It'll give you and Kris a chance to bond. Maybe you'll find out that you're not so different."

Melanie rolled her green eyes. "And it'll give you and Kris a chance to have sex without Mom and Dad finding out."

"They're not even home half the time, so that doesn't matter. How the hell do you even know, anyway?"

"Whenever you do it, she screams. Really, really loud. Why can't you just see what a bitch she is and break up with her already?"

"Because she's not a bitch. She's really sweet. Please promise me you'll try to get to know her a little better."

"I'll try, but I can't promise you I'll like her after the summer's over."

"And we already went over that. I told you, we're only staying a month and that isn't the whole summer."

"It's thirty days in hell. Thirty days in hell is a summer, sir."

"Camp Crystal Lake is not hell, Melanie. It's a fun happy-go-lucky, gung-ho, let's-make-friends-round-the-campfire-"

"That's hell."

"We're heeeeere!" Kris called out in her fake-happy voice, slowing down dramatically. Melanie almost pitched forward with the sudden, drastic change in speed. "Welcome to Camp Crystal Lake, everybody! Oh, this is gonna be soooooooo much fun!"

Melanie faked a laughed. "Ha-ha... no it's not, you fucking bitch."

He watched her because she seemed... miserable. It seemed like she was stuck here and she didn't want to be here.

She had dark blonde hair that almost crossed the line over into brown but somehow stayed blonde - straight, falling down to her hips. It was let loose, and she wore hoop earrings, which he found complemented her hair. The style was nice when you looked at her from the front, the silver hoops sparkling from deep in her hair yet still visible. She wore a red hat on her head, and it looked like a standard cap; like one you might find on a counselor. But usually counselor's caps were white, so she wasn't one. She was dressed very casually, in just a black tank top shirt and jean shorts.

She would laugh or smile when the other blonde, the boy, put his arm around her or nudged her. But she would glare or make a face when the other girl, the brunette, talked to her or touched her. He had first thought the blonde boy was what would be called the blonde girl's boyfriend, but then the blonde boy kissed the brunette, so he thought that maybe the blonde girl and the blonde boy were just friends, or maybe relatives. He wasn't sure yet.

He only watched her because she seemed to hate it here, and he wasn't sure how that was possible.

The blonde boy and the other girl walked with the blonde girl up to a cabin, and left the blonde girl there. The blonde girl smiled and waved as the boy and the other girl left, with the boy's arm around the other girl's waist. The blonde girl walked into the cabin with two bags, and he watched her closely to see if she was going to do something bad.

She walked inside, and placed her bags on the floor. The first thing she did after this was sit down on the bed, put her hands over her face, and begin to cry. She sobbed and fell back on the bed. "I wanna go home! I can't believe I have to stay here with that controlling ho for an entire month! I hate this!" She took her hands away from her face and flung them out on the bed, her chest still heaving as she cried.

He felt sorry for her. He could imagine how it was to be trapped somewhere you didn't want to be, with no way out. To be around someone you didn't like for a long time, it was torture. He almost asked what he could do to help her, but instead he kept his mouth shut as always, and moved away from the window of the cabin to sit down on the ground.

She's not bad, Jason, he heard his mother say to him. She's a good girl. It's those other two that are bad. That other girl smokes, and the boy drinks more than he should. Do you know what they're planning on doing when the good girl falls asleep?

He cocked his head to the side, asking for an answer.

They're going to have sex while she's sleeping. I think she knows it too. They always do when they think the good girl isn't paying attention. But she is. She knows.

That made him mad. A good girl shouldn't have to be around bad people having sex, especially when they thought she was ignorant to what they were doing. They would do it a lot, wouldn't they? He had to do something about that.

Be a good boy, Jason. I heard the bad boy and the bad girl talking. They're going to make the good girl watch a scary movie with them, and then they're going to tell her to go to bed so they can have sex. While she's walking back from their cabin, Mother wants you to go up behind the good girl and bring her back to our house to protect her.

He blinked a few times behind his hockey mask, wanting to know what he should do with the bad people.

Oh, you know what to do with them, don't you, Jason? Once the good girl is safe in our house, you need to go get rid of them.

He nodded, silently agreeing. After this, his mother laughed, said, That's my good boy, and stopped talking for now.

He sat back up and peeked into the good girl's cabin again. She was sitting up now, wiping her eyes with the back of her hand. A few tears still trickled down her cheeks, and her face was flushed pink from the crying. She took her red hat off and gathered her hair, tying it back into a low ponytail. It only went to her waist like that, but it still looked nice.

Now he knew what he could do to help her.

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